February 11, 2021


Conversion Rate Optimization: methods to increase website conversion

Yes, it is possible to increase your online conversion by following some interesting techniques and testing some optimization methods and services. This article will teach you everything you need to know about increasing not only your online conversion but also your net profit.

A dictionary lookup will tell you that a conversion means: "changing one value into another." But how do we explain this definition in online terms?

Simply put, we can say: that online conversion is a tactic you use to turn your potential customers into regular customers.

Does this definition sound complicated to you?

To give you a simple example, let's say that your goal for the website you own is to get visitors to subscribe to your Newsletter, to build a community.

Or maybe you intend to get them to buy something from your page or download an app or any other action that they could take that would benefit your business.

Let's say you already know what you intend to do with your web page, the question that naturally arises is: how do you intend to do it?

How do you convert simple users of your page into customers (temporary or permanent)?

Is there a calculator to measure your online conversion efforts?

And finally, what is Online Conversion Rate Optimization and why is it a really important term to succeed in the online world? – these are just some of the questions to think about when we talk about online conversion.

But don't worry, we've already thought of the potential difficulties you might encounter on this topic. All you have to do next is keep up with us.

Before we dive into this topic, let's perform a simple calculation of the average online conversion rate for your web page. What do you say?

To do this, the first step is to calculate the number of users who did exactly what you wanted them to do on your page:

      • they entered their email for the Newsletter;
      • they purchased a certain product;
      • they downloaded the app you offered them;
      • And so on.

This number of users represents the total conversion on your web page.

After that, what you need to do is to calculate your conversion rate by dividing the total number of conversions, which you got earlier, by the total number of visitors to your website.

Let's say your site has 2,000 visitors and 200 conversions, that would mean your conversion rate is 2%.

"Okay, okay, you're going to say, but what does a good conversion rate mean?"

What number can be considered to be the best conversion rate? Here you will find some studies about the average conversion rate in the world.

It is therefore quite complicated to find a concrete number that could answer this question, and this is because several factors determine the size of the online conversion rate. To name just a few of them:

      • What is the definition of conversion for you when talking about your web page? I ask you that because, for some conversion means a "tangible" action that they get from users, such as a new visitor from search engines, a new subscriber to the Newsletter, a new buyer of a product advertised on their web page, for someone else the conversion is understood as a software download, a new registration to become a member of their community or some other such action.
      • What is your niche or industry? If you do some research before choosing your niche, you'll probably find that some fields are more "lucky" than others. This means that these domains attract more visitors, sell more, or simply appear more attractive to online users. Maybe that's why it's a good idea to do a thorough study of the most popular domains before making a final decision!
      • How are you trying to convert? The method by which you are trying to convert is very important, but perhaps more important is what kind of audience are you trying to convert. This would be explained simply in terms of: what audience do you want to become your clientele?
      • How big was the investment to get to where you are now? You may find at some point that the conversion rate of your web page has increased, but the question is: have you made any profit from this increase? A true entrepreneur will always think in terms of investment and results. Every time you realize that the investment is higher than the conversion rate, then maybe it's time to change your active marketing strategy.

As you probably realized, optimizing the conversion rate is not a difficult process, but it requires time and effort, where there is desire, there are always results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Let's move on to Online Conversion Rate Optimization

No matter how high you rank in search engine results, your website will always be "hungry" for improvements. And when I talk about improvement I mean, in the first phase, the notion of conversion rate.

“What is conversion rate optimization?” you may ask. And isn't it the same as online conversion?”

You can say that, just like online conversion (CO), conversion rate optimization (CRO - derived from the English term Conversion Rate Optimization) is the method that helps to increase the number of visitors to your web page, causing them to convert from simple users to clients. But at the same time, CRO is more about understanding what your web page users are looking for and providing them with solutions for their needs.

We can talk here about a more attractive call to action or to get rid of certain unnecessary and time-consuming things on our page so that the process of getting results becomes much faster. Also here we can talk about CRO tools and services. It doesn't matter where we start on this topic, what matters is that this is a topic worth discussing. I'll explain why right away.

If you've been in the online business for a long time, you probably already know that every web page owner pays for their traffic in one way or another. This means that a high online conversion rate could be seen as a better return on investment.

Of course, it is important to note that it is much more convenient to increase the conversion rate for existing users than to focus on new visitors (although this is also an aspect that I suggest you do not ignore!). And this argument alone may be enough. Precisely for this reason, I propose to go further and talk about concrete actions.

A/B testing with Google Analytics. Although some entrepreneurs still think that these tests are about designing an A and B version of a web page and dividing the traffic between them, to ultimately choose the version with the highest conversion, this is the wrong approach! Why?

First of all, the ultimate goal for Online Conversion Rate Optimization is not the conversion process itself, but increasing your income! This means that you can get a high rate of newsletter subscriptions, but the design of your website, because it is not attractive enough, destroys the sales rate, actually contributing to the decrease of your income.

