We are a SEO experts team of very curious and passionate people and that is why we thought it would be a good idea to make a SEO analysis of a few websites from Moldova. And because we like to focus on the positive aspects our analysis is based on the most popular websites in the country, with a great succes in the SEO Moldova sphere. Do you want to find out what was at the basis of their success and how much of this success is granted to SEO in Moldova? Below you will find the answers to these questions and much more.

SEO in Moldova: Introduction

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo etc), is becoming more and more indispensable. Website promotion with classic marketing strategies is not as efficient as it used to be. Therefore, SEO optimization of websites is bringing strategies that are going to make the use of websites a lot easier, friendlier and efficient. The SEO Moldova field is well developed at the moment and gives a lot of opportunities.

If you don’t have the time nor sufficient knowledge to evaluate the level of optimization of your website and you have no idea how to bring it in the top results of the search engines then you can hire SEO specialists in Moldova.
This analysis is about the best websites in Moldova and is based on the data provided by alexa.com, a website known for website traffic analysis.

The most popular websites on SEO Moldova domain

The easiest way to understand what your website should or should not be like is to peek at your competitors on SEO Moldova domain and/or to learn from the most popular websites in Moldova. The most visited websites in Moldova hire an online promotion services provider and web design service providers to make sure your website is going to look good and, of course, to SEO optimization services in order to appear as often as possible in the search results. Their good content and their affiliation with the SEO Moldova branch ensures their success.

seo moldova: cele mai populare/top site-uri

Excluding international websites, like social media ones, Google, Yahoo or other ones internationally renown, we present you TOP 5 most popular websites in Moldova and what practices had worked for them:

1) 999.md
logo 999.md
999.md is an platform for sales and ads in Moldova. This website’s popularity does not limit itself on Chisinau only, it also extends to other cities in Moldova. Moreover, in the filters of the search box on the website the user can specify the region to minimize the objects shown in the results list.

Website’s banners offer other service providers and websites a space for promotion, including redirecting the visitor to retail websites and job websites.

The simplicity of design and the user-friendly arrangement makes it easy for anybody to understand, no matter the background or the age.

A card in their sleeve is to be the efficient layout of their categories, available in the left menu. When the visitors get what they need in the first place and get the chance to navigate through product categories, they are going to spend more time on the website looking for exactly what they need.

From SEO point of view, this website has a good quality traffic, with a low bounce rate and with the average spent time on the website of above 20 minutes. All their users have the possibility to log in and spend time posting ads or look for stuff for sale.
SEO Advantages: This platform is the first platform for sales in Moldova. This website’s age is making it also very good on most SEO aspects, giving it a special place in the SEO Moldova realm.

It’s important to notice that the speed of loading is very high, which means even with a bad connection, the structure and the important information on the website are going to show up rapidly on the viewer’s screen.

Also, because of its architecture and user-friendliness, this website keeps its visitors busy and they visit on average 13,3 pages/day on 999.md.

2) Point.md
polo point.md
Another website made by Simpals - point.md is operating as an information portal. A part of its popularity is due to Chisinau map which is a very easy feature to use and has all the public transportation routes in it.

Gradually on point.md started to appear different articles that are targeting different visitors, and they are: sport, weather reports, news, and others.

SEO Advantages: Using this website is so easy (user-friendly) that any visitor could find out that it suits them perfectly, and next time he or she will definitely prefer to come back to this specific website instead of looking for alternative sources.

Another advantage that Google takes into consideration for point.md is the additional services on the website, like that interactive map we were talking about. Google puts a lot of value in user care and the content they find useful.

3) Gismeteo.md

The main goal of this website is to provide information about the weather forecast. No matter who you are, you will be interested in whether or not it’s going to be hot, cold or if it’s going to rain in the near future.

The main advantage of this website is the detailed character of the information it gives you after a long list of regions in Moldova. Therefore we can conclude that visitors like to choose their place from a list and check the forecast for their specific region.

SEO Advantages: For more SEO advantages, gismeteo.md took care of adding on the website news sections, tourism and other kinds of services with a positive impact, because users spend on average 2:26 minutes per session.

