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February 19, 2021


Do you always feel like you are one step behind your competitors? Do you think you could reach wider audiences, get more visibility? Stop hiding on the last pages of Search Engine results. We’ll pull you closer to the top!

What is an SEO company and why do you need these services?

When we create websites, write blog posts or sell products online, we usually have in mind our perfect target audience. How do we get them to click that link, engage, read your content or “add to cart”? Easy! Get professional SEO services from Seolitte.

An SEO agency’s role is to connect your customers to your business online, and you’ll probably find plenty of specialists that claim they will do that for you. Not everybody is worth your money and not everybody is worth having control over your online reputation.

Choose a company that has an extensive portfolio, good testimonials, perhaps previous experience in working with websites in your niche. Choose a company that knows all the ins and outs of the marketing channels and the types of marketing strategies that bring the most traffic and conversions.

Seolitte is an agency that follows the newest marketing trends to stay above all the other digital marketing companies on the market. We show trust, care, and dedication to deliver impeccable services.

We have 4 types of packages specifically tailored to your needs. We designed them as a result of our broad experience in working with different websites of different backgrounds and sizes.

  1. Our MINI PACK is perfect for websites like blogs, with a small to medium competition, with a size of 1—500 pages.
  2. Our PREMIUM PACK suits perfectly a small to medium eCommerce website with a medium level of online competition and with approximately 500 to 1000 pages.
  3. Our PROFESSIONAL offer is for the big online stores/websites within highly competitive fields and with a size of 1000 to 10000 pages.

  1. Last but not least, our super-star – the ULTIMATE PACKAGE is the biggest package dedicated to high-traffic, big websites in very competitive fields and with serious SEO issues.

Seolitte delivers high-standard solutions for the advertisement and promotion of your website. And here is what we do: SEO Services, SEM Services, Analysis of the site, SMM on Facebook and Twitter, Exposure Increase, and copywriting (texts/advertorials).

Contact us now for your marketing consulting needs. Let’s chat about your project and we can work around your needs and give you a custom price for a custom deal.

SEO Services

Since almost 94% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, we consider our SEO services to be the main focus of our activity.  We work with you, following a set of rules and a structure. We want to make sure you give us complete and relevant information about your activity and about your competitors.

Our marketing consultant will work with you to define a few goals. Your digital marketing priorities instantly become our priorities. They become the square one from which we can launch your online strategy. Following the newest marketing trends is what we do best!

Our next step is usually performing an audit of your website. We identify your strengths and weaknesses using a series of SEO tools. We make a list of aspects we can improve based on their importance and impact on your website ranking.

We perform a Competitive Analysis to find out what your competitors are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong. We take that information to tailor smart strategies. We exploit the opportunities that your competitors never took advantage of and capitalize on your strengths.

So we got down your marketing strategy, now we have to establish a keyword strategy. This step is essential because it involves extensive research on the most popular search terms in your niche. Our SEO experts analyze the number of searches, assess the opportunities, and single out the ones that help your conversions go up.

The next logical step is implementation. We have a detailed report of where you stand, a strategy, the keywords, and a structure on our hands. It’s time to make the changes, keep track of them, and report on our progress.

We will closely monitor the progress of our new strategies and adjust everything accordingly. Your visitors’ response to the changes we perform will dictate the course of our actions. We have great tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to help us analyze the metrics of your website and understand if we’re moving in the right direction.

We believe communication is key to any fruitful relationship and we assure you that we will routinely monitor and report on your website’s performance.

Chat with us today and tell us all about your project and your visions for your business. We’re always excited to take on new challenges!

SEM – Google Ads and Remarketing

If you want more than just traditional SEO, you’ll love our Pay Per Click services. We agree that at some point in the life of a business it needs more exposure and more aggressive forms of advertising.

These services offer you a guaranteed spot on the first pages of a Search Engine and bring in heavy traffic to your website. You will also have to pay per click. 

Pay per Click targets visitors exactly by the keywords hit in the Search Engines. This way you get direct exposure to those who are looking specifically for the keywords target in your AdWords campaign.

Does it sound complicated? Well, not for our AdWords enthusiasts at Seolitte. We have massive experience in these campaigns, we’re ROI-oriented and always make the most out of your investments. 

Choosing to get the SEM services from our SEO agency means choosing to get the exposure and sales right from the first day. No waiting period needed!

Request a quote for our services NOW!

February 19, 2021


If you want to know how to build trust online, let us tell you a few things first. Internet users are constantly looking for content. Every website on the internet is constantly trying to provide that. Nowadays, there is a race for people’s attention online. Reaching the right audience means knowing how to promote your content and be the best at it. Next question is, what is content marketing and why do you need it?

Content Marketing is building an audience for future conversions. You can transform a regular visitor into a brand ambassador by interacting with them continuously. As a business owner, that should be your primary goal. You can achieve visibility online and offline by advertising and publishing content on different marketing channels. Today there are a few of them you should prioritize:

  • Social Media
  • Your website
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Email marketing
  • Word of mouth

Now it’s time to choose the types of marketing that suit your brand the best. Perhaps the buzz marketing strategy fits your type of service or product. Some brands use influencer marketing to get to a narrower audience. There are many approaches to building online trust, and the best way to do it is by hiring marketing agencies that know how to identify, address, and convert your visitors.

You don’t have to be a marketing analyst to understand that most of the time customers go on Google or any other search engine before they get to your website. If that’s where your customers are, that’s where you should be, too. The rules of getting ranked on the search engines change often. How do we keep up? Well, the rules may change, but human needs don’t. Search engine rules may be complicated, but keeping and maintaining the relationship with your customers shouldn’t be. We will begin by describing the most recent SEO techniques, continue with ways to establish your clients’ needs, and conclude with how to build a long-lasting relationship with both your audience and the search engines.

Build Trust Online: The true Requirements of a modern Search Engine

Google is, without a doubt, the most significant search engine in the world. If you know its rules, you’re halfway to achieving success online. If you rank high on Google, you will get more visibility, more clicks, more leads, conversions, and profit.

Sometimes, we assume Google has a human-like logic. What we need to understand is that it’s a machine that uses strict algorithms to analyze websites. The difference is that what seems important to you may not be as important for a Search Engine. For example, a lot of awesome designs, apps, pop-ups, and other functionalities may seem visually attractive to you and have the opposite effect on Google. 

Is Google really blind to cool design and nice-looking websites?

Yes, Google is blind, but not because it doesn’t “want” to see, but because it has other priorities than you do.

