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What is Pay Per Click (Google Ads) and how can it work for your website?

Pay Per Click is a promoting system, created for search engines only. By using PPC, you are sure to pay a specific sum for each real click that is being obtained from a select audience.

Using our service - Pay Per Click, you’re addressing those interested in buying your service/product directly, without any involvement from intermediaries.

Along with the SEO optimization of your website, Pay Per Click helps increase its visibility in the search engine, always ranking at the top in Google Results.

Google Ads is an excellent option for you to start selling as quick as possible. Alongside SEO, Pay Per Click helps you dominate the SERP on relevant keywords for your online business. Technically, we’re speaking of keywords that bring increased sales.

The advantages of Google Ads promoting campaigns (PPC) & Google Remarketing

  • Our Pay Per Click services help you sell from your very first day online. You are not required to wait any extended period of time to recover your initial investment, compared to SEO Services, where the investment is recovered in long-term periods, and the added value is seen after few months.
  • Your advert is seen only by those interested in your product/service. We choose well-targeted keywords that send the message with the obvious intention of purchasing. By using this strategy, you’re getting good conversion rates for the amount of money you have invested.
  • The Pay Per Click services complement the SEO website optimization services and the Social Media Marketing services. They are very convenient for those who want to be omnipresent online.
  • Also, through individual remarketing campaigns, you succeed on closing transactions with buyers that are hard to convince or postpone the purchase altogether.

Google Ads in searches

  • Using Pay Per Click services, your sponsored and very optimized adverts will show up as results on searches for a clear and select list of keywords – words that will bring real sales.

  • Our services offered by SEOLITTE of setting paid Google Ads advert campaigns are targeted towards people that searched with the intention of buying.

  • Given the fact that potential buyers type in keywords that hint towards the fact that they wish to purchase a product or a service, it’s easier for us to find and use these specific words. From the get-go, this brings your business into the public eye.
Google Ads services - advertising in Google
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Google Ads services - advertising in Google
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