4) Torrentsmd.com

This one is a very controversial website and very often banned by Justice Institutions in Moldova. Its main SEO advantage is its forum. Amongst the multitude of files available for download, torrentsmd.com forum is a platform for meeting people, discussing for all website users on any given subject.

SEO Advantages: This website never had any need for a complex SEO strategy because the main services they provide are enough of an attraction for the users. Everybody contributes to the creation and distribution of the services like a big community. Users spend approximately 6 minutes daily on this website in 2017!

5) Makler.md

logo makler.mdAnother website for buying selling ads in Moldova is Makler.md which is the digital version of the well-known newspaper Makler.

Its aspect and architecture look a lot like 999.md. The current design was implemented in the past few years. On this website you can check the exchange rates and use an online converter for that, also you can check the TV program for the next few days.

SEO Advantages: We can conclude that a minimalist design and an intuitive architecture is the key to success to any online platform, especially in the SEO Moldova domain. Makler.md gets around 40% more traffic from search engine searches than the popular 999.md, which means it has a better SEO optimization than 999.md does.

seo in moldova md

How to become popular in SEO Moldova? What SEO strategies do these websites use?

We can easily notice that all of the 5 websites include more than one product or service and they are basically needed in our day to day lives. They are intuitively structured and offer solutions. These are serious advantages for SEO because users of all 5 websites are catching themselves engaging in long sessions and very often they come back to these websites.

Therefore, an important step in becoming popular in Moldova is delivering a service/ product that everybody in Moldova needs, no matter the age, sex or occupation. This way your audience is going to be very broad.

  • Every popular website in Moldova has its information translated in at least 2 languages: Romanian and Russian. English is an advantage for Moldova, but not near as important as the first two. If your main goal is to become popular in Moldova then don’t forget to have your website available in these two languages. What is the SEO explanation? Your user has to be carried like a princess, you make his or her online browsing experience nice and provide relevant content and he or she is going to be loyal to your website.
avantaje seo site romana rusa
  • Be recommended by an existing brand.  Nowadays, partnership notion is the definition of success.

Find services or complementary brands to your product who’s clients are going to be interested in visiting your website and interested in buying your products and services.

Redirecting and recommending clients based on a understanding or partnership with other companies on the market is going to bring you an avalanche of visitors and a big amount of trust from the people who are going to hear about your website for the first time.

  • Take care of the content and functionality of your website . Obtaining traffic is an important thing but even more important is to maintain the active interest of the people who land on your website. You have to post articles related to your product or your services. If you have an online store you can create a section dedicated to articles like curiosities, news or other interesting information.

Correct functionality of the website is represented by the fast loading of the pages, correct redirecting after pressing certain buttons and the correct display of widgets or graphic animations.

  • Form a community. Bringing together people with common interests in your product and/or your services takes time but believe us, it’s worth it. The need for socialization is the weakness of human nature. If you’re offering a networking space on your website or a place where anybody can express their opinion on a product or a service your users are going to engage more and more because they will understand that they can find answers to their questions.
avantaje seo moldova forum
  • Beware of spammers. Spammers are the ones who can destroy a virtual community. Regularly check your open subjects and ban or delete any spam comment. If you’re not going to do this, everybody is going to stop getting involved in the discussions. Your website visitors are going to appreciate if the comments and threads open are real and on point.
  • Keep your user busy: on all 5 websites users spend more than 2 minutes daily, which is a huge performance for the online sphere 999.md is definitely standing out with over 20 minutes, twice as much as his nearest competitor - makler.md.
evita spamul moldova

What’s next?

If you don’t have an idea for a product that is necessary to everybody in Moldova or Chisinau and you don’t want to build a portal of huge proportions you have to know that you’re going to become popular anyway. Choose a niche. Starting from the idea about the product you want to create, decide who is your target audience and potential clients. Concentrate on something that is going to attract them and make them want to visit your website and use your product or services.

Once you have a strategy, build your website with the help of a web design firm. When your website is ready you need a plan for your content and its promotion in Moldova.

Here you need a SEO specialist. It is recommended to consult SEO experts to explain and present the best methods for website optimization and promotion.