Let’s just attempt to see the internet through Google’s eyes and follow its thought process. If you would have to deal with billions of bits of information per second, wouldn’t you create a very selective process to filter important information from all the “junk“?

So what it requires is:

  • Relevancy

This is a term that refers to how well a web page “fits” a specific searched word. The “value” of your page depends on the quantity and quality of the internal and external links. This is one factor that will decide if your page will land in the first results of the searching process.

As you already know, many people don’t even “cross” the limit of going further than the first page when searching information in Google, so you have to be in the first 10 results to consider your website Search Engine Optimized, and see measurable results. 

The local SEO work shows another aspect of your online relevance. Google maps marketing is a way to let the search engine know that your business has local importance. The more you optimize your website for the local search, the higher the chance your business location will appear in that three-pack on top of the page. Consider hiring a digital marketing services agency to help you achieve the best results. 

  • Using the correct keywords

When we talk about TITLE tags, we are referring to the keywords used in the titles of your website’s pages. Make sure you use the most important keywords for your page titles. Afterward, check if there are relevant keywords in the headings (H1) and first paragraphs from your pages. Do this and Google will inevitably take notice of it.

Keyword research is also a science. Pick the ones relevant to your audience, the ones that will grab their attention whenever they’re ready to convert. We recommend getting help from professional search marketing agencies at this stage for guaranteed success. 

  • Structuring the pages.

If you already know how to structure your website pages, I am proud of you. If not, it’s never too late to learn. Structuring the pages of your website means having factual and relevant content. What does relevant content mean for Google? Well, Google considers and notices the relevant content on pages that contain at least 250 words. And don’t forget, the more pages your website has, the better!

Content is king, as SEO experts say, but structuring it may be the best weapon the king ever held in his hands – other than his queen, of course!

So, let’s give the king a little space and talk about his most loyal allies—the customers.

What Are The People’s Needs on the Internet?

“The Web not only reaches the world – it changes it.” says Jeffrey Zeldman in his book “Taking the talent to the web”. The first and the most important need of a human being, whether online or offline, is to make an impact and get appreciation.

Most of us love to feel special and unique. Your visitors seek that from your services, products, content. Make them feel like they are special individuals worth your time and effort.

What does that mean for your website and where do you start?

Well, this is the real challenge! And namely, this is the reason you should, first, create a direction for your online presence. What category of people are you creating content for? Who is your audience and what are they looking for?

Are you making special apparel for women that will make them feel good about their bodies? Are you giving your clients the chance to live in the house of their dreams by providing remodeling services? Do you want to target readers who can’t live without books? Do you want to make “big travelers of the world” discover places they didn’t visit yet?

Getting to the right audience at the right time is the core essence of digital marketing. Outreach Marketing used in conjunction with direct sales marketing is the formula for success that focuses primarily on your audience. Creating a community with shared interests in what your company has to offer and then reaching out to them directly for an on-the-spot answer has one of the highest rates of success. To achieve your goals, first, you need to know who you’re addressing and what channels you’d like to use. There is huge potential in Social Media since this is the easiest way to engage directly with your target audience.

After you established a list of keywords, your channel and defined your target audience all that’s left to do is to come up with an engagement strategy. Make sure it has a “click factor” or a “response factor”. You want your audience to either click on your link which will lead to your website or you want them to answer a specific question so you can get in a direct dialog with them. Either way, if you get your audience to interact with you, you WIN.


If you don’t know yet what to do or how to begin, you probably need professional marketing services for your website. Don’t wait too long, find the best digital marketing solutions with our awesome crew at Seolitte (contact us for consultancy NOW).

February 19, 2021


Explaining what an SEO specialist does for a living may be a challenge, but this is what we do here at Seolitte and we think we can shine some light on this subject.

We will tell you who we are, and why you need SEO services provided by trustworthy professionals.

First, what does SEO stand for and what does it do?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of getting as many quality visitors to your website as possible through organic search engine results.

High traffic and high conversion rates directly result from intentional and intensive SEO work done by an expert or an SEO agency.

Before you pick your professionals, make sure you know what to look for in an SEO consulting firm.

Your website may have spectacular features and sparkling design, but if you don’t get an interested crowd on your page, it’s all for nothing.

Your SEO expert, whether that is an individual or an SEO agency, will look at your site, ask you about your goals and your target audience, and will come up with solutions to improve your rankings and conversions.

What should you look for in an SEO Expert?

We will list a few things we think are essential for an SEO specialist to do, have, and understand. We want to make sure you hire a person who has the credentials and the knowledge necessary to solve your existing problems and help you grow.

Many people advertise affordable SEO services in the beginning and then end up overcharging you. We think this is unfair, therefore we want you to know what to look for when you buy professional SEO services.

  • Make sure your expert clearly understands all three types of SEO:
  1. Technical SEO refers to the structure of your website and how easy it is for a Search Engine crawler to navigate it. A good expert will take care of the UI/UX aspect of your website and make sure the website is easy to access, has a clean layout and there are no dead-ends or broken links.
  2. On-Page SEO includes keyword research, HTML tags, image optimization, writing relevant content, etc.
  3. Off-Page SEO such as link building, guest blogging, Social Media optimization, and so on.

They have to understand that SEO is not a one-sided science; It requires a holistic approach that takes time and continuous work.

  • Your SEO experts have to understand your goals and Company’s culture

SEO services usually include engaging in various areas of your company’s activity. They have to know your niche, speak the language of your customers, understand how your team works and interacts with each other, and so on.

  • Marketing and people skills are a must

Making a sale is an art. Your content has to be useful for your users and also has to make them want to buy what you offer. Make sure your specialist knows how to pull all the strings and has extensive knowledge about various marketing strategies and channels.

Knowing how people’s minds work is also a necessary skill for an SEO specialist. They have to have a deep understanding of Customer Psychology and the cultural particularities of your target audience to know how and where to market your services, products, or content.

  • Pick someone who will never stop learning

If you find someone who says they know everything about SEO, leave! SEO is constantly changing, and you need an expert who will understand that curiosity and continuous learning are key.

A good professional will follow influencers, trends, blogs, and attend conferences in his field. You can’t provide good SEO consulting without constantly staying in the loop and adapting to changes.

  • Assess their availability to work and respect deadlines

Your SEO services provider has to prove themselves reliable by respecting deadlines and delivering quality results. We’re not saying errors in estimating time don’t happen. We’re saying that constant errors can become a pattern and you should not ignore them.

