Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to promote your business. The global market can be compared to an infinite ocean of opportunities to expand. You can choose the target country, embark on a digital adventure and grow your business – all in a very short time. However, that can only happen if you do effective SEO adapted to the cultures you’re targeting and have geotargeting that is as accurate as possible.

To show you that something like this is possible, we come prepared with a case study of a client in the American market. Why American? Because analyzing the competition in the digital marketing market + the competition in the client’s preferred field of activity, we noticed that there is an extremely large and interesting field, where we can truly compete.

We are talking about the clothing and accessories online store BLVCKS.COM. SEO optimization for the online store was not a challenge for us for one simple reason: we implemented “little secrets” that helped us increase its online visibility.

Stages of optimization works

E-shopping has become more and more popular with the evolution of information technologies, with the tendency of stores to promote themselves online and, probably, with the needs of shoppers who prefer not to leave the house to buy what they need for their personal wardrobe. But now we are talking about the topic more precisely – about increased demand for certain products and, respectively, about the thousands and tens of thousands of monthly searches users make for certain keywords and phrases. This is exactly what we relied on when we started optimizing the site 

So, what stages did our work go through, in order to bring the customer good positioning on mega competitive keywords and an increased visibility in the online environment? In fact, we started with the usual SEO procedure, but along the way we adapted it to the online store with international sales BLVCKS.

Stage I

● We checked the site’s correctness according to technical and functional factors (presence of errors in the pages, site speed, number of accesses, etc.).

● We analyzed the competitors on the market (strengths and weaknesses, plus keyword positioning).

● We identified the site’s position on various search engines, incl. Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Stage II

● We created a correct and strong semantic basis of the site (keywords with thousands and hundreds of thousands of niche searches. Note: see below what results have been achieved).

● We made SEO On-Page optimizations (we modified the meta tags, developed internal links of the website pages, optimized the product descriptions with the correct number of keywords, and optimized the internal links, images and ALT texts).

● We made SEO Off-Page optimizations (we used the most important and relevant resources for online promotion, writing and publishing quality content on blogs, niche sites, social networks, etc).

Stage III

● We analyzed the search results based on the chosen keywords; here they are:

As you can see, in SEO you should never underestimate the value of a keyword, as this is the sure path that the customer takes to get to your business. 

In the case of the BLVCKS online clothing store, we have chosen strong keywords and phrases in the respective niche (urban style clothes) that brought it good search engine rankings. In addition to increasing keyword positions, we have increased the number of organic hits 20 times.

Pretty good results, isn’t it? Attracting the right visitors was a fairly simple mission, taking into account their wardrobe desires and search habits. The SEO optimization services listed above worked perfectly for this business, thus increasing the visibility in the online environment (+ 18.56%) during the works performed both on and off site, and the statistics below prove this:

Our mission was to help the customer get as close as possible to his buyers. Increasing the visibility rate, in this case, played an important role in increasing sales. Effective search engine optimization has been our strong point in achieving excellent results for an international client, and the figures speak for themselves.

Next, we present you comparison charts of the periods November 2018 vs. November 2019. Here you can find the number of visitors, the duration of a session, and, of course, the bounce rate of

How did users get to our customer’s site?

Below you have the account of the top channels through which users arrived at the website during the SEO optimization process. Organic traffic has increased 20 times compared to the period before SEO optimization processes started.

As you can see, promotion on Social Media did not play an important role in getting more traffic, compared to the crucial role played by SEO and the organic traffic obtained from SEO promotion. Here you also have the comparison between the conversion rate in the same reference period.

When dealing with an online store, we don’t forget to show you the percentage of sales (transactions and income). To make it easier for you, we present the numbers in a table with examples for the given period.

Stats show that the number of sales has increased by almost 4 times, and the percentage of income related to it, shows us even better results. It turns out that users have made more expensive purchases than before, thanks to the optimization of the website content and the off-page promotion of the store.

Now that you’ve seen the results of SEO, do you think your business doesn’t need such a promotion? Do you think that you can only promote yourself through Facebook distributions and out-door marketing? Know that the online world brings you a lot of other possibilities for growing your business. We are here to help you grow organically, with no search engine penalties, and only with measurable results.

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