Make sure you contact a reliable SEO firm with a good reputation, like Seolitte because that is who you will work for building your future reputation.

Who is Seolitte?

Seolitte is a SEO company from Moldova which knows how to optimize your website to make it become popular in Moldova. On our web page, you can find a lot of SEO articles, with useful information about techniques and SEO principles that we use.

If you don’t know much about how SEO works, give it some time and read our SEO guide for beginners.

Your website is going to have its content optimized so that the user will navigate long and smooth and be content with his experience. SEO strategies used by Seolitte grant you a measurable and visible outcome:
You are going to be more visible on Google and the number of visitors and clients is going to rise.

optimizare seo in moldova

Why should you pick Seolitte for optimizations in SEO Moldova domain?

We are a SEO agency from Moldova, means we know how to optimize websites, especially locally. Seolitte has a vast experience in optimizing online commerce websites and Pay Per Click promotion.

Our SEO services packs are created for any necessity and any type of website.
Our client's recommendations speak for themselves: our clients who used our online promotion and SEO optimization services are well-known brands and, more important, happy customers.

Our client's recommendations speak for themselves: our clients who used our online promotion and SEO optimization services are well-known brands and, more important, happy customers.

SEO services from Seolitte

Seolitte services are the following: SEO optimization of your website, Social Media Marketing, SEO Audit, Text Writing, Monitoring of Online Reputation and AdWords.

Every single one of them has the goal to place your website high on Google’s results list or any other search engine’s list. Depending on the necessity and your website’s shape, Seolitte will show you the steps to optimization, correct any structure wrongdoings, write content and do the promotion of your website.

Seolitte is going to work with you even if your website is old or brand new, with or without a reputation. Any provocation is just another reason for Seolitte to shine.

If you don’t need Social Media Marketing or AdWords, it’s ok. You can select any type of individual service you wish. If your goal is to become one of the TOP 5 in Moldova we recommend you choose the whole package offered by Seolitte.

Conclusions about how to do SEO in Moldova

Nobody said it was easy to become famous, but it’s not impossible. With a little effort and good specialists like Seolitte, your website is going to become one of the most visited from Moldova and your products and services are going to be used and well known.

Site Timp petrecut zilnic pe website per persoană Afișări de pagină zilnice per vizitator % Trafic provenit din motoarele de căutare Nr. de site-uri ce fac trimitere cu link către acest site Locul în Moldova
Google.com 8:36 8.37 2.30% 2,670,033 1.
Youtube.com 9:11 5.3 8.50% 2,097,022 2.
Ok.ru 5:20 2.2 3.90% 61,689 3.
Vk.com 11:17 4.98 5.90% 479,610 4.
Mail.ru 4:48 3.68 3.40% 320,442 5.
999.md 20:48 13.3 5.50% 314 6.
Yandex.ru 4:43 3.87 1.70% 315,165 7.
Aliexpress.com 13:58 9.63 7.20% 34,096 8.
Google.ru 6:03 5.59 0.90% 30,486 9.
Bongacams.com 5:04 2.66 4.60% 273,872 10.
Kinogo.club 2:50 3.35 9.80% 654 11.
Wikipedia.org 4:22 3.3 38.00% 1,131,376 12.
Facebook.com 11:59 4.6 5.10% 6,442,560 13.
Point.md 8:24 3.86 4.3% 638 14.
Instagram.com 5:34 3.58 7.90% 1,439,004 15.
Gismeteo.md 2:26 2.64 5.50% 146 16.
Google.md 4:05 2.99 1.80% 561 17.
Torrentsmd.com 5:55 3.9 3.10% 266 18.
Uptodown.com 2:46 2.82 32.60% 43,167 19.
Nur.kz 5:50 4.11 13.60% 6,319 20.
Makler.md 9:34 6.55 9.00% 136 21.
SEO in Moldova: how optimized are the websites from our country?
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SEO in Moldova: how optimized are the websites from our country?
A study of 5 most popular sites in Moldova with an attempt to explain their popularity. Did they do SEO and how much did they benefit from it?
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