So keeping your finger on the pulse about how the page looks and can be modified to increase the bottom line - is more than vital! You might think we're not talking about conversion here, and you might be right. The truth is that every business survives on revenue, and the conversion process is only part of creating, growing, and maintaining it. On the other hand, however, conversion can mean everything to an entrepreneur who approaches it correctly.

How do we test CRO?

Through user behavior testing analytics. Yes, this refers to your web page audience. After you understand what is happening on your web page, thanks to the use of Google Analytics, it is important to understand why what happened on your page happened. User testing can help you capture every recorded human interaction on your web page. You can say it's about conversion through psychology.

A deep understanding of your audience's behaviors can be the way to achieve the best conversion rate optimization.

  • By "visually" tracking behaviors. This is about analyzing the impact your web page has on visitors. Are your web page users interested in your titles? Are they accessing what you want them to access? Visual analytics determine the value of pages to potential customers. I'll give you a tip here, even we at SEOLITTE use HotJar to film the behavior of each user on the website. They have a generous free trial!
  • By recording the channels from which users reach your web page. The question that follows after creating a web page is: how do the right people find it online?

To answer this question it is important to analyze the channels from where users land on the website you own.

For this, you must log in to your Google Analytics account and access: PURCHASE -> ALL TRAFFIC VOLUME -> CHANNELS.

Thus, you will be able to eliminate communication barriers, by serving a message that matches the best traffic channels (top media from which visitors land on the website), ultimately leading to increased profits.

Practices for Optimizing the Conversion Rate

The answer is: of course, YES. But before we get down to listing these practices, it's important to consider that not everything that works for others may work for you. Remember when I told you that CRO depends on certain factors? Well, this is a truth that applies to this topic as well.

Implementing a certain change on your web page can be a scary thing, and I agree.

  • What if it doesn't work?
  • If the number of visitors decreases?
  • If it destroys in a short time all the efforts you have made so far to get to where you are now?

And the list of ifs can go on and on.

Sometimes, however, a series of questions can have only one answer, and in our case, this is A/B testing software. Remember I talked about him earlier?

What I want to emphasize here is that any change you implement is measurable.

There is no need to implement all the changes you can think of at once. Start with just one, watch the reactions of your audience, find out how it works for the users of your web page, and only then continue with the list of implementations. It's about patience and a willingness to grow.

If we were to talk about a few suggestions that we could consider to be among the best for Online Conversion Rate Optimization, then this list would certainly include the following:

  • Remove unnecessary form fields from your web page. When one of your customers decides to purchase one of your products, they want this process to be an easy one that leads them directly to the product they want. But he can change his mind very quickly when he is forced to provide a lot of answers before the purchase.
  • Think again, do you need to know his ZIP code, company name, CVV on his credit card, reconfirm email, password, etc., etc.? Or, can there be an opportunity to overlook these aspects and make the process of purchasing the product you offer easier? Did you know that a business that reduces its fill-in form fields can increase its conversion rate by 160%?
  • Use a different color for the call to action button. Preferably – a contrasting color. You don't necessarily need to go overboard with the color red, it's not about being as noticeable as possible, it's more about creating a suitable contrast with the background of your web page. The best suggestion would be to use a color that you have not used before for your website. This will make the visitor pay more attention to it.
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of your products in short videos. These will undoubtedly improve the conversion rate. However, try not to bore people with too long videos. Even 2-3 minutes can be enough to say what you have to say, and be sure that if what you say will be useful to the visitor, then your conversion rate will increase significantly!
  • Create a clear and catchy headline. Anyone in the field of online marketing already knows the importance of creating the right headlines to attract the right audience. Sometimes a simple word can dramatically change the conversion rate of a website. Find out about it from the best specialists.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Give time limits for your products to be procured, but don't do so before making a plausible case for your customers as to why your product/service is worth purchasing.
  • Last but not least: create credibility. How? You can do this by leaving your contact number (both work and personal) on your web page, thus assuring people that you are accessible and easy to find if they have any questions about your products. Write your address. Be transparent about staff and numbers.

Conversion Rate Optimization 2023

  • One of the most important suggestions, which you can consider as a pro bono for all the others described earlier, is to put testimonials on your web page. Also, strive to get votes for products and services, and most of all - positive comments. They create additional credibility.

Human nature has been and always will be like this. Before we make a purchase, we care what other people say about the product we intend to purchase, otherwise, why would we be the first to do so?

When it comes to putting money out of pocket, each of us wants to make sure we're paying for quality. Maybe it's because we adults know the value of money, or maybe it's just because there are too many charlatans these days, which makes us more cautious and less trusting.

Whatever the reason, before you think about converting online, first think about this short but comprehensive question: If you were the visitor to your web page, would you be convinced to become a customer?

If the conversion rate optimization process seems too complicated for you, then don't hesitate to ask us for help. Let's increase the conversion rate of your website together!

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