  • Make sure they understand some notions of IT

HTML coding, content management system (CMS), design software—these are only some IT terms an SEO specialist has to deal with. A competent expert will have a good command of web analytics, web design, development, eCommerce, and various third-party SEO tools.

In theory, these requirements may seem complicated, until you put them in practice. We’re confident you will make a great choice for the success of your website.

Ask us about how our experts can help your website! Let’s chat now!

What Are The Best Expert SEO Services a Company Can Offer?

To sum up…

The rules of online marketing are in continuous change. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to keep up with these changes when you own a project.

You may not always find time to plan, make adjustments, change, create strategies, optimize, etc. Let’s be realistic. That’s why you hire an SEO agency.

There are lots of SEO tools we have to deal with when we work on increasing your rankings. Learning how to use them, following the trends, and delivering great services was never a problem for us. Seolitte knows how to spot a true SEO enthusiast because that’s what we are.

So, what does an SEO expert do?

  1. They work on making your business known in the online environment.
  2. They make strategies for your business.
  3. They make plans to achieve results in the short term and long-term periods.
  4. They will find solutions for your online project when you can’t find them. And more than that, they create durable methods for keeping your business on the “floating line”.

The world nowadays is more online than offline. There is no chance we can survive without SEO optimization. There are also tasks you can deal with and tasks you can’t handle by yourself.

Find the right SEO experts to do their jobs, and you can focus on what you are great at.

Contact us and we will help you with your online project.

Do you want to see another view on the work of an SEO expert? Watch the video by Rand Fishkin about the daily tasks of a specialist in the field (one of the favorites that often motivates us):

February 19, 2021


Together with the team, we kept asking ourselves, why do some businesses supplement their customer list constantly? How do they attract them in such large numbers and with such consistency Online? Whether Online or Offline – the main thing to talk about is satisfactory sales! How do you attract your customers? Do you use outdoor advertising or do you promote your Online site through different channels? If the pandemic has not affected your sales and profits, then you probably have nothing to gain from reading this article. But wait! We’ve put together some useful material for you. And no, we’re not going to urge you to buy anything. We will just help you understand how you can grow your brand online and how to grow your number of customers Efficiently and Long Term. So, let’s see what tools and methods you have at your disposal as a business owner, and what possibilities the Online medium offers you today.


There are several ways you can start converting from Social Media:

  • Turn simple views and likes into orders. This is only possible by understanding and predicting customer demand. Coming up with the correct message for your audience, humanizing your brand, as well as conducting one on one discussions with your client or potential client about their needs and goals, brings tangible results in an extremely brief time. These are all simple and fast-acting marketing strategies.
  • Create an attractive profile with supplies detailed information for your business. Regardless of whether they are merely browsing your page or are already a customer, everyone wants to make sure that the brand has a positive image. Especially before they end up taking money out of their pocket for a certain product. A well-structured profile is your image, which will or will not bring you sales.
  • Creating video content/evidence on Social Media about the products offered. The biggest advantage of social networks is most likely the chance to present your product or service in as much detail as possible. Sometimes users do not have the time to read long and informative posts. Then, you need to show them the usefulness of your product/service in a quick and straightforward way.

Products that have a story behind them often see the biggest commercial success. People want to know the behind-the-scenes details, listen to stories about the origin of your ideas, and find out more about the people behind the brand. Social Media is created specifically for this purpose.

Going further? Want to know even more? Come on!

SEO – Website Optimization for Search Engines

The Google search engine is currently the leader in attracting productive traffic. In the Republic of Moldova, it owns approx. 94% of the search engine market, while the Internet has a market penetration rate of 76%, and the audience > 20 years is approx. 1.67 billion worldwide.

SEO promotion for Google involves making your site more accommodating for search engines and “stimulating” a quick and high-quality webpage indexing of the site.

To become Google’s friend, you need to perform a series of internal and external optimization tasks for your site:

  • Unique content. Placing unique content on the site, which must be constantly updated with new, useful information that will be extremely interesting for visitors.
  • Custom titles and meta tags. Your pages must have unique meta tags. It is necessary to process each page of the site according to this principle, otherwise, you can be easily penalized for duplicate content. These are the rules of the giant Google, as it fights intensely against any content that seems plagiarized. 
  • Page load speed. Test the loading speed of each page of the site. If web pages load extremely slowly, people will not wait for them in 2020 because they have no time to waste. It’s the same with Google, which cares about the level of satisfaction of each user. Thus, if your site loads in more than 4 seconds, you will have problems with sales. Promoting a site cannot be missed without perfecting its speed. You knew about its importance, didn’t you?
  • Link building. It is important to control the quality of the links that lead to your site. Post content on sites with strong authority and popularity, with the link leading directly to your site. Recommendations with links of a decent quality matter more than you might think.


Publicitatea Google Pay per click (PPC for short) is one of the most widespread advertising systems in the world of online advertising. The advertiser places his ad in the search engine and is charged only when the user clicks on his ad, in other words, he only pays for productive traffic.

With Google Ads, you pay for every real click, obtained from a well-chosen target audience.

Why should you run PPC campaigns?

  • Your advertising is seen by many users, but you are only charged for those who visit your site.
  • You can set your campaigns so that your advertising is only seen by those who fit your ideal customer profile.
  • You can start your promotion campaign on a tight budget, plus you have full control over your spending on these advertising services, and you can change it whenever you want.
  • With Google advertising, you start selling from the first day of your online presence. You don’t have to wait a long time to redeem your first investment. Compared to SEO optimization services, where you see the return on investment slowly over time, alongside professional SEO tools, and the added value is seen only after a few months, Google Ads works fast.
  • Your ad appears in front of those who are genuinely interested in your product/service.

IMPORTANT: Pay Per Click services complement SEO and Social Media Marketing services, all of which are vital parts of Online promotion services. In addition, through remarketing campaigns (tracking the potential buyer) you manage to complete transactions with buyers who are more difficult to decide/postpone the purchase of a product or service.

If you’ve come this far, it means that it was certainly interesting for you to discover all this added information from the perspective of an SEO agency and to rethink your online business promotion. It’s time to make changes in your promotion strategy, especially when you are not sure if you are doing it on the right channels!

Stay with us and you will have access to a lot of useful tips, guides, and news from the world of digital marketing.

February 19, 2021


SEO is a relatively new specialization with a history of about 20 years. In such a brief period, many myths have already cropped up when it comes to promoting websites through search rankings, secret methods, but also about various mistakes in SEO optimization.

