July 20, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

The best digital marketing ideas

In this article, you will find the best digital marketing ideas. However, we at the SEOLITTE agency have undertaken to provide digital marketing services with results, and for 7 years we have been working to achieve tangible results for our clients: website traffic increased, increasing number of leads and constantly increasing number of sales.

Precisely for these reasons, we come up with a series of recommendations for entrepreneurs who need more visibility in the virtual environment. Test these ideas and you won't regret it!

The best digital marketing ideas for 2023

  1. Communicate and promote yourself on other social networks besides Facebook and Instagram. Here are some good ideas for you:
  • Be active on Quora: Here people are always asking valuable questions on topics of interest. These queries have keywords that your audience is searching for on Google. What content can you write here? Business tips, everyday life advice, useful content creation facts, blog post ideas/content brainstorming, and information on new topics.
  • Post images on Pinterest: Users perform more than 2 billion searches a month here. Of all searches, 97% are unbranded, meaning Pinterest users are willing to engage with businesses they don't know.
  • Post on Medium: 58% of Medium traffic comes from organic search, while just over 26% is direct traffic. The platform allows users to publish all kinds of blog content, including personal stories, republished articles, and original content.

2. Establish new partnerships - you could collaborate with those in complementary niches (those who target the same target audience as you, but are not direct competitors), to provide mutual help: mutual promotion on social networks, organization of webinars in partnership, promotion through e-mail marketing or, why not, go for barter formulas.

3. Remarketing - it's about the banners that follow you around the Internet with the advertising of a site you've recently visited. Because most likely those who visit your website will not make the purchase immediately, they need to know you a little before they can trust you. Through remarketing you will manage to stay in the mind of your potential customer and you will increase the chances that he will come back to make a purchase. Both Facebook and Google offer the option of remarketing.

4. Add social sharing buttons to your site - encourage your readers and followers to share the content they liked and reward them if they recommend you to their friends.

5. Do interviews with industry experts - these are a good way to create useful content, involving your industry experts and sparking the interest of a larger audience.

Best Digital Marketing Ideas 2023

6. Reuse the same content at least 4 times - if you've hosted an online webinar, reuse that information by uploading it to your YouTube channel, add the text version to a guide and upload it to scribd.com, put on blog an article on the same topic, each type of content has its dedicated audience.

7. Constantly do content marketing - this work technique aims to create only the content, which both search engines and potential buyers/clients need constantly. The purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable and highly useful information. Content must be able to attract customers as well as solve their problems: guides, whitepapers, eBooks, reports, research, analysis, infographics, etc.

8. Give free tools - it depends on your niche because in most situations people use useful tools to get/learn/test something, you can diagnose them or solve a small problem and give them some recommendations, including a tool of your own. It's also a great way to create brand awareness for yourself.

9. Use Reviews and Testimonials to Tell a Success Story - Follow product reviews. Don't you have them? Incentivize customers by giving them freebies, gifts, and discounts through tests.

10. Schedule conferences or online seminars - get out there and show yourself as an expert and trendsetter in your niche, step forward, step into the spotlight, and share your experiences and lessons with others, all these pro approaches active and responsible will make you an attraction for clients, partners, and followers over time.

11. Record a podcast and/or be a guest on podcasts - yes, podcasts are heavily listened to nowadays, and people who participate in discussions gain a ton of visibility. You can bring your brand to light through fearless public speaking.

12. Put a charismatic person in front of your company - your business must be associated with a human face, let the stakeholders know you as you are, you can post online pictures or videos with the team, you can talk about your values and mission, and people will appreciate this degree of ownership and involvement.

13. Influencer Marketing - micro-influencers are very popular, which, although not as popular as top influencers, are more niche and have greater success and organic impact on published materials.

digital marketing ideas for 2023

14. Use Google Trends - a sometimes underappreciated tool, but at the right times, it works wonders. Google Trends is ideal for finding topics of increased interest on Google, even in Moldova. It groups keywords by theme and dynamically shows the volume of searches performed. This tool is ideal for copywriters looking for relevant topics and anyone who wants to increase their organic searches by covering topics of broad interest.

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