Can you guess how many of these crazy SEO facts are just the most surprising myths?

If you are a website owner and have an online business, you will certainly be interested in researching Search Engine Optimization field and the effectiveness of SEO strategies in website development. SEO is complicated and there is a lot of misleading information about it, that’s why before SEO implementation, it is essential to distinguish clearly between SEO facts and myths. Among most common SEO myths can be outlined the following:

мифы seo продвижении

Postpone SEO - myth

Fact: Don’t postpone SEO if you want to make visible your business in the online medium. SEO is incredibly critical. Lots of websites observed how important SEO is. Only a day of ranking #1 can increase your sales by hundreds of %.

When you create a site, pay attention to keywords that will be used in optimization process and will ensure high rankings in search engines and remember that high ranking is not about quantity, but quality.

Миф SEO больше не работает

SEO brings you always on #1 place - myth

Fact: Nobody can ensure you a top ranking in search engines, even the companies who provide the best SEO services.

The first reason you should not trust such promises is that they might use aggressive strategies to boost your website and it will be on the top until search engines detect the methods and remove it from there.

попасть в топ в поисковых системах

SEO on its own guarantees the entire success - myth

Fact: Certainly SEO is important for the development of your online business, but it is not all that you need to be successful.

Besides SEO, you need to have a well-structured website with meaningful content that will ensure you usability and great user experience.

An effective SEO campaign is time-consuming and long-lasting, but it will bring you good results if applying the best practices.

seo magic

Social media - a useless strategy - myth

Fact: Even though social media is not the main strategy to improve website ranking, it increases the chances to get more visitors on your website.

This is a way you can promote you content and awaken readers’ interest in it so that your traffic can increase.

SEO experts are convinced that Social Media plays a secondary role in website rankings.

социальные сети и seo

The content is not important - myth

Fact: On the contrary, the content on your website is what makes it unique and engages visitors.

Thus your goal should be to think about what tactics to use to capture their interest from the first lines.

Nevertheless, you have to optimize your website to be in the top search engine results. SEO and Great Content work together.


You needn’t a responsive web design - myth

Fact: An essential element for meeting client’s needs is to make available your content not only on the desktop version but also on mobile devices, this means to have a responsive web design.

The more users will be able to consume your content via mobile devices, the more traffic you will have.

The responsiveness is a part of Google algorithms too.

link building pentru seo

Being aware of these and other myths about SEO, you can avoid them and create a smart SEO campaign to have a positive effect on your business. In addition to this, you have to keep up to date with all changes in this field, as strategies applied now, may not work in the future. SEO is always changing and evolving, that’s why new actionable ones should replace old tactics.

BONUS Part: Below we present Top Myths about link building. Because Rand Fishkin has already spoken well on this subject, we invite you to watch the video below (in English).

SEO myths in 2017
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SEO myths in 2017
What people think about SEO isn't always the reality and there is no magic involved. The results often depend on a big number of factors, which have to all work toghether in order to obtain success.
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