November 18, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

Online networking: how to stay in touch with key people

Capitalize on the personal impact of Social Media accounts

Think of social networks as you think of traditional networks:

  1. Get to know other people, giving them value (help, information) and they will naturally want to know about you and what you do.
  2. On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, there are almost 2 billion users in one place, of which the largest number is on Facebook, which comprises just over half of the online population.

Online networking tips for 2023

Our suggestion for you is to contact people for specific reasons. A few elements to keep in mind in your communication: to use personalized, specific, attentive, and captivating communication.

Sending generic messages or comments is not a great solution. As an alternative, you can ask smart questions, send thank-you messages to authors you like, or comment on articles online.

Use online people connection tools:

  • Several technologies and tools are now available to help professionals who want to connect online, start conversations, and make connections. These tools include video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.
  • You can host/organize webinars or events to generate new contact opportunities. 1-on-1 follow-up sessions, or group after-events, can help you make good deals.

Online networking in 2023

Be curious and warm:

  • Ask questions and then listen carefully
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Participate in discussions that matter: groups, forums, requests for recommendations
  • Do not pursue only short-term interests, but vice versa...

Follow up on online relationships

How often should you keep in touch with your contacts? How do you balance your efforts to meet new people while staying in touch with those you have known for some time?

1. It all starts with desire

tips for Online networking: how to stay in touch with key people

Relationships provide people with access to information, such as advice and problem-solving assistance, among other purely human benefits.

Over time, this access to information helps people to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the workplace and to better meet the challenges.

2. Set priorities

tips for Online networking 2023

  • Start by grouping your contacts into categories: current customers, potential customers, influential and strong colleagues, and friends who recommend
  • Determine the best way to pay attention to them - regularly and systematically
  • Be careful - this can take various forms of email, phone calls, coffee meetings, social gatherings, and handwritten greeting cards (a good way is to recommend them online)
  • Be close to people with whom you are trying to cultivate relationships so that if you need their assistance, you will continue to be relevant.

3. Think about your people or good relationships should be cultivated

  • Be aware of the moment when the news or information received makes you think of that person. Maybe you've read a book that a former colleague might like, attended a lecture on a topic he or she is interested in, or recently met someone who knows him or should know him or her. This is a good time to get in touch.

4. Masterminds and group conversations will help

  • You can even create an interest group on Facebook that will help you connect with hundreds or even thousands of people with similar interests - it's useful, enjoyable, and helps your community
  • Be ready to invest your time in the community - you need to have a weekly plan/calendar of work and interaction with your community
  • Be open and offer everyone your platform.

5. Don't call on people only when you need them

best tips for Online networking

  • If you want that person to be in your network, you should avoid contacting them only when they are in need.
  • If you notice that your friend has just been promoted or has had another success, celebrate by giving him a phone call or sending him a handwritten note.

6. Offer to help

  • Look for ways to help them - listen carefully to what they say and the challenges they face.
  • But don't do it just to get something in return.
  • People feel sincerity and authenticity and ignore pretense.

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