Did you know that in 1993 the first search engine appeared? One that was very primitive – Web3 Catalog, and Google’s search engine became known only in the 2000s … Today, the same Google that started modestly works with 92% of global search traffic?

So, if you have a website, you already know how hard it is to reach your target audience. And that’s because 1.9 billion sites are currently officially registered online. The competition is extremely high, and Google’s rankings for any given query have only 10 places (the first page of the results brings 99% of the clicks and sales). The competition is fierce.

Find out below what a good ranking means, where you’re making mistakes in your site’s optimization and why Google doesn’t efficiently store your webpage in its database.

Let’s start slow; namely: your site may simply not be indexed. But what does “indexing” mean when it comes to Google?

Not being indexed means that you will not be listed in Google Search.

Site indexing involves crawling it by search engine crawlers and displaying the results when searching for keywords that match the content of your site. Careful! This is not about ranking on the first or second page, but for now, just to be present in search results, i.e., to be indexed. Even if you already have a website and have invested in quality content and web design – you may not appear in the search engine.

Web pages should be stored in Google’s index. When a user has made a query, the answers are extracted from this Google database, i.e., from the index. So, for your site to appear in Google search results, you must first make sure that the website is accessible to Googlebot. Then, you need to make sure that it is indexed correctly and that you haven’t made any other mistakes, which could make it invisible to Google.

TIP! How do we check if the site is indexing well or not?

You can check if the entire site has been indexed by typing the phrase on Google: “site:”. You can also check if your site appears in search results when you search for its domain name. If so – then you don’t have anything to worry about. And if not – then you’ve probably made some technical mistake or Google changed its indexing and ranking algorithms and you were penalized.

Reasons for partial and/or mistaken indexing

Things can be amazingly simple in some cases, for example, those who took care of the programming, simply forgot to allow the indexing of the site or did not place the site map in the XML format (sitemap.xml). If, on the other hand: you have many errors, the site has copied or irrelevant content or you are penalized by Google – things could get overly complicated. At the same time, you should know that if the site is new, then in the first 6 months it will be less visible in the search engine, as a rule. The authority and notoriety of a web page can only be created through time.

Reasons for poor rankings

Let’s leave the sophisticated language to developers and figure out what mistakes you’re making when creating content and why the site does not rank well, even if it has been fully indexed.

  1. You’re not using keywords that belong together in families and groups or you don’t use them in the right places

One of the most effective SEO strategies in 2020 is blogging. Address simple, easy, and fun topics; for example, many are currently interested in topics such as: “how to make money online”, select keywords with and the average amount of searches and lower competition (use Google Ads’ Keyword Tool ( – with the help of Keyword Planner to track them down and then use them exclusively in word groups.

For grouping keywords:

Although it is important to set up an SEO strategy for site promotion in search engines, it is not enough to have to improve the text with SEO keywords on the site. You also need to use SEO keywords in meta tags (titles and meta descriptions), URLs, menu structure, ALT image and text names, text titles, headings, etc.

Invest in strong content, not only in pages that sell but also in informational pages that supply value to users, introduces guides, case studies, screenshots, videos, reviews, etc. Renew old articles, choose the right keywords and phrases, browse the top 10 results that appear on Google with these keyword groups, and form a new article better than those of the competitors. This kind of content helps your web page be indexed better.

  1. You don’t care about the user’s experience

The user’s intention matters. Visitors who clicked on your site from the search results, but quickly abandon it if they don’t find what they needed on the website. This directly affects the positioning of your site, especially if your visitors click on your competitors instead and prove to be satisfied with the content found there. To increase the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate, you need to do SEO optimization on each important page of the website, separately.

The page should be easy to use, so the main concept should be led by its usability. Google will pay attention to the time spent on the page and the bounce-back rate. So, despite how much you’re investing in SEO services in Moldova or Romania, sponsored ads, if the product is not appreciated by people, you will not have the expected results.

  1. You’re not perfecting the mobile version of the site

When indexing, Google will prioritize mobile versions of websites. Good mobile loading speed, responsiveness, and adaptability are basic requirements. If the upload speed is low, then the user will bounce away from your webpage. The bounce-back rate and the time spent on the page are some especially important parameters that Google considers when analyzing your site.

You already know that the site should be mobile-friendly, as it also supplies added value to users. If you have an online store, supply mobile applications, an easy-to-navigate menu, and a robust structure. The one who invests in a pleasant user experience will have a lot to gain eventually, especially if they also invest in promoting the site through search engines.

  1. You don’t do quality link building

Quality backlinks (links that lead to your page) are key elements in any off-page SEO strategy and probably the most challenging task in SEO optimization. Search engines use links to crawl every page on your site, but also to create links between sites. Backlinks serve as trusted votes given to your site by other websites, so based on the quality and number of links to your site, search engines decide if a page is good enough to rank highly on relevant keywords.

There are several techniques for building quality backlinks, which vary in difficulty. Most SEO experts find it exceedingly difficult to achieve quality link building, but nothing is impossible.

So, to get proper indexing from Google, you need to actively invest in building backlinks as well. You have 3 basic options: business directories (where you can add information about your business and site), take advantage of the popularity of news sites and niche blogs (they will help you gather backlinks with authority), and, finally, to give press releases. Make sure the texts that link to you use keywords that are relevant to your business.

  1. You don’t have a long-term SEO strategy

Analyze competitors who are in the top 10 in search results. What do they do differently from you? Maybe they have more relevant content or they could have an SEO strategy developed step by step; maybe they use SEO services, or perhaps they have a mobile-friendly page and offer a pleasant browsing experience to the users? A brand is gains visibility through social media posts, online newspapers, magazines, and popular online portals, as well as through a strong promotion for the site and its products.

Now you should know what mistakes you’re making and why your site isn’t being indexed by Google. Pay close attention to improving these aspects and make your site visible to search engines. That is the only way you can outperform your competitors and reach the top 3 in terms of Google results!

February 19, 2021


Launching a website or online store is a significant challenge for businesses that are not yet Digital. In 2020, it’s not enough to launch a site with a basic structure (think: an elementary Landing Page) and wait for the avalanche of customers. How do you think they will find you if they haven’t heard of you and your products/services yet?

To be as close to your target audience as possible, you need effective Google promotion and on-site optimizations, which will help you attract it and have as many conversions as possible.

If you did not know exactly what SEO optimization actions you need to do before launching a website or an online store, until now, then this article is for you.

