March 23, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

IT marketing: methods of online promotion

If you own or promote a business in the IT industry (software and IT services) you certainly know that attracting customers is a laborious, long activity that requires a lot of persuasion work. Currently, in Romania alone, there are over 17 thousand IT companies, and in order to make your company’s voice heard and taken into account, you need to differentiate yourself, discovering and talking about your competitive advantages.

How to promote your SaaS business or IT services?

It is also worth mentioning here that the IT industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the country, so your communication must also be energetic and extremely flexible.

At the same time, it is very understandable that in an IT business, offline still works well when it comes to customer conversion. Participation in profile events is by far the number one channel in attracting customers. E-mail marketing campaigns also have a good return on investment, as well as the direct approach of companies.

IT marketing online promotion ideas

Ideas for online promotion of companies in the field of information technology

1. Start with LinkedIn – the most effective social media platform for business in the IT industry, because it is the environment in which your target audience lives. But if you want to be relevant and memorable on Linkedin, you have one crucial thing to check: constantly creating content. You should know that 80% of B2B prospects come specifically through LinkedIn, so there you have a huge potential to fish the clientele, by creating informative, educational, and professional content.

2. Develop your email marketing email list – there is no question of purchasing an email list, rather you have to collect each subscriber by providing useful guides, the latest industry news, and e-book – all in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter.

3. Facebook – seems at first glance that B2B is not about Facebook. For this reason, we will present this information to you from another angle, namely from the idea that this is a platform that offers extensive opportunities, given the huge number of daily users of the platform: 1.84 billion users visit the site. socializing EVERY day. In this context, it’s pretty easy to say that your target audience is there: CEOs, CEOs, and procurement executives – they all have a Facebook profile. And in order to be able to measure conversions and remarket to those who have already visited your site, you need to use Facebook Pixel.

4. Be active in the written press with interviews and press releases – you will surely make your voice heard by presenting informative and well-documented materials from the niche. Turning yourself into authority or center of gravity on a certain subject will make you look for your services in time. The secret is to be open and willing to provide niche information to media portals and specialists who need it.

5. Organizing free seminars for young IT specialists or organizing open doors for potential employees – greater openness brings credibility and opens up a wide range of opportunities for collaboration.

IT marketing online promotion ideas for 2023

How are Romanian IT companies promoted? Top methods of online promotion of companies in the field of information technology

  • Content Marketing – in IT you often have to take on the role of the brand that educates the market and a good educational tool is your own blog. Take care of the SEO part of your site, as it can give you free organic traffic and great search results with reasonable budgets. See how you create your own SEO strategy in 2022.
  • Video explainers – video marketing done by placing explanations on YouTube can bring visibility to the people who matter. In general, video is an important focus in 2022: people spend 88% more time on pages that contain video, and 90% of users say that video helps them make a purchase decision. Obviously, IT is more complicated to sell on the conveyor belt, and a single interaction with your YouTube channel will not create a long-term relationship with your potential customer, or B2B customers perform at least 12 online searches before interacting with a website.
  • Creating whitepapers and periodically presenting them – the purpose of these presentation materials is to inform about the new products and solutions you have invented.
  • Google Ads and Search placement – will help your potential customers get in touch with you when they need your services/solutions. As a small recommendation for ad texts, it would be to start from your client’s needs, namely: to emphasize the time savings, the pleasant experience of working with a professional team like yours, and the lack of tension or stress in working with you. Ensure that you provide high-quality consulting and support services, as well as the accessibility of the team to answer any questions about your solutions at any time.

What KPIs do you track online?

  • increase your company’s notoriety – over time you should see the number of bid requests increase due to your brand awareness efforts
  • sales and number of customers
  • turnover is constantly growing – another goal to watch carefully is the quality of the leads that come in, as in IT some projects can bring you loss rather than gain if customer expectations are not reasonable. And vice versa, a good position in the IT and software market can bring you reputable clients and budgets so that your work is highly appreciated and remunerated.

IT marketing digital promotion ideas for 2023

A few words in conclusion

Be mobile-friendly in both content marketing and paid to advertise, as mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous. Marketing for IT and technology companies certainly needs to include mobile marketing. It consists of ads appearing on smartphones and tablets.

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