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What are the SEO trends in 2023?

#Trend no. 1: user intent in search

Although it is not a trend or a new concept, every year it is important to reorient ourselves, because the intention and behavior of the searcher is constantly changing. Especially during the pandemic, when things changed so fast.

#Trend no. 2: Customer Analysis, Customer Retention, and Lifetime Value (LTV)

In its early days, SEO was (especially) about bringing in traffic. But Search Engine Optimization has grown a lot more. With Google evolving faster and faster to deliver complete answers instantly, taking responsibility beyond search, with UX experience - conversion and revenue become more important.

#Trend no. 3: Long term strategies

Although it is convenient to go only on the social media networks, in reality things should be directed towards uniting social media strategies with SEO ones. Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share between social platforms increase brand exposure and indirectly influence SEO.

Sharing on social networking sites does not directly change SEO rankings. However, when more people share your content on social networks, it generates social signals that indicate that your posts are useful to your target market. While social media does not directly increase your search engine rankings, they do affect you indirectly and help you build your brand.

Why does SEOLITTE only enter into long-term SEO partnerships?

After a detailed analysis of the partner's activity, we decide together on the duration of the contract. However, partners should understand that in order to have visible results, they must opt for at least 3 months if they choose a complete SEO service package.

What makes SEOLITTE different from other SEO providers?

SEOLITTE has over 6 years of experience in managing SEO campaigns in Moldova and Romania (including the provision of other digital marketing services). We acquired lots of real practice knowledge and built a lot of SEO strategies, which can be easily applied in the campaigns of other agencies that offer online marketing services. We offer only personalized and unique strategies for each partner, according to the specifics of each agency.

SEOLITTE presents complete reports - all the work done by the SEOLITTE team is presented in complete monthly reports to our partners. These include results on local SEO campaigns, international SEO campaigns, backlink creation, quality content, White Hat SEO, etc. The partners receive a complete report (in electronic format) of the completed works and of the results we got.

What works does the SEOLITTE team do every month?

The following works are carried out monthly:

• Optimization of textual content;

• Title optimization;

• Image optimization;

• Optimizing meta descriptions;

• Correction of code validation errors;

• Improving the website architecture;

• Discovering new promotion / growth opportunities;

• Optimizing pagepeed;

• Optimizing the URLs structure;

• Optimizing the structure of internal links;

• Code compression;

• Other optimization work found in the audit.

• Correction of errors on the site (links and dead images).

The amount of all this work depends on the number of pages your site has. Depending on their number and duration of the contract, the workload is divided monthly by SEO specialists. This quantification procedure is performed only after a complete site audit. A very detailed report is presented monthly with the workload performed.

I an only interested in some of the works proposed by SEOLITTE. Are they offered separately or do I have to buy a package?

We perform all the necessary SEO work to get the expected result in search engine results. This list is not exhaustive and other services may be added:

- Keyword analysis

- Meta tags creation (title and meta description)

- Optimizing robots.txt file and GoogleBot crawls

- Creating and submiting the sitemap.xml file

- Analysis of redirects chains on the site

- Setting up the Google Analytics account

- Traffic analysis based on Google Analytics + local SEO

- Sitemap configuration

- Analysis of the canonical link structure on the site

- Image optimization

- Configure custom page for 404 errors

- Site updates for fresh content

- Implementing

- Duplicate content analysis and SEO-friendly solutions

- Quarterly reports on competitor opportunities

- Restructuring and optimizing internal links

- Website usability analysis: Anchor and Header Texts implementation (H1, H2, ...)

- Monthly monitoring of competitors' ranking in search engines

- Universal SEO for interactive content (video, maps, images, news)

- User experience analysis (series duration, bounce rate, etc.)

- Monitoring the content of competitors and adding monthly backlinks we find out about from competitors' analysis etc.

You should know that SEO only works when all the work is done so that the site is both optimized and popular in its niche. Why would you just want some of the work? Only a part of SEO usually does not bring the maximum possible result.

Which is better, SEO or SEM?

SEO is just a discipline of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM includes PPC and SEO.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to tactics used on or within a page to help it rank higher in the search engine. On-page SEO includes both the content and HTML source code of a page (image optimization, keyword optimization, layout marking, and more), but not external links and other external signals.

Is SEO dead?

No. SEO is not dead. SEO is a vital part of online marketing; and unless the way we generally search for content changes drastically, it will be for a long time. Companies looking for leads and instant conversions may neglect SEO in favor of more direct and targeted approaches, such as paid Google Ads search and social media sponsorships; but companies that invest in SEO invest in the long run. SEO is cost-effective, offers a wide network and allows potential customers to discover your brand on their own terms.

Why partner with an SEO agency instead of working with a freelancer?

There is a decisive reason that will make you think seriously about a partnership with an SEO company. It all starts with the fact that most companies find it difficult to measure SEO results and work done. Website owners expect to see results in about a month, which is wrong. This is especially true for On-Page SEO and backlink creation. An agency that provides you with SEO services is certainly more efficient, from this point of view, because it presents you monthly reports that include figures and metrics. You can see the results obtained by different tools used by the team of specialists (Google Analytics, Moz Analytics, Google Page Speed Insight, GTMetrix, etc.), each with extensive experience in various fields, such as: Google Ads, technical SEO, optimized content for search engine, SEO audit, UX audit, etc.

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