Below, the SEOLITTE team offers you a list of site improvement activities that you need to do before launching your promotional campaigns for your products and services online.

Let’s start:

Pre-launch SEO tasks for e-Commerce websites

The first question that arises is: what volume of keywords are you working with? In other words, how many keywords do you want your site to rank high on? You need to know a valuable detail: keywords are the “backbone” of an SEO strategy. They give you valuable important about :

  • The volume of searches in your specific activity niche and the level of consumer interest in your business;
  • Various concerns of potential customers;
  • The difficulty of ranking at the top for the most competitive keywords (the level of competition of SERPs);
  • Opportunities to outperform your niche-competitors.

In general, the volume of keywords you work with depends on the size of the project you’re planning to launch Online. The recommended volume depends on the size of your website and the competition in the niche, as follows:

  • 200 keywords (small and medium online stores where the competition is low to medium);
  • 200-750 keywords (online stores, large websites with competitive niches;
  • Over750 keywords (online stores, large websites with over 10,000 pages in extremely competitive niches.When deciding which keywords to land on with your e-Commerce site we recommend that you start with the first phase.

(Phase I – strategic) – Steps: 

  • Research the competition and the online activity niche. At this stage, you find the target audience, the goals that the public has when they visit the site, and you should be looking to set up the functional requirements of each user (what are they accessing the page for, what are they looking for specifically, for example: looking for a message box to contact a store representative, etc.
  • Analyze specific keywords for the service/product groups, then group them per webpage.
  • Establish the architecture of the site with an emphasis on marketing (here you will receive suggestions for creating new categories and subcategories that hold new keywords with which you will rank well on Google).
  • Support the correct indexing of your site by Google by setting up SEO tools such as Sitemap.xml,, etc. You can’t do effective SEO optimization of your website if you don’t pay close attention to site indexing. and Sitemap.xml will make search engine robots to analyze the complete structure of your site and permanently increase the speed and quality of its indexing.
  • Building a long-term strategy to bring SEO results along the way. Such a strategy will help your site keep its position for more than a year after the SEO works have been implemented on the site.

(Phase II – operational) On-Page Optimization (On-Page SEO)

In the second phase of SEO actions, we’ll talk about performing an analysis of site accessibility. To ensure that Google will run your site correctly and to see the level of UX (User Experience) it has, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Are the pages and content on the site accessible to search engines??
  2. Is the content accessible to the public at large, on all devices and browsers??
  3. Are the pages loading quickly from all devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc?
  4. Are the design, user interface, and experience pleasant and easy for all users?

If you don’t have exact answers for at least two of these questions, then you need to move towards concrete SEO actions, necessary to be performed on the site, namely:

  • Setting statistical and analytical/tracking tools for monitoring impact (Google Analytics; Google Search Console, etc.)
  • Creating Open Graph tags
  • Creating and implementing the corresponding meta tags (titles, meta descriptions)
  • Creating and implementing Anchor and Header Texts (H1, H2, …, H6)
  • Image optimization, creating and adding ALT text
  • Basic tips for improving site load speed. At this stage, the SEOLITTE team comes up with tips provided to the developers so that they can improve the operating speed of the website on all devices.

So here are our recommendations:

  1. Installing a responsive theme (if the site is on WordPress, you can find a lot of responsive themes in the settings menu, which will give it a user-friendly structure).
  2. Simplifying the menu (the simpler the menu, the faster the user will get to the page they need).
  3. Using forms that are as short as possible (we are talking about the forms that the user must fill when placing an order on the site). Try to simplify them as much as possible so as not to waste the user’s time.
  4. Optimize the size of the images on the site (don’t load large images, they slow down the loading speed of the site)
  5. Reduce the number of plugins on the site (leave only the plugins you use; you can drop non-functional ones without any problems)
  6. Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files (having many files here fills the site’s code and slows it down)
  7. Using the site’s cache
  8. Use a simple font for the text on the site
  9. 404 error detection and elimination.

Know that your work on organic promotion on Google doesn’t stop here. After launching the website, you will also have to work on its maintenance. The Google giant appreciates it when the site is updated and perfected for different users, but also for the purpose of indexing web pages as quickly as possible.

Not sure if SEO suits you or have any questions about these tasks? Call us at +373 69 809 235 and we offer you a FREE consultation for all SEO and digital promotion services. We’ll look together for customized solutions to help your business grow. SEOLITTE – your marketing ally who sells!

February 19, 2021


One of the most awaited digital marketing conferences in 2020, Rockit came along with a perfect motto for urging business development in this highly digitalized world: Solutions for the new reality.

The Rockit Conference, a dynamic regional event took off at full power to feed our brains with the best sets of tools, information, and solutions to the new difficulties that arose when changes in the digital environment happened.

In 2020, the digital conference took place on May 8-9 and aimed to build a united community to make an impact with leaders that inspired an “Out of the Box” thinking, guided by 42 speakers and guests from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Armenia, USA, and other countries.

Protecting the health and safety of participants was the top priority of the organizers. So that the decision was made to organize an exclusively digital conference.

In order to get involved and be a part of the solution for businesses affected by the global pandemic, Alina Hasnaș, CEO of SEOLITTE participated in the Rockit Conference, coming up with great ideas, relevant suggestions, and recommendations for young entrepreneurs who are currently facing the crisis and are afraid of it.

With a business that is successfully overcoming this pandemic crisis, Alina has also a risk management strategy that she has used both in her own business and in clients’ projects she manages. The effective solutions presented by the young entrepreneur can be implemented both during the crisis and long after its end.

Together with the SEOLITTE team, Alina Hasnaș initiated a project to educate the entrepreneurial environment, creating the first school of SEO and digital promotion in the Republic of Moldova.


First of all, let’s meet Alina Hasnaș, the engine behind the SEO & Digital Marketing agency – SEOLITTE. The company she created 4 years ago is the result of her efforts to identify the niche in which she could apply her creativity, her love for data all along her love for storytelling. She found her vocation in SEO and she started working perseveringly, consolidating a team of people willing to work dynamically, conscientiously, openly just as she did. Their purpose is to have at the end of the day the feeling of accomplishment, which brings them tangible results. They all understood that the most important thing in marketing is to try everything that is new, unique, to constantly seek progress, and to be persevering, stubborn to get results on the other hand.

