Digital Marketing Services

We offer a wide specter of digital marketing services which represent marketing efforts with a focus on the online domain. All these services are offered at affordable prices and at the highest quality standards. We have complex solutions for your advertising and promotional needs, delivering services such as SEO website optimization, Setting up Google Ads campaigns, Advertising on Facebook, Link-Building services (building online partnerships, etc.), SEO audit and many other that you can discover below. Our main purpose is to help you increase your visibility in the virtual environment and online sales, respectively.

Website optimization
SEO services
Search engine optimization (for example, Google) includes site analytics and improvements, consistent with user-friendliness trends and search engine ranking algorithms from 2020. The SEOLITTE team offers you well-performing and innovative SEO services.
Paid publicity
SEM - Google Ads & Remarketing

Setting up paid Google Ads advertisements & remarketing campaigns (sponsored advertising campaigns) as well as monitoring / improving the performance of promotional campaigns such as PPC (Pay-per-click).

SEO audit
Website analysis

We analyze in detail and employ hundreds of positioning criteria in Google - every page/compartment or template of your site and we present you an SEO Audit report with all the problems discovered. We track structural deficiencies, indexing, search engine positions, etc.

Social media marketing
Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The promotion of your brand on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - where you have direct access to the consumer and where you can display a friendly attitude towards potential customers, to be closer to them and their needs. Improving public image.

Online Reputation Monitoring
Improve visibility

We keep track of all your online mentions and notify you about them through periodic reporting. We employ steps to improve your image and your brand in case negative feedback appears. We monitor the occurrences and mentions on the Internet of your competitors and all the news in the relevant niche.

Writing advertorials, marketing texts

Writing texts for a website or blog - documented texts and in-depth analysis in Romanian / English / Russian. We write texts with talent and experience - interesting articles and thorough analysis - for blogs or for pages on websites. We practice writing optimized SEO texts, those which obtain good positions in Search Engines.

Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing
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Seolitte ,Chișinău, Telephone No. +373 69 231 335
România / Moldova
Oferim servicii de îmbunătățire a vizibilității online: SEO (optimizare website), SEM (marketing în motoare de căutare), SMM (Marketing și Administrare pagini în Social Media), Audituri SEO (analize SEO a site-urilor), Monitorizarea reputației online etc.
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