May 5, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Google Promotion: SEO & Google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine, used by 92% of Internet users globally. When we talk about promotion on Google, we have in mind 2 directions of operation:

  • PPC Promotion (Google Ads or formerly Google AdWords) - sponsoring your position at the top of Google searches by appearing in paid search engine results on keywords chosen by the site owner.
    SEO promotion - organic appearance at the top of searches, in the unpaid results of search engines.

Google Promotion - Google Ads vs. SEO

What Google promotion services do we offer?

When we talk about Google Ads, the workflow is as follows:

  • Account creation, merging with GTM and GA (if applicable)
  • Keyword proficiency analysis and identifying negative keywords
  • Setting up the Search, Display, and Display Remarketing Campaign
  • Setting the audience
  • Ongoing optimization of running campaigns
  • Check search terms and exclude negative keywords
  • Website optimization tips (if needed)
  • Activity report.

Here is the SEO workflow:

  1. Initial set-up and analysis:
  • Initial site audit and keyword determination
  • Setting statistical tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, etc.).

2. On-page optimization:

  • Solving indexing problems
  • Implement the appropriate meta tags (title, meta descriptions, keywords)
  • Anchor and Header Texts implementation (H1, H2, ...)
  • Image optimization and ALT text addition
  • Internal link optimization
  • Optimize site speed
  • Resolve other issues identified in the larger audit
  • Presentation of monthly activity reports
  • Solving indexing problems.

3. Off-page SEO optimization:

  • Getting high-quality backlinks (based on unique ads, written monthly by professional copywriters)
  • Purchasement of backlinks to the site in local articles
  • Writing and placing well-optimized articles, approx. 700-800 words on news sites
  • Media coverage, through interviews in the relevant niche press
  • Banner advertising (+ creating banner ads)
  • Purchase backlinks to the site in local articles
    If necessary: professionally filmed video reports with journalist and team cameraman.

Google Promotion - SEO and Google Ads

SEO-Onpage workflow:

  • At this stage, specialized SEO tools and the knowledge of the SEO experts are used. These SEO tools can identify various errors or problems both on the coding side and on the structure of the site.
  • The structure of the websites we analyze usually is not perfect. We have to modify 10-50% (sometimes even more from the website), based on keywords and build a new architecture that is understandable by Google. The structure and organization of the content in the pages will allow the creation of the most important SEO tags, this will favor correct indexing of the site by the Google search engine.
  • Crafting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions - Meta tags of a site should be attractive, unique to each page, contain the most important keywords, and have the right length.
  • Headers are meant to highlight the most important elements in the content of the page and to indicate to the search engines what the page is about. It is recommended to create unique headings that include keywords in your niche:

- H1 tag - the most important title on the page;

-Tag H2 - the second title on the page by importance).

  • Image optimization - for a website to be attractive to Google, the images must be as high quality as possible, have the recommended size, and contain other text (The role of the ALT attribute is to tell search engine robots what the posted images are. It is recommended to optimize the images to be displayed on the first page of Google results).
  • The strategy developed and the analysis of the keywords allow us to create unique descriptions for each important page or key product, with the correct, relevant, and logical use of the most important keywords. Guided by accurate algorithms for creating SEO-optimized content, the SEO copywriting team will create suggestive and informative texts for the most important pages.
  • Suggestions for site upload speed will be proposed - upload time is an important factor in determining the quality of the site and this parameter greatly influences the time spent on the page of potential customers, as well as the desire of potential customers to leave more and more pages on the website. Using SEO analysis tools, we will determine exactly what changes need to be made to improve your site's speed parameter.
  • To generate the Cross-selling phenomenon, we will create a network of internal links between adjacent products. Likewise, the links make navigating and informing customers much easier.

SEO and Google Ads

SEO Off-site optimization: the workflow explained

Off-page SEO means increasing the popularity of the website, using PR and link-building techniques and tools. Link building is about directing valuable and relevant links to your site.

When doing Offpage SEO, brand visibility and website authority are increased by implementing various link-building strategies (presence in local and international directories, placement of ads, and announcements about your company). We'll work hard to reach the critical mass (enough links that would make you comparable to your competitors and get search engines' attention to your site) of links to your site, by posting good content about you and using our unsurpassed negotiating skills.

To obtain the links so necessary for the SEO procedure, advertorial texts are written (texts with educational and/or informational impact with SEO load, and not direct sales). An advertorial is a text in a volume of 300 to 600 words, which includes an active link to the client's site and approved keywords. Appears in online media sources (sites). Depending on their technical qualities, the price of the publication differs. There are sources with high audience and impact and some smaller ones. Their choice depends on the marketing strategy of the customers.

Google promotion works best in tandem with SEO and Google Ads. People will discover your business through multiple channels, so you need to take a multi-channel approach, so you create new opportunities for people to visit your site.

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