February 19, 2021


Worst 7 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Reputation

It’s always easier to prevent a catastrophe than to deal with its consequences. What would you do if you knew that your actions today will destroy your company’s reputation tomorrow? Would you change anything? We’re sure the answer is yes.

If you have a website, you probably heard about SEO. If not, we’ll start by giving you an answer to what does SEO stands for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is all about boosting your rankings on search engine results pages.

bad SEO tactics

Why is SEO important?

If you did everything right for a while and Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. ranked you high you’ll notice a big boost in visits, leads, and conversions. On the other hand, if you tried to trick their algorithms, we have bad news. Google is so much smarter nowadays, it’s only a matter of time until your sneaky ways get discovered and penalized.

This is when we’ll introduce you to “Black hat SEO” and “White hat SEO” concepts. Black hat SEO is all about tricking the search engines and focusing less on your users and the value you bring to them.

bad SEO tactics for 2023

Jumping high in your rankings shouldn’t be your main focus – your audience should be. White hat SEO is the exact opposite. It focuses on human users and their needs rather than algorithms.

Now let us tell you what you should do in case you want to completely destroy your online reputation.

  • First thing you should do if you don’t care about your website: duplicate your Content.

 If you put your white hat on Generate new, exciting, unique, and useful content. As long as your visitors find your website interesting, Google will do too. Get professional SEO services that include copywriting and content creation for your website and your pages are always going to look fresh and original.

If you think you can have three articles on the same subject with slightly twisted writing and Google won’t notice, you’re wrong. Search Engines will not only identify duplicate content but also, will not index the pages at all or even penalize you.

bad SEO tactics in 23

  • The second thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – Pay for as many links as possible! – don’t hesitate to reach out to websites that share the same kind of audience, with the same interests and similar niche for a legitimate ink-exchange collaboration. A good SEO expert can help you find a list of reputable websites to reach out to, and come up with ideas for authentic partnerships. 

White hat SEO solution: In the not so far past the common belief was the more links the better. That’s what led to various link-buying schemes. Search Engines are “trained” to spot that nowadays and your website will get penalized if you receive too many poor quality links from sketchy websites.

  • The third thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – stuff your texts with keywords – It used to be common to stumble upon articles online that were obviously full of random keywords and more often than not did not make any sense. These articles offered the worst user experience and damaged the reputation of said websites. Since Google looks out for the users, it will never rank high on a website full of keywords that don’t make sense. Repeating the same words over and over again will ring an alarm for any Search Engine that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms.

bad SEO tactics demaging your seo in 2023

If you want to do things right: keywords. Make sure you post quality content that will be interesting for you and for your users to read. If you need help with that, you can always opt for affordable SEO services from Seolitte. Search Engines got very good at understanding the content rather than counting.

  • The 4th thing you should do if you don’t care about your website – don’t refer to your own content.

If you put your white hat on: your content will eventually age and go bad. Online years will always go faster than regular years. There is so much new information posted every second that even a 3-month-old article can be considered expired information. Let your content expire if you want Google to consider you an unreliable source of information.

 To sum up…

SEO practices need to be learned, explored, updated, and applied correctly. If you

are not able to do this, then don’t expect big achievements in the online world. Try to take it as seriously as possible if you want to achieve your goals.

Don’t try to trick Search Engine algorithms and if you don’t feel like this is an achievable task get some professional SEO services from reputable SEO agencies or specialists.

worst SEO tactics demaging your seo in 2023

Seolitte offers affordable SEO services for small business owners and big businesses as well. We have plenty of experience in dealing with websites affected by black hat SEO practices, that were penalized, or that simply need some help with On-page and Off-page SEO practices.

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