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Social media promotion is a mechanism that delivers results with organic impact, because they start from a direct collaboration with your business's target audience. Who can tell you more about your service or product than the one to whom it is addressed.

Social marketing is, first of all, organic and paid promotion (sponsored ads) on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), with the ultimate goal of making a profit.

An effective social media marketing means, in fact, working intensively and constantly on increasing online visibility, creating a brand, maintaining a permanent relationship with customers, and last but not least, determining potential customers or simple visitors to become permanent customers.

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What Does Social Media Marketing and Management Services Mean?

In 2024 almost every organization or company knows how important social media is for promotion. But, not every company has really competent people to do this (and not every employee, although a marketing expert, knows how to apply the rules of the offline to the online environment).

Some companies consciously turn to social media services, but this often depends on the existence of an allocated budget.

So to introduce you to the topic, let's talk a little about:

· Relocated budget for promotion – is the money you invest to bring your business closer to market demand. Until you get results, you need to test all kinds of campaigns so that you reach the ideal conversion.

· Conversion – the social media mechanism that presumes the interaction between the potential customer and your business. It's basically that click away that brings your customer's request to your available offer. Successful conversions are those that come in sufficient numbers at a decent cost per lead.

· Lead – the contact details of a person who could become a customer. Let's imagine you have an online form for a certain service. The number of leads that completed that form will represent your total leads. The cost of a lead varies depending on the following factors:

(1) The type of service or product offered – the more expensive the product, the more expensive its promotion. We cannot equate, for example, the promotion of some apartments with that of some cosmetic products.

(2) Effective targeting – depending on demographic or geographic landmarks, the cost of a lead varies. Obviously, a target for the US market will be different in price than the domestic one.

How does SEOLITTE help you?

– We design a content strategy for promotion on social networks;

– We choose the most effective promotion channels for you. Let's not forget these user figures:

  • 5.16 billion people are active online users
  • 4.76 billion people are active social media users
  • 2.27 hours is the average time spent daily on social media
  • 23% of users use social media for work purposes.

– We increase your online visibility in social networks. This means that we take responsibility for managing your social media accounts and taking care of the feedback visitors on these networks have about your business.

- Post events/contests, news and description of your offers, services, campaigns on Social Media networks.

– The transformation of your business into a brand, which we maintain through well-calculated, non-intrusive methods in the online market, focusing, of course, on the previously mentioned social networks.

– We systematically analyze the results generated by the social media marketing services we offer. We observe what worked and what didn't, what are the key elements of the launched campaigns, thus helping us to understand, both for us and for you, what exactly had a strong impact on the audience and what left them indifferent. This way we realize which is the most suitable content to rely on in the future in order to further promote your online business. We thus improve the content posted and the elements that bring profit from social media every time

– We make social media posts interesting, not just attractive. We create interactive content that engages the audience from the very first interactions with your web page. We create texts that include benches, stories, choose images suitable for the content, process pictures, video for the most used social media channels.

– We create advertising campaigns through ads. Although many advertising agencies often limit themselves to just a few classic methods of promotion, in the online environment a different approach is needed. Here we include online contests, promotions and sponsored ads for your target audience. Each promotion campaign in the social environment is developed by our experts, in detail.

– We guarantee notoriety for the brand we create. A pleasant and attractive online presence is primarily due to an image that inspires success on social media networks - this is the principle around which our entire activity, as a team, is carried out. We are a bunch of excited people and we want to infect our customers with this mood too!

– We create an unbreakable connection between you and your customers. And this means that we make the entrepreneur-client relationship based, above all, on humanity. That means we make the user feel as close as possible to what you are offering them. We believe that people will always be more attracted to pages that make them feel "at home" than to online pages that intimidate them.

– And last but not least – we have tested solutions and come with a holistic approach to increase online results and sales. We increase visibility in Google, create online partnerships, efficiently optimize your website (see the SEO Services page), so that our client benefits from the fastest possible results. We also deal with Pay-per-Click advertising (Google Ads).

What is the technical plan to follow?

Creating a Facebook page, profile of the company or business you own.

– Creating a cover design and updating it quarterly.

- Creation of quality content, informative, at the same time - attractive.

– Daily posts and shares.

– Use of PR techniques and links in posts.

– Creating photo albums on Facebook. Uploading videos to Facebook.

– Facebook Quiz/Pools.

– Monitoring of the activity carried out.

– Deleting SPAM.

- Conducting research and gathering audiences.

– Creating and managing the advertising campaign.

– Constant reporting of the results obtained.

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