February 19, 2021


Ways to Promote an Online business (SMM, SEO, Google Ads). How to find customers Online?

Together with the team, we kept asking ourselves, why do some businesses supplement their customer list constantly? How do they attract them in such large numbers and with such consistency Online? Whether Online or Offline – the main thing to talk about is satisfactory sales! How do you attract your customers? Do you use outdoor advertising or do you promote your Online site through different channels? If the pandemic has not affected your sales and profits, then you probably have nothing to gain from reading this article.

But wait! We've put together some useful material for you. And no, we're not going to urge you to buy anything. We will just help you understand how you can grow your brand online and how to grow your number of customers Efficiently and Long Term. So, let's see what tools and methods you have at your disposal as a business owner, and what possibilities the Online medium offers you today.

Ways to Promote an Online business 2023


There are several ways you can start converting from Social Media:

  • Turn simple views and likes into orders. This is only possible by understanding and predicting customer demand. Coming up with the correct message for your audience, humanizing your brand, as well as conducting one-on-one discussions with your client or potential client about their needs and goals, brings tangible results in an extremely brief time. These are all simple and fast-acting marketing strategies.
  • Create an attractive profile with supplies detailed information for your business. Regardless of whether they are merely browsing your page or are already a customer, everyone wants to make sure that the brand has a positive image. Especially before they end up taking money out of their pocket for a certain product. A well-structured profile is your image, which will or will not bring you sales.
  • Creating video content/evidence on Social Media about the products offered. The biggest advantage of social networks is most likely the chance to present your product or service in as much detail as possible. Sometimes users do not have the time to read long and informative posts. Then, you need to show them the usefulness of your product/service quickly and straightforwardly.

Products that have a story behind them often see the biggest commercial success. People want to know the behind-the-scenes details, listen to stories about the origin of their ideas, and find out more about the people behind the brand. Social Media is created specifically for this purpose.

Going further? Want to know even more? Come on!

Ways to Promote an Online business (SMM, SEO, Google Ads)

SEO - Website optimization for search engines

The Google search engine is currently the leader in attracting productive traffic. In the Republic of Moldova, it owns approx. 94% of the search engine market, while the Internet has a market penetration rate of 76%, and the audience > 20 years is approx. 1.67 billion worldwide.

SEO promotion for Google involves making your site more accommodating for search engines and "stimulating" a quick and high-quality webpage indexing of the site.

To become Google’s friend, you need to perform a series of internal and external optimization tasks for your site:

  • Unique content. Placing unique content on the site, which must be constantly updated with new, useful information that will be extremely interesting for visitors.
  • Custom titles and meta tags. Your pages must have unique meta tags. It is necessary to process each page of the site according to this principle, otherwise, you can be easily penalized for duplicate content. These are the rules of the giant Google, as it fights intensely against any content that seems plagiarized. 
  • Page load speed. Test the loading speed of each page of the site. If web pages load extremely slowly, people will not wait for them in 2023 because they have no time to waste. It's the same with Google, which cares about the level of satisfaction of each user. Thus, if your site loads in more than 4 seconds, you will have problems with sales. Promoting a site cannot be missed without perfecting its speed. You knew about its importance, didn't you?
  • Link building. It is important to control the quality of the links that lead to your site. Post content on sites with strong authority and popularity, with the link leading directly to your site. Recommendations with links of a decent quality matter more than you might think.

How to Promote an Online business in 2023?


Publicitatea Google Pay per click (PPC for short) is one of the most widespread advertising systems in the world of online advertising. The advertiser places his ad in the search engine and is charged only when the user clicks on his ad, in other words, he only pays for productive traffic.

With Google Ads, you pay for every real click, obtained from a well-chosen target audience.

Why should you run PPC campaigns?

  • Your advertising is seen by many users, but you are only charged for those who visit your site.
  • You can set your campaigns so that your advertising is only seen by those who fit your ideal customer profile.
  • You can start your promotion campaign on a tight budget, plus you have full control over your spending on these advertising services, and you can change it whenever you want.
  • With Google advertising, you start selling from the first day of your online presence. You don't have to wait a long time to redeem your first investment. Compared to SEO optimization services, where you see the return on investment slowly over time, alongside professional SEO tools, and the added value is seen only after a few months, Google Ads works fast.
  • Your ad appears in front of those who are genuinely interested in your product/service.

Ways to Promote an Online shop 2023

IMPORTANT: Pay-per-click services complement SEO and Social Media Marketing services, all of which are vital parts of Online promotion services. In addition, through remarketing campaigns (tracking the potential buyer) you manage to complete transactions with buyers who are more difficult to decide/postpone the purchase of a product or service.

If you’ve come this far, it means that it was certainly interesting for you to discover all this added information from the perspective of an SEO agency and to rethink your online business promotion. It's time to make changes in your promotion strategy, especially when you are not sure if you are doing it on the right channels!

Stay with us and you will have access to a lot of useful tips, guides, and news from the world of digital marketing.

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