September 14, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Off Page SEO & Link Building: Basics

What is Off-Page SEO?

Promoting and increasing the popularity of a website by:

  • writing and publishing advertorials
  • getting banners
  • relevant links for the given site
  • partnerships etc. 

These backlinks are built with maximum care (according to a special plan) and the quality of the links thus obtained is monitored.

What is Off-Page SEO?

1) getting backlinks
2) choosing the main keywords that will get the most value on SEO (the one on which the link is placed, which is also called anchor text)
3) PR efforts: aims to multiply mentions in the press and visibility, i.e. the authority of the company in the eyes of buyers.

What is a backlink?

The backlink is that external link that your website receives from another website.

For example, you published an article on a news site, and in this article, there is a link to your site. Backlinks are differentiated by: the tags with which they are placed in the code and by the sources from which they come.

According to the associated tags, we distinguish 2 types of backlinks:

  • Dofollow Backlinks: Can be considered votes to improve site authority. For example, if you get a link from a high authority site, your site will be considered trustworthy and will further improve its authority.
  • NoFollow Backlinks: Google states that in most cases, they do not track nofollow links, nor do they use these values for PageRank transfer, or anchor text value. Nofollow links are interpreted basically like HTML text.
Off Page SEO nofollow

Where do we get backlinks from?

1) news sites;
2) business directors;
3) classifieds sites;
4) forums;

5) Classified sites and web directories.

Link Building is a methodology for acquiring backlinks for improving website rankings.

Off Page SEO and Link Building: Basics

Main rules for quality link building:

  1. It’s done monthly
  2. Does not work only on one keyword.
  3. It requires getting backlinks from different sites.
  4. Dofollow and Nofollow are important.

Linkbuinding Workflow:

  1. 5-10% of links from news sites (DoFollow only) – 1-2 articles from news sources, blogs
  2. 10-15% of links from directories/forums – 5-10 links from directories, forums
  3. Do the rest of the links from classifieds sites – 30+ – links from classifieds sites.

Do we give special importance to local popularity? Why?

Links from sites within a community and/or the same niche count more than links from general or non-niche sites

For example: if your site sells dog houses, a link from the Kennel Club counts a lot more than one from a site about skating.


  • The Internet contains massive amounts of spam (>60% of web pages).
  • To remove this irrelevant content, search engines use trust measurement systems, many of which are based on backlinks.
  • Earning links from trusted domains can result in a significant boost to your site. Universities, government sites, and non-profit organizations (.edu and .gov sites) are examples of highly trusted domains.
Off Page SEO & Link Building 2023

The freshness of backlinks:

  • Quality signals provided by links tend to degrade over time.
  • Sites that were once popular often become stagnant and eventually fail to gain new links and begin to lose ground.
    it is important to continue development on the off-page side, gaining additional links over time. Commonly referred to as the FreshRank algorithm, it says that search engines use link freshness to judge current popularity and relevance.

The number of links per page:

  • According to the original PageRank formula, the value of a link is diluted by the presence of other links on a page
  • The extent to which this matter is undiscovered, however, is certainly something to be aware of when choosing how to run your link acquisition campaign.

Link Building Strategy Ideas:

  • Ask customers to link to you
  • Build a company blog – a valuable, informative, and entertaining resource
  • Create content that inspires viral shares and natural link acquisition: linkbait
  • For smaller sites, adding links manually, including inclusion in directories, and even link exchanges can be part of the equation.
  • With larger sites, these tactics tend not to be very valuable, as more scalable solutions are needed.

E-mail marketing:

  • to organize a giveaway (to give something with the title of free), either by launching a new product or by stating something controversial.
  • Content proposals to other blogs, and sites.
  • Infographics.
  • Guides.
  • Mentions in podcasts:
  • Online events.

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