March 15, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Real estate online promotion ideas

Certainly making good sales in real estate is one of the most complicated tasks a sales and marketing person can have. Conversely, whether you want to promote a real estate agent or you are a developer looking for the right marketing strategy, a single sale can cover your budget invested in digital promotion, a few months in advance.

In this article you will discover the most effective real estate promotion ideas, tested and improved year after year together with the clientele of the digital marketing agency – SEOLITTE.

Real estate online promotion ideas, 2023

How to promote the offers of your real estate agency or construction company online?

  • Invest time in each lead – given that any lead is extremely valuable in real estate, let’s start with this golden tip: don’t treat leads (or superficially) with indifference. We can tell you (not from hearing) that in real estate communication is the key to success, the closer you are to your client, the more you understand his needs, the more you feel his needs, and the more likely you are to complete that transaction. Remember that a single sale can cover a month’s salary in this niche. Moreover, humanity in negotiations will always bring new recommendations.
  • Present your property through professional pictures – if you are a real estate developer, hire actors for regular photo shoots, or photograph happy families in the beautiful houses built by you. Yes, the visual sells, but the visual can also tell a story, inspire, and shape the dream life that awaits – at a distance transaction. Use the images given on Social Media, on the website, in commercial articles, and on Pinterest, all these media can bring potential customers if you add a correct description according to SEO rigor.
  • Take care of the brand’s reputation and be honest – we know that in real estate one of the huge challenges is to repeat the deadlines. But it is also known that a dissatisfied customer will create a lot of negative feedback, and will “stain” your image online and offline. Reviews are the ones that will help you complete your business – whether it’s a block of flats, strive to be on good terms with the community in your area, and encourage them to be active on your online pages. Also, make sure you have a properly optimized Google My Business profile (see a step-by-step guide to optimizing your GMB profile) with positive reviews. A good idea in this regard is to mention to satisfied customers that it would be really useful for you to leave a review on Facebook or Google.
  • Use your virtual arsenal of tools – promoting a real estate site is best done with a lot of interactive content, such as virtual tours (for a comprehensive presentation of the property); quizzes (for the part of attracting potential buyers with content engagement).

Real estate online digital marketing ideas

Promoting real estate ads

  • Add emotion to every message – Take care of the excitement that your site causes. What message is displayed on the homepage? Does it make you feel at home? mine”? Or is it more of a color palette and a cool design? A special role in creating a good impression when you want to promote real estate online has a modern and clean design, how else can you sell real estate without accuracy in the presentation of your product? It is known that real estate requires professionalism, dedication, and time investment. To drive traffic to your site, use SEO services to increase the visibility of your properties on search engines and to set up Google Ads campaigns to bring paid clicks to your offer. See more about how SEO promotion works in this guide.
  • Promote through real estate ads and flawlessly written and well-argued marketing messages – focus on the company’s history, the founder, and the already built reputation. Through PR and quality online branding you invest in the company’s image. All the appearances in reputable newspapers, magazines, and newspapers create, for you, the image of a serious real estate man, in which you are not afraid to save what you have agonized over for years.

Real estate online digital marketing promotion ideas

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