December 7, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

Customer Care: How to keep your customers happy?

What is Customer Care?

This is how people are treated when they interact with a brand. This includes all experiences with the company and its employees: before, during, and after the acquisition.

Customer Care online 2023

Some global statistics on how important customer care is:

-51% of customers / potential customers do not return to the company with which they had an unpleasant experience.

-66% of consumers say they like it when brands save them time on unnecessary actions.

-64% of consumers say they can turn a blind eye to expensive prices when customer service is of high quality.

-84% of potential customers say that the purchasing factor is the brand's concern for their needs.

-One satisfied customer will share his experience with another 6 people, while a dissatisfied one will tell about the unpleasant experience to another 15 people.

-In 75% of cases, e-mail is a perfect channel to show high-quality Customer Care.

-73% of customers say they are loyal to a brand just because they care about their needs.

Customer Care: How to keep your customers happy

But let's not confuse the services offered with the care of customers. Customer care vs. customer service: differences and explanations

Customer Care - the process of building an emotional connection with customers (non-quantifiable).

Customer Service - the (technical) assistance provided by the company's employees (quantifiable, for example, the number of satisfactory answers).

Note: Both contribute to the increase in Customer Satisfaction Score and are measured by the question: how satisfied are you in interacting with our company?

Customer Relations is the process that your company uses to interact with customers to improve their experiences with your brand. The purpose of customer relationships is to get customers involved in what your brand has to offer. Moreover, by implementing ways to improve the customer experience, they can continue to support your company's goals.

Customer Care: in 2023

What actions are being taken for Customer Relations?

  • Assisting the client with his wishes and needs (related or not to our services) leads to the creation of stable and loyal relationships with our customers.
  • We explain the small gratuities we offer to them: we show them that we can do more, but let them understand they should not abuse our kindness.

This is the codex of the satisfied customer:

# 1: Get my attention, don't steal it.

# 2: Treat me like a man, not a wallet.

# 3: Find solutions for my business, not your system.

# 4: Use my resources, but don't abuse them.

# 5: Ask me for feedback and follow it.

# 6: Assume your mistakes.

# 7: When you help me, you help yourself.

# 8: I don't mind paying you, but don't play with me.

# 9: No drastic conditions, but with discipline.

# 10: Do a good job even when it's hard.

Here are some good customer practices for customer care:

  1. Use email templates sent to customers, such as:

-Introduction email
-Thanking emails
- "We apologize" emails
-Greeting cards
-Report emails
- Instructional emails, etc.

Customer Care ideas for 2023

2. Gratuities that bring/keep customers. Rules to follow:

-We offer freebies, but we explain that it is a limited offer (just for new customers).

-We offer gratuities to show their gratitude (stable customers).

-For each client establish a communication channel (convenient for him).

-We recognize mistakes more often and come up with quick solutions.

-We urge you to leave us reviews on Facebook/site.

3. Examples of communication for a good customer:

Hello, we don't work on the weekends! Goodbye!Hello, Ms.…. We would like to inform you that the SEOLITTE team does not work on weekends, but we are available to assist you from Monday, at 9.00. We assure you that your issue can be resolved on Monday and will not have a serious impact on your promotion strategy. Respectfully, _____ .
Hello, please don't call after 6 pm. Goodbye!Hello, according to the established schedule, the SEOLITTE team works until 18.00. After the work schedule, we rest and gain strength to offer you quality promotion services with new strength. We kindly ask you to give us time to respond to the next day's work. Thank you for understanding! Have a nice day!
Hello, please pay for our services this month. Goodbye!Hello, I hope you are well. I am writing to remind you that I sent an invoice (invoice no. X) with the total amount of _______ a week ago.

We're sure you're busy, but we'd be extremely grateful if you could check this invoice and make the transfer on the invoice date.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Have a nice day!


What do we get by working on customer relations?

  • Quiet and understanding customers / potential customers.
  • Better feedback from current customers.
  • A more efficient cross-sell and Upsell.
  • More recommendations and reviews.
  • Long-lasting relationships with old and new customers.
  • Humanization of the brand.
  • Customer appreciation.

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