So, continuing her speech at Rockit, Alina mentioned several changes of mentality that happened to her and her team during this crisis:

1.Team members had become friendlier towards the community they are in, more flexible, and more useful to that community. They offered free consulting services, they became more skilled negotiators with potential customers and partners.

2.The company had managed to automate their business all along with generating new and interesting promotional materials for the company. Alina emphasizes here that you never have enough time to deal with what is important for you. Well, now her company had some more time for taking care of their business proceedings.

3.They managed to involve in projects to support SMEs, to educate entrepreneurship on how to act in an online environment in the middle of a crisis.

4.They had time to take new certifications and courses.

5.The SEOLITTE team donated a part of their salaries in order to attract new customers faster through advertising.

One of the most important questions that all participants had to answer was: how did your company manage the risk?

Here is Alina Hasnaș’s answer: “Much has been read about 2008’s crisis and the realities of our industry have been studied internationally (from Europe, USA, Russia). Therefore, 3 different crisis scenarios were made which were applied step-by-step, and without panic.

Another challenging question that awaited its answer was: How will the company overcome the crisis in the next 6 months?

  • The company will enter the international market using an advertising budget because it is more profitable for them in this situation.
  • They will finalize all business automation procedures started in the quarantine
  • They will invest the profit by bringing new customers.
  • They will get more awareness through partnerships, good advertising, and free education.

Subsequently, Alina wanted to offer some tips for entrepreneurs who are just entering the market or for those that had already opened their businesses and are concerned by the crisis impact:

  • Dedicate time, finance, and creativity to digital marketing. There is less competition on Google and on Facebook due to the epidemic –  so it’s a place of success. This pandemic was definitely a lesson for those who are not online.
  • Invest in a logical digital strategy and constantly assess any risk situation. Now that many businesses’ niches have been reset, many start-ups can compete easily with almost anyone nowadays and they need to embrace an open approach to stay close to opportunities. It is very possible that there will be fewer players left in each niche after the crisis is over, so the competition is restarting now.
  • Pay increased attention to elements such as feedback or public reaction because they directly represent the consumer’s reaction to a product/service.
  • Work constantly on the improvement of the product or service to be in accordance with the trends and needs of the consumers.
  • Be extremely flexible and negotiate in communication with your vendors to ask for better conditions and pricing options.
  • Don’t panic – here, Alina even mentioned the example of her team, together they found their suited niches of activity, key partnerships, and simple accounting showed what they need to do to take advantage of the crisis.
  • Do not stop online promotions – it is the wrong decision to close the promotion that directly generates leads. 81% of shoppers choose the product online before a purchase. Yes, it is difficult to raise a voice in the online medium within some tight budgets, but not impossible. People are moving online right now, and businesses need to be there for them.
  • Adapt creatively to the pandemic situation – a good example of this is the HORECA field. Those businesses who managed to provide delivery services or provide the necessary products in a timely manner, not only kept their customers but also increased their numbers considerably
  • Evaluate a new consumer market that has formed once people came home from abroad, thus increasing the number of new consumers, with new needs to which businesses now have to advertise.
  • Don’t forget about local promotions – consumers will continue to use nearby services and products.
  • Adjust the message – it is extremely relevant to show customers that you as biz care about their situation, that you understand their doubts, that you take care of them. This also affects the feedback obtained by the brand name, so that after the crisis you will have more and more loyal customers

And at the end of the speech, Alina also mentioned finding the funds for a notable appearance online: “I am sure that many colleagues present at the conference will mention funds, grants, online communities, and Facebook groups supporting local producers. I just want to emphasize that they can be a lifeline in these times.

And Alina’s final urge for businesses during this crisis is:

„These are weird times, choose to be altruistic, not opportunistic!”.

February 19, 2021


We are an SEO expert team of very curious and passionate people and that is why we thought it would be a good idea to make an SEO analysis of a few websites from Moldova. And because we like to focus on the positive aspects our analysis is based on the most popular websites in the country, with great success in the SEO Moldova sphere. Do you want to find out what was at the basis of their success and how much of this success is granted to SEO in Moldova? Below you will find the answers to these questions and much more.

SEO in Moldova: Introduction

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), is becoming more and more indispensable. Website promotion with classic marketing strategies is not as efficient as it used to be. Therefore, SEO optimization of websites is bringing strategies that are going to make the use of websites a lot easier, friendlier, and efficient. The SEO Moldova field is well developed at the moment and gives a lot of opportunities.

If you don’t have the time nor sufficient knowledge to evaluate the level of optimization of your website and you have no idea how to bring it to the top results of the search engines then you can hire SEO specialists in Moldova.
This analysis is about the best websites in Moldova and is based on the data provided by, a website known for website traffic analysis.

The most popular websites In Moldova

The easiest way to understand what your website should or should not be like is to peek at your competitors on the SEO Moldova domain and/or to learn from the most popular websites in Moldova. The most visited websites in Moldova hire an online promotion services provider and web design service providers to make sure your website is going to look good and, of course, to SEO optimization services in order to appear as often as possible in the search results. Their good content and their affiliation with the SEO Moldova branch ensure their success.

Excluding Social Media and Search Engines, we present you the TOP 5 most popular websites in Moldova and what practices had worked for them:

 is a platform for sales and ads in Moldova. This website’s popularity does not limit itself to Chisinau only, it also extends to other cities in Moldova. Moreover, in the filters of the search box on the website the user can specify the region to minimize the objects shown in the results list.

Website’s banners offer other service providers and websites a space for promotion, including redirecting the visitor to retail websites and job websites.

The simplicity of design and the user-friendly arrangement makes it easy for anybody to understand, no matter the background or the age.

A card in their sleeve is to be the efficient layout of their categories, available on the left menu. When the visitors get what they need in the first place and get the chance to navigate through product categories, they are going to spend more time on the website looking for exactly what they need.

From an SEO point of view, this website has good quality traffic, with a low bounce rate, and with an average spent time on the website of above 20 minutes. All their users have the possibility to log in and spend time posting ads or look for stuff for sale.
SEO Advantages: This platform is the first platform for sales in Moldova. This website’s age is making it also very good on most SEO aspects, giving it a special place in the SEO Moldova realm.

It’s important to notice that the speed of loading is very high, which means even with a bad connection, the structure and the important information on the website are going to show up rapidly on the viewer’s screen.

