February 19, 2021


Best SEO Branding Strategies and how to deal with negative SEO

What is a brand? What impact does it have on your SEO? What does SEO stand for in a business in 2024?

First of all, a brand is an experience. That includes the features of your product, the customer service, the looks, the feel, the colors, the emotions. A brand is what first pops into your mind when you say the name.

Best SEO Branding Strategies

That’s why when you think about GoPro, for example, you think about quality products, nice videos, adventure, summer, excitement, and fun. That’s what a brand is. A whole bunch of emotions is packed into a product, store, and website.

To answer the question, yes! Your brand does affect your SEO. If you punch in the search bar a general term like “smartphone” the first page of results will be filled with big brand names.

In business, SEO means getting as many organic searches, clicks, links, and shares for your website as possible. This is the only way you’ll get visibility without paying tons of money on marketing services that provide Google Ads or Social Media Ads.

Your brand can bring you links

Doing a great job in creating a name for yourself will pay off in ways that you didn’t even imagine. You’ll find out about different marketing channels you can use to your company’s advantage.

As we established before, links are pretty important for your rankings. Organic links are the best. If you have an attractive brand there is a big chance people will come to your website, read your content, and link to you if they have editorial power over a website.

If people heard about your brand before, the chances they will link to your website are higher. That’s exactly when your brand works for you, not the other way around.

Strategies to improve your SEO

There are a few steps you can take to boost your SEO just before your brand name starts working for you. The final goal of SEO branding is to get links and reach a level where you don’t have to pay for links anymore.

Creating a strong brand means being passionate about it sharing the full-hearted passion and providing inspiration to other people. You need to stop and ask yourself what you stand for, what you care about, and how much you care about it.

SEO Branding Strategies 2023

Promote your brand name, especially at the beginning

To have a brand, you need to have all your ducks in a row. You need a logo, a responsive website, a good design, valuable content, and high-quality photos and videos.

At this stage, we recommend getting help from marketing agencies. We believe these aspects are crucial and should be more or less done perfectly. You have to make a good impression on people who land on your website for the first time.

Once you’re confident in your online presence, go ahead and mention your brand as much as possible, and we mean EVERYWHERE. Get people to refer to you by your brand name, come up with catchy phrases, get involved in discussions pertinent to your niche, etc.

Put out consistent content

You have to prove to Search Engines that you’re active, you care about bringing new information to your users, and most importantly, be consistent with the subjects you cover.

Have shareable content

Your users should be able to share on their Social Media your articles, pictures, and videos. When people share and talk about your brand, Google loves it. Your ranking is not going to be directly affected by how many people share your website’s content. What’s going to change is the more your name pops up, the more visibility your name gets - the stronger your brand grows.

Best SEO Branding Strategies & how to deal with negative SEO

Be the best in your niche

You can’t mention smartphones and not think about Apple iPhones. That’s what you want to achieve. You have to pick a niche and excel at it. The only way you’ll do it is if you do it consistently, passionately, and the best. Deliver what you say you will, and provide value to your users online and offline. You have to be in a continuous learning process to be viewed as an authority.

Outreach SEO for your brand

It can mean reaching out to bloggers for a guest blog post, reaching out to YouTube influencers for a review, or paid articles on strong platforms like Huffington Post or Forbes.com, business.com, etc. An SEO agency could help you a lot with finding good websites that will boost your ranking and reach out to them.

Offline branding ideas

Create stories and share them. Your delivery has to bring out emotions within your audience. If you’re bland, no one will want to associate with your brand. Organize events, giveaways, and partnerships, raise money for a cause that is close to your niche, and serve your community.

Your product or service reviews matter

You don’t have to be an SEO specialist to know that credibility stems from real people’s testimonials. Your audience has to know that your services and products are real, are of good quality, bring value, or solve real people’s problems.

SEO Branding Strategies for 2023

Beware of negative SEO

We established a few steps you should consider when you build your online brand, but there are a few threats you should be aware of too. Negative SEO can impact your rankings and your name.

You can encounter off-page negative SEO like link farming, which happens when websites known as link-building farms start pointing bad links to your website.

Another popular technique is duplicate content. An attacker can simply copy and paste your content and duplicate it until the point when Google will ignore your website for not being original.

Fake Social Media profiles with false, harmful information about your brand is another way of doing Negative SEO.

On-page negative SEO refers to hackers attacking your website from the inside. This means you probably forgot to update your CMS and now they breached your security and can start working on damaging your brand. They can modify your content, can de-index your website, or even replace your website with a completely different one.

What can you do?

Besides getting professional SEO services to always have your finger on the pulse there are a few things to consider doing starting now.

Update your CMS as soon as possible, check your security system, or get professional Managed Hosting services. They will do that for you so you can concentrate on more important things like Brand Building.

Check your site’s loading speed and check if it’s properly indexed. Run occasional

searches on your keywords and content to identify in time if you have been targeted by attackers online.

Make regular backups in case your website gets hacked and monitor your backlinks regularly as well.

SEO Branding Strategies against negative SEO

To sum up…

There are multiple ways you can contribute to your brand’s growth both online and offline. Your SEO will either benefit from it directly or indirectly.

Make sure you associate your name with the most popular, reputable entities online, and make sure you are consistent with the values and emotions that you want to send to your audience.

P.S. If you deal with obstacles to SEO brand marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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