March 17, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Marketing strategies and ideas for architects

Do you have an architecture or interior design firm? We know how to promote it in the digital environment. We have been promoting architecture and interior design offices for more than 7 years, and in the following, we discuss the digital promotion strategies that have worked for SEOLITTE clients.

For sure, this article will be a good starting point for promoting your business: here you will find promotion ideas for architecture, construction, and landscaping companies.

Marketing strategies and ideas for architects - 2023

Stay with us for a turnkey marketing solution for architects: promoting architecture and interior design offices!

So here are our ideas for digital promotion, to do guerrilla marketing in architecture and design companies:

  • Keep a blog that will inspire and convince your audience – obviously selling in your niche with the visual, but don’t forget to add descriptions about the work process, the creative procedures used, the implementation team, and the collaboration with the client. Creating interesting textual content will bring you closer to the reader, and invite him into your world, but will also have an impact on the SEO side. Well-done blogging always helps on 2 levels: to sell, but also to tick the organic ranking objectives in the search results by SEO.
  • Use inspirational platforms in the niche of architecture and interior design, such as Behance or The recommendation is to create accounts there and fill them in monthly with information about your projects. They will influence both the SEO side and help attract new customers. In other words, be active and involved in your niche, the presence on these platforms will ensure you a key role in the community of people in architecture and design.
  • Keep a monthly optimized Google My Business (GMB) account full of positive reviews. See a GMB account optimization guide here. You are in a niche where beauty sells, and with the free tool from Google, GMB, you have the opportunity to appear in organic search results with pictures, videos, and personal renderings. Here you can also add data about various case studies. Another important role of this profile is to be compiled with reviews from your customers. People believe in the reviews they read online as much as in the recommendations they receive from their friends. Certainly, good reviews on Facebook and GMB can build a positive reputation and turn you into a hard-to-ignore player.

Marketing strategies and ideas of architects

  • Differentiate yourself and come up with clearly articulated offers. Think about what can you offer different, new, unique? Either you cover a specific niche, less crowded, of architectural services, or you create only in one style (say: the minimalist, or the classic?).

How to promote yourself effectively as an Architect or Designer?

  • Create a sense of accessibility and availability online – In addition to well-described materials and authentic pictures, a professional trained to work with people should always be willing to take on new projects, assuring potential clients that there is enough time on your agenda for another successful project. A good idea is to place a chat on the website or show openness to people on your social media channels. Don’t forget to be just as open and sociable in phone conversations, so as not to sabotage your marketing efforts in the digital environment.
  • Place your key people in the spotlight – PR and branding efforts are especially appreciated in promoting architecture and design firms because people tend to believe in people, more than in brands. Talk about your company’s talents in press releases, business news, and niche press interviews.
  • Case studies need an audience! – Live case studies and webinars could attract not only loyal followers (potential clients for your architecture/construction office) but also a reputation for transparent professionals who contribute to the development of the industry by sharing experiences and dexterity. Equally interesting is the idea of teaching students, opening an evening school, or getting students to practice stealing from you.
  • Use remarketing and retargeting services with confidence. By remarketing, you will be able to stay in the mind of your potential client and you will increase the chances that he will return, for a consultation from you. Remarketing remains a very popular method of promoting websites through Google, due to its low cost and increased efficiency.

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