May 5, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

B2C marketing: the best ways of online promotion

B2C comes from the English term “Business to Consumer” and refers to the business relationship between companies and consumers. This means that companies focus their services and products on private customers. Unlike B2B, where the emphasis is on companies and corporations and business relationships are the key to success, B2C sales require efficient customer relationship management.

B2C marketing - the best ways of online promotion

B2C marketing has its specific elements (emphasis on customer pain, mentioning the benefits received by the consumer and how our product or service solves the problem) that derive from the fact that consumers’ purchasing decisions are mostly emotional.

The most common strategies in this industry include content marketing, email, social media, and websites.

B2C marketing communication channels

Your website

The site is what in the offline environment is called a showcase. The more polished, useful, and efficient it is, the more chances you have to convert your traffic.

The basics of a good site:

– Fast web site upload – If your site loads in more than 4 seconds, 79% of those who visited it will never return to it. And 52% of those who shop on the internet admit that the speed of loading the website is important to become loyal to an online store. One second delay could cost you about 40% of your visitors!

– The homepage must be well thought out – yes, the homepage has the highest number of visitors every day, there you have the chance to either convince them to move on or to leave your site, not being convinced why they found it.

– No annoying widgets (eg popups, interstitial ads) – although using banners that come with important calls to action may seem like a good idea for you. increase the conversion rate of your site, and pay attention to how annoying these marketing tools can be for a number of your users.

– The message should be painfully clear on the main pages (for more information it is the Blog category) – here we recommend that every key product or service in your portfolio be tagged with a dedicated landing page with its own set of keywords well-chosen for SEO and CTA clearly.

– Coordinated design and easy navigation – comfortable site for users and a well-organized menu. Most people start reading from the top left and continue down the right, take these details into account when thinking about the logic of browsing your site.

– The site must be complete (if you have a site under construction, you’d better tell your visitors that they’ll find more content in the future, using phrases such as “Weekly Updated Content” or “New Monthly Added Products”).

– UX (user experience) – represents the interaction between a real user and products or services such as websites, applications, and physical products. In order to get the users’ attention and keep them on the site, a well-optimized and comfortable design for visitors is necessary.

Content Marketing

B2C marketing ideas for online promotion

Content is now a guarantee of the quality of digital promotion. The only downside is that updating your content takes a long time, which is precious. Unfortunately, we cannot pause in other activities, just to renew the content or to add a certain factual substratum. This activity is inherent in the marketing strategy adopted by the company and, respectively, must be carried out simultaneously with all other offline and online promotion measures.

The benefits of using content marketing:

  • Expertise – When a company is an active player in the market and shares its experience, it forms the following opinion about itself: “They are really good specialists and they understand the problem, it is better to buy from them”.
  • Increasing the importance of the site for search engines – Useful and interesting content adds value to the site. As our experience shows, it is possible to promote sites with competitive topics even with fewer backlinks (links from other sites), but with interesting and high-quality content, posted on your website and owned social networks.
  • Increasing loyalty – When a company is engaged in content marketing, it is actively involved in solving customer problems – then communication is built on values. Price questions become secondary. The potential customer understands that the company can solve the problem and is more loyal to the product. In addition, “brand advocates” appear. If certain negative aspects appear out of nowhere on the Internet, there are “defenders” who say that: this cannot be correct, the company does not work in this way, if there are problems, the company solves them, etc.

The use of content marketing is an extremely effective mechanism, which gives long-term results and can ensure the consolidation of your business in terms of customers and brand loyalty.

Email Marketing

Newsletters allow for good customization, if your company offers more services or products, you can create separate email campaigns for potential customers interested in each product or service. Strive to customize your B2C communication with individual greeting cards and personalized content. Don’t forget to focus on emotion in these emails: regularly offer some vouchers, discount codes, or extremely useful tips for your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media promotion is a mechanism that delivers results with organic impact because they start from a direct collaboration with the target audience of your business. Who can tell you more about your service or product than the one they are targeting?

B2C marketing best ideas for 2023

Social networks, therefore, offer a direct way to consumers: we can consult opinions about our brand and that of our competitors and continuous feedback.

Here are some activities on MS that can help you have an effective presence that will build your audience’s loyalty over time:

– Create a page, company profile, or business you own.

– Creating a cover design.

– Creating quality, informative, and at the same time, attractive content.

– Daily posts and distributions.

– Use of PR techniques and links in posts.

– Create photo albums. Upload videos.

– Use of multimedia tools such as Quiz / Pools.

Therefore, digital B2C marketing combines traditional elements such as Social Media, Email Marketing, or Video, but also unconventional strategies such as Guerilla, Influencer Marketing, to reach the target groups of consumers and lead them to buy your products or services.

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