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In SEO what counts the most is the result. That's what we're being paid for. So we decided to show you what we managed to do for our customers. This page is divided into several chapters, each representing a KPI from SEO and one or more examples of touching these KPIs by Seolitte. We've put here as much as possible from the data: you will see increases in positions, percentage increases, but… not the whole picture because the traffic of a website is usually a very sensitive figure (which could obviously benefit competitors) and we respect the privacy of our customers.

So, let's take a look at some case studies on how SEO worked:

  1. Better Rankings.
  2. Increased visibility in the online environment.
  3. More organic traffic.
  4. Smaller bounce rate.

Achieved SEO results

1. Enhanced visibility + better positioning in search results:


About the project:

Working period: 6 months.

Results: better positioning on the most competitive keywords in the niche, organic traffic x4 times.


2 Increased visibility + better positions in search results:


About the project:

Working time: 2 months.

Results: + 171.06% organic traffic, increases based on keywords with high-level of searches, brand awareness.


About the project:

Working period: 3 months.

Results: increases on keywords, organic traffic doubled, long-term results, even without SEO maintenance (screenshot was taken 5 months after the end of the contract)

3. Scădere bounce rate + creștere timp petrecut pe pagină:


About the project:

Working period: 1 month (starting-up)

Results: decreased bounce rate, increased time spent on site, brand awareness. We will return with new data at 3 months after starting the project.

About the project

Writing informative, engaging articles.

Working period: on start

Results: decreased bounce rate, increased average time spent on site.

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