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Are you looking for an SEO partner and reseller for your digital marketing or website creation agency? Do you have digital clients looking for search engine optimization services? Then you are in the right place.

SEOLITTE, your partner in supplying SEO services, is here to work alongside you. We offer your customers search engine optimization services, while you keep and strengthen your good relationships with them. 



Our company has more than 4 years of experience in SEO Moldova and Romania. If you are looking for all-inclusive SEO White Hat packages or if you need personalized online promotion services to provide to your customers, we are here to offer you:

Whether you have just started an online advertising business, run a small digital promotion agency or are part of a company's marketing department, we will provide you with a unique and professional approach to building and supporting your customers' visibility in the Digital medium. Our areas of expertise include local SEO, international SEO, Link Building, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO. We can also offer a wider range of digital marketing services upon request.

Creating and implementing the strategy based on the analysis made on your customers’ digital profile

Most SEO companies approach search engine optimization as a single strategy and a funnel that suits all companies. This approach is far from the truth, as it all depends on the goals and KPIs of each company. We will start our partnership by offering a complete analysis of your clients' websites while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence. 

You have the chance to start a fruitful collaboration. The decision belongs to you!

As a marketing agency, you should not make hasty decisions when choosing an SEO partner. Unlike most White Hat Reseller SEO programs, the SEOLITTE team is designed to successfully integrate into the healthy marketing process that may have already been designed by your company.

Whether you are looking for complete SEO solutions or a partner who can fill the gaps in your marketing activity - we have designed a program that you can use from day one!

Quality Link Building

Perfect for small, medium, and large marketing agencies, but also for teams of webmasters, our link building strategies are implemented with respect to all the rigors imposed by Google. Our link building approach includes qualitative methods of building backlinks, which makes the search engine place a site in the top positions in the SERPs on different keywords. It is the result coveted by all business owners, and SEOLITTE has perfected the method of leading sites to the top of search results.

Are you ready to increase your sales with an SEO partnership? See our packages:


Starter Package

Full Package

Business Package

First month: Complete audit

Complete SEO optimization strategy

First month: Complete audit

Complete SEO optimization strategy

First month: Complete audit

Complete SEO optimization strategy

Optimization: 50 pages

Optimization: 100 pages

Optimization: Full site

Monthly: 1 press article

Monthly: 2 press articles

Monthly: 2 press articles +1 blog article

Complete GMB optimization

Complete GMB optimization

Complete GMB optimization

6 backlinks

10 backlinks

12 backlinks

Full monthly report

Full monthly report

Full monthly report

Do you have questions about this program? We will provide you with all the necessary information.

What is an SEO Reseller Program?

An SEO Reseller program is the situation when a company offers SEO optimization services in Moldova and Romania on behalf of the company with which it has a partnership. In most cases, the beneficiary company buys SEO services from another and resells them to their clients. It is financially helpful to enter such partnerships and gain satisfied customers. It is a widespread practice, especially among digital marketing agencies, which do not have complete online promotion services. Considering that 63.57% of the world's businesses invest in SEO, we are sure that you do not want to miss the chance to offer them organic and quality traffic services from Google. A partnership with an SEO Reseller expands your customer base and brings you to a new consumer market - one that is more aware and open to the services you provide.

Why partner with an SEO provider agency?

Where is a crucial reason that will make you seriously consider a partnership with an SEO reseller. It all starts with the fact that most companies find it difficult to measure SEO results and the amount of work done. Website owners expect to see results in about a month, which is not right. This applies especially to On-Page SEO and backlink creation. An agency that provides you with SEO services is more efficient from this point of view, as it presents you monthly reports that include concrete figures and metrics. You can see the results obtained through different tools used by the team of specialists (Google Analytics, Moz Analytics, Google Page Speed Insight, GTMetrix, etc.), each with extensive experience in various fields, such as: Google Ads, technical SEO, optimized content for search engines, etc.

if you do not directly supply SEO services, but want to attract customers who need this type of promotion, choose to turn to an SEO agency specialized in the field to offer them complete optimization services. A single in-house consultant does not seem to be the best solution to satisfy as many customers as possible. He certainly cannot qualitatively manage the project of each client, because they are different and require a lot of dedicated time.

Why does SEOLITTE seek long-term SEO partnership agreements?

After a detailed analysis of the partner's activity, we decide together on the duration of the contract. However, partners should understand that to have visible results, they must opt for at least 3 months of cooperation if they choose a complete SEO service package

How does SEOLITTE differ from other SEO providers?

SEOLITTE has over 4 years of experience in managing SEO campaigns in Moldova and Romania (including digital marketing services). We have gathered all our knowledge and built SEO strategies that can be easily applied in the campaigns of other agencies that offer online marketing services. We offer exclusively personalized and unique strategies for each partner, according to the specifics of each agency.

SEOLITTE presents complete reports.

All the work done by the SEOLITTE team is presented in thorough monthly reports to our partners. These include results on local SEO campaigns, international SEO campaigns, backlinks, quality content, White Hat SEO, etc. The partners receive a complete report (in an electronic format) of the completed works and of the results obtained.

The SEOLITTE team also offers maintenance services.

Any project carried out in partnership with our team also receives support for the SEO work performed, which lasts about 12 months, signing a "maintenance contract".

Are you looking for a great partnership? You found it at SEOLITTE - your marketing ally who sells. Contact us now at +373 69 809 235 or +40 720 625 788 and let us start a partnership that is profitable for both parties.

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