Also, because of its architecture and user-friendliness, this website keeps its visitors busy and they visit on average 13,3 pages/day on

is the official website of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. People are probably looking for information about the Government’s activity and are monitoring it carefully. A lot of visitors are especially interested in ASP (Public Services Agency) hosted on the same root domain: ASP offers a wide range of services related to individuals (identity documents, citizenship, civil status documents) and legal (company registration, authentication, and certification, issuance of extracts, etc.). In general, is an informative site, with various documents and useful information, as well, it makes many valuable references to other sites of general interest.

Does do SEO? website has a large number of backlinks and natural mentions in the press. Also, its administrators take care of the user experience and make sure that there are no 400 or 500 errors. 2-3 new press releases appear daily. So, for sure, some extremely relevant parts of SEO are covered by every day.

Another website made by Simpals – is operating as an information portal. A part of its popularity is due to the Chisinau map which is a very easy feature to use and has all the public transportation routes in it.

Gradually on started to appear different articles that are targeting different visitors, and they are sport, weather reports, news, and others.

SEO Advantages: Using this website is so easy (user-friendly) that any visitor could find out that it suits them perfectly, and next time he or she will definitely prefer to come back to this specific website instead of looking for alternative sources.

Another advantage that Google takes into consideration for is the additional services on the website, like that interactive map we were talking about. Google puts a lot of value in user care and the content they find useful.


The year 2020 will go down in history as the year of the online medium: people spent so much time in the virtual environment that in the spring of 2020 Facebook and Netflix had problems overloading their servers and platforms by too many users browsing at the same time. We are not surprised that such a year has a video + chat communication platform in top sites visited by Moldovans. Ăeople were closer to each other, namely through video conferencing and virtual communication.

Does do SEO? has over 3000 sites that link to it, also appears in the top of search engines for a large number of keywords related to online conferencing and video conferencing. The service is designed for easy use and is convenient for users who keep coming back to the platform every time they want to organize communications in the virtual environment.


The main goal of this website is to provide information about the weather forecast. No matter who you are, you will be interested in whether or not it’s going to be hot, cold, or if it’s going to rain in the near future.

The main advantage of this website is the detailed character of the information it gives you after a long list of regions in Moldova. Therefore we can conclude that visitors like to choose their place from a list and check the forecast for their specific region.

SEO Advantages: For more SEO advantages, took care of adding on the website news sections, tourism, and other kinds of services with a positive impact because users spend on average 2:26 minutes per session.

How to become popular in SEO Moldova? What SEO strategies do these websites use?

We can easily notice that all of the 5 websites include more than one product or service and they are basically needed in our day-to-day lives. They are intuitively structured and offer solutions. These are serious advantages for SEO because users of all 5 websites are catching themselves engaging in long sessions and very often they come back to these websites.

Therefore, an important step in becoming popular in Moldova is delivering a service/ product that everybody in Moldova needs, no matter the age, sex, or occupation. This way your audience is going to be very broad.

  • Every popular website in Moldova has its information translated into at least 2 languages: Romanian and Russian. English is an advantage for Moldova, but not near as important as the first two. If your main goal is to become popular in Moldova then don’t forget to have your website available in these two languages. What is the SEO explanation? Your user has to be carried like a princess, you make his or her online browsing experience nice and provide relevant content and he or she is going to be loyal to your website.
  • Be recommended by an existing brand.  Nowadays, the partnership notion is the definition of success.

Find services or complementary brands to your product whose clients are going to be interested in visiting your website and interested in buying your products and services.

Redirecting and recommending clients based on an understanding or partnership with other companies on the market is going to bring you an avalanche of visitors and a big amount of trust from the people who are going to hear about your website for the first time.

  • Take care of the content and functionality of your website. Obtaining traffic is an important thing but even more important is to maintain the active interest of the people who land on your website. You have to post articles related to your product or your services. If you have an online store you can create a section dedicated to articles like curiosities, news, or other interesting information.

The correct functionality of the website is represented by the fast loading of the pages, correct redirecting after pressing certain buttons, and the correct display of widgets or graphic animations.

  • Form a community. Bringing together people with common interests in your product and/or your services takes time but believe us, it’s worth it. The need for socialization is a weakness of human nature. If you’re offering a networking space on your website or a place where anybody can express their opinion on a product or a service your users are going to engage more and more because they will understand that they can find answers to their questions.
  • Beware of spammers. Spammers are the ones who can destroy a virtual community. Regularly check your open subjects and ban or delete any spam comments. If you’re not going to do this, everybody is going to stop getting involved in the discussions. Your website visitors are going to appreciate if the comments and threads open are real and on point.
  • Keep your user busy: on all 5 websites users spend more than 2 minutes daily, which is a huge performance for the online sphere is definitely standing out with over 20 minutes, twice as much as his nearest competitor –

What’s next?

If you don’t have an idea for a product that is necessary to everybody in Moldova or Chisinau and you don’t want to build a portal of huge proportions you have to know that you’re going to become popular anyway. Choose a niche. Starting from the idea about the product you want to create, decide who is your target audience and potential clients. Concentrate on something that is going to attract them and make them want to visit your website and use your product or services.

Once you have a strategy, build your website with the help of a web design firm. When your website is ready you need a plan for your content and its promotion in Moldova.

Here you need an SEO specialist. It is recommended to consult SEO experts to explain and present the best methods for website optimization and promotion.

Make sure you contact a reliable SEO firm with a good reputation, like Seolitte because that is who you will work for to build your future reputation.

Who is Seolitte?

Seolitte is an SEO company from Moldova which knows how to optimize your website to make it become popular in Moldova. On our web page, you can find a lot of SEO articles, with useful information about techniques and SEO principles that we use.

Your website is going to have its content optimized so that the user will navigate long and smoothly and be content with his experience. SEO strategies used by Seolitte grant you a measurable and visible outcome:
You are going to be more visible on Google and the number of visitors and clients is going to rise.

Why should you pick Seolitte for optimizations in the SEO Moldova domain?

We are an SEO agency from Moldova, which means we know how to optimize websites, especially locally. Seolitte has vast experience in optimizing online commerce websites and Pay Per Click promotion.

Our SEO services packs are created for any necessity and any type of website.
Our client’s recommendations speak for themselves: our clients who used our online promotion and SEO optimization services are well-known brands and, more importantly, happy customers.

Our client’s recommendations speak for themselves: our clients who used our online promotion and SEO optimization services are well-known brands and, more importantly, happy customers.

SEO services from Seolitte

Seolitte services are the following: SEO optimization of your website, Social Media Marketing, SEO Audit, Text Writing, Monitoring of Online Reputation, and Google Ads.

