January 6, 2023

Alina Hasnaș

What is Crowd Marketing?

Want to understand what Crowd Marketing is? The SEO and Digital Marketing industry is growing rapidly. New online marketing tools and internet promotion trends are constantly emerging. Over the past few years, Crowd Marketing has evolved to incredible proportions. Thus, from meaningless spam to a reliable online marketing and promotion service.

So what is Crowd Marketing?

This is a way for the company to interact with its target audience online. Namely: on channels where a large number of potential customers visit regularly, such as forums or review sites. It can be considered a "guerrilla" method of promotion. Is it useful today? Definitely yes!

Most Internet users today, before making a purchase, want to make sure that the chosen product or service is of good quality. To do this, they try to find opinions, reviews, and comments from other buyers. That's exactly why you need to use this tool.

What is Crowd Marketing - everything about a good Crowd Marketing definition, explanation

The main objective of Crowd Marketing: to attract customers to your website through multiple reviews and referrals, creating an image of an expert in the niche.

What is crowd marketing from an SEO perspective?

From an SEO point of view, crowd marketing:

  • Increase website traffic;
  • Improves brand awareness;
  • It creates many signals of popularity in the eyes of search engines;
  • It comes with modest financial costs;
  • Improving reputation in the eyes of potential customers;
  • And the most important thing: attracting new customers.

In practice, this tool works like this: you, as an undercover representative of a company that, for example, sells sewing equipment, specifically select thematic forums, groups, and blogs where sewing is discussed. Join this discussion. Then, during the conversation, you recommend to the audience exactly the equipment sold by your company. As a result, people read reviews that your company sells the best equipment at the best prices, go to the site, and make purchases.

The relevance of crowd marketing today is given by the constant development and emergence of new filters. It also matters that there are frequent updates to search engine algorithms. You can be penalized for dubious backlinks. However, if these links look like natural ones (in crowd marketing they look exactly like that) and there are real clicks on them, then there will be no penalties.

How to Place Crowd Marketing Links Correctly?

  1. In comments – you can leave these on forums, blogs, and social networks. Sometimes a link left in the right context can bring more traffic than a search engine. Social networks can bring you a huge amount of traffic because of their large audience. The actions are simple:
    - search the social network for discussions on topics related to your niche;
    - leave a relevant comment with a link on each discussion.
  2. Forums – the only downside to this resource is that you need to have a “reputable” account on the forum. Otherwise, you risk getting blocked and causing mistrust in your profile. So, it is better not to rush here. First, raise your forum profile. And then, after you've earned some confidence, start posting backlinks carefully. Of course, your links must be included in some context. Otherwise, it will not be crowd marketing, but simply spam. Often, several accounts are created on the same forum, with which you can initiate new discussion topics on topics beneficial to your brand. You can even bring the discussions you need to the top of the forums (top discussed topics). Thus, your brand recommendations will have an additional source of traffic for a long time.

How to organize for a successful Crowd Marketing?

You have two options: you can do it yourself or you can hire specialists in this field.

  1. On your own: Crowd Marketing can be done by anyone. No special knowledge is required for this activity. It just takes an enormous amount of time. This is monotonous and demanding work, and if you have enough free time - it will not be difficult for you to do this.

Ce este Crowd Marketing - definitie, expicatie

Here are some tips for those new to the field:

  • Take advantage of Google Alerts, a very handy service created by Google. It will help you track new content for specific keywords.
  • On the forums, you can not bother to create new accounts, but you can buy an existing one with a good reputation.
  • Don't just look at the number of backlinks, think about their quality. If you posted your review somewhere and got a reply (an additional question was asked), reply to it and include the keywords you need in your reply to increase the relevance of the backlink.

When should you turn to professionals for quality crowd marketing?

If you have a lot of other more important things to do, you can always call on the help of specialists in this field. They will do this work for you and at the end they will give you a detailed report on the actions taken and the results achieved.

Calling for help from professionals: There are enough companies in the SEO and online promotion market that have the resources to do quality crowd marketing. These are not cheap services, but they are worth it. After all, to do your job at the highest level you need to invest a lot of time and have huge databases as well as good experience. And all this costs money.

You can also use a freelancer or hire a remote worker. This may cost you a little less, but beware that you risk receiving work of questionable quality.

If you care about your internet project, then of course using crowd marketing should be a priority for you. However, you should not expect to see serious results after a month of hard work, crowd marketing, like Off-page SEO, brings maximum results over time.

And if you decide to go to the professionals, the SEOLITTE team is always happy to help you.

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