September 7, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Analysis of online marketing trends for 2024

1. Content marketing

This working technique aims to create only such content that both search engines and potential buyers/customers will need constantly. It’s about:

  • deep analysis;
  • researches;
  • case studies;
  • well-documented information;
  • interactive articles;
  • very easy-to-understand schematics and diagrams;
  • infographics;
  • and so on.

2. A/B testing for the website

An A/B test is an experiment that uses two or more variations of the same web page (A and B). Variant A is the original and variants B - Z each contain at least one element modified from the original.

3. Personalized email marketing

Personalized, behavior-based emails bring about 3 times better results than simple emails.

According to BND's Impact study, companies that are successful in using lead generation technology generate 50% more sales while spending 33% fewer resources in the process. And one of the most effective and fastest tools in this field is automated email marketing.

Detailed information here: Automated Email Marketing.

online marketing trends for 2023
4. Video Marketing

YouTube SEO. YouTube videos appear in the search results, so optimizing your video content becomes much more important now.

How do we optimize the YouTube channel?
- Keyword Research:
Part 1: Analysis and collection of keywords relevant to the activity niche;
Part 2: Comparing Keyword Lists Obtained by Tools and
techniques specific to the YouTube platform and the search engine - Google (for determining the most effective themes for the video).

digital marketing trends 2023

- Work on the channel:
1:add description, add general keywords to the channel, add
tags, adding profile pictures and channel art, creating playlists, configuration
default channel values, connection with GA, etc

- Optimizing video clips:
1. Create title, description, adjust cc (close caption), add thumbnail watermark, post, create video object schema, etc.

More information here: YouTube SEO Guide.

5. Influencer Marketing

92% of people trust other consumers. Because referrals are much more credible than simple (traditional) marketing, we work with professional and credible influencers.

6. Visual search - Google Lens

Visual search will take the user experience to a whole new level. Now, they will be able to upload the picture and search for advanced results on Google.

Google favors sites that provide rich and original content. This means that almost any web page that has duplicate content is penalized and appears lower in the search engine rankings. It makes sense, then, that this concept will extend to images in the future as well, offering search engine ranking (SERP) advantages for pages that contain original and quality images.

7. Push messages from the browser

The use of personalized push messages increases the conversion rate:
• The open rate of push messages is 7%, compared to 3% for general messages.
• 54% of users click on links from segmented push notifications.

8. Omni-Channel marketing

Statistics show that brands that use three or more channels in their automation flow have a 250% higher purchase frequency omnichannel compared to a single channel.

9. Geomarketing

Geotargeting is done within the radius of the physical location. If we promote a retailer, we will target people who live within the supermarket's radius (within a 1 km radius).

online marketing trends for 2023

10. User Generated Content

90% of shoppers admitted that user-generated content influenced their purchase decisions more than any other form of advertising.

11. Marketing automation


Here are the categories of work included in marketing automation:

1. SEO – optimization of the site at the initial stage, to attract the target audience and to build a qualitative website appreciated by the Google Search Engine:
• Optimizing voice searches
• Optimizing internal links, images, and textual content with keywords
• Optimization of the website structure
• Improved page load speed
• External optimization (publishing advertising articles on relevant sites, obtaining strong links to the site, banners, etc.).

2. E-mail marketing:
• Sending targeted emails, and newsletters with product data
• Transactional emails, based on user behavior
• Automated emails - with vouchers and discounts.

3. Web Personalization:
• Geographic targeting
• Analysis of visitor behavior on the site
• Discussing intent to leave the site (eg: persuasive messages to stay on the page)
• Product recommendations
• Up-sell and Cross-Sell (accessories, complementary products, and other products that match users' interests).

4. Introducing a CRM into the company's workflow:
• Systematization of communication with clients
• Efficient collection of customer information
• Automatic fixing of requests in the software
• Integration with IP telephony
• Optimizing internal communication.

More information here: Marketing automation.

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