Every single one of them has the goal to place your website high on Google’s results list or any other search engine’s list. Depending on the necessity and your website’s shape, Seolitte will show you the steps to optimization, correct any structure wrongdoings, write content and do the promotion of your website.

Seolitte is going to work with you even if your website is old or brand new, with or without a reputation. Any provocation is just another reason for Seolitte to shine.

If you don’t need Social Media Marketing or AdWords, it’s ok. You can select any type of individual service you wish. If your goal is to become one of the TOP 5 in Moldova we recommend you choose the whole package offered by Seolitte.

Conclusions about how to do SEO in Moldova

Nobody said it was easy to become famous, but it’s not impossible. With a little effort and good specialists like Seolitte, your website is going to become one of the most visited from Moldova and your products and services are going to be used and well known.

Site Daily Time on Site Daily Pageviews per Visitor % of Organic Traffic   Total Sites Linking In  Place in Moldova 14:04 15.33 0.40% 1979102 1. 13:55 7.81 15.80% 1,518,941 2. 4:15 2.36 5.40% 61,689 3. 8:16 4.06 9.60% 208,072 4. 19:38 15.00 14.70% 230 5. 3:36 2.72 5.60% 51,963 6. 4:00 2.98 71.40% 1,228,630 7. 3:56 4.92 6.30% 24,607 8. 4:30 4.60 11.50% 2,571 9. 4:38 3.00 38.30% 1,766 10. 9:48 3.60 12.30% 502 11. 8:03 3.60 17.40% 2,042 12. 2:40 3.00 16.00% 139 13. 5:14 3.26 3.10% 168,649 14. 18:34 8.08 8.00% 3,376,693 15.

February 18, 2021


Local SEO means local website optimization. Naturally, if you have a commercial activity of any kind, having a website is imperative!

This online presence will grant you a profitable activity on the local market, virtually and, why not, in our offline world.

Nowadays, your presence in the digital environment can make you popular in a short period of time and with moderate investments. This is one of the reasons you really need local SEO in Moldova.

A special place here has the optimization of your site part.

In this article we are going to cover the following subjects regarding local SEO:

  • .MD extension
  • Website Languages
  • Local Hosting
  • Google Maps
  • Web directories
  • Google My Business
  • Good Backlinks
  • Contact Data
  • Keywords
  • Voice Search

Why is it important to do local SEO?

SEO can help your website appear in organic searches on any search engine and can bring you clients that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Moreover, SEO is a long-term investment that is going to pay for itself thousands of times!

If you google different keywords, the search engine is going to show you the most relevant results (wouldn’t it be great if your website was there, and why not, in the first place?) this way the search engine basically recommends websites to the clients. In some way, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on will give websites their token of trust. The thing is users believe Google is going to offer its best so much that only 7% of those who search for something online get to the second page of the search results!

Remember, if you do Professional SEO optimization – search engines are going to organically place you on the first page of the results.

One of the biggest problems that local companies encounter in online promotion and website SEO optimization is the local aspect of optimization.

What is local optimization from a search engine point of view?

If a user is searching for something on Google, he or she is going to be localized by the GPS (if the search is made from a smartphone) or by the IP (if the search is made from a PC/laptop) in his country.

To make it easier to understand – try to imagine the user is trying to have some wine that was locally made, he is going to search in Google. Search Engines know where the device from which the search is made is localized and it will recommend mainly the local website with the best credentials.

The 7 steps to optimize a local website – SEO optimization

To gain Google’s trust and be recommended by it, you have to take into consideration some factors that contribute to your local ranking success. You can only get there by using SEO techniques:

  1. You have to have a proper extension to your domain, namely “.md”. Don’t make the mistake of stopping here. Google Algorithms it’s just a sum of factors that find our popularity and decide on the relevance of a website on over 200 different metrics! A Top-level domain “.md” is just another one on Google’s list.
  2. To really be competitive in the local SEO market, ideally, your website will have content in more than one language. Using a local language for a website is very important, and it is a robust signal for a search engine. Romanian is the official language and the language in which there are the most online searches in Moldova. Certainly, there is a point in having it on your website! The second one on the list is Russian. This is one important aspect of local SEO in Moldova. It is recommended that your URL address has a subfolder in this language just like in the examples here: or Without parameters ( and without subdomains (
  3. Host a website in the country your activity is based, / where you are providing your services and where you get your clients from (with a country-specific IP address).
  4. Place the location of your business on the map and register your firm in “My business”- free services, that search engines are offering:

5. Register your website on local directories and relevant to your niche portals. Local search was a very profitable business before the internet, and Yellow Pages brought to you by your phone company were the most powerful informational tool. As soon as the internet won the territory in our lives, Yellow Pages started to migrate online. In Moldova there are some online catalogs where you can register your business:


Also, it is very important to get links from the websites (good, relevant, popular ones) in the country you operate in!

6. It is very important to have your contacts on your website (you can place them in the footer for example) including the physical address.

7. Verify your address with Google My Business (Google is going to send you a mail with a unique code at the exact address you provided).

All these factors are going to promote you in the search engines, one of the key elements of the Search Engines is practicing SEO – which is going to grow by hundreds the probability that your website is going to be amongst the relevant ones.

The challenge is even bigger and the complexity levels skyrocket when you are trying to target more than one country. This is why you need to follow those steps for all the countries you want to expand your business in and where you are active on the market.

Understanding the way search engines work is a key component in SEO, Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing.
This is why, the Seollite team is constantly studying Search Engine’s algorithms and their functionality so we recommend fairly new, impactful, and multiple opportunities ways of SEO rankings (because it is not a well-explored segment).


Voice search is a new way of improving your searching experience on a mobile device. There is no need to use the keyboard, and it gives the user an easy interface and instant access to the results. The recognition technology is still modern in 2021 and Romanian is perfectly understood.

    • Google Voice Search: This is a free service from Google, which is going to give you the opportunity to search for anything you wish using just your voice instead of typing.
    • Google Mobile App for iPhone;
    • Google Voice for Android: Here you have voice search included. With just one tap you can start the recording and you can start asking Google. The results are going to be shown on the screen fast and on point.
    • Apple Siri: Siri is the rapid and funny solution for your iOS device – it is different because it uses natural human discourse. You can see the results on the screen and also hear Siri telling you the results of your search.

We wish you good luck in ranking high! We hope you got a good idea of what local SEO is. But if you can’t manage optimization on your own, you can always contact us, and we will definitely do Professional SEO!

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