May 12, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Online marketing and advertising: useful tips and solutions

If you have a business that needs visibility and promotion, online advertising should be an area of interest to you. Using online advertising, the company conveys to the general or specific public positive and attractive information about its products and services.

Short definition: Online advertising (on the internet), also called generic and online marketing is a form of business promotion that uses the virtual environment to distribute promotional messages, dedicated to a pre-selected target audience.

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Online marketing and advertising: useful tips 2023

Forms of online advertising

  • Advertising on Google
  • Advertising on Facebook & Instagram
  • Chatbot
  • Banners advertising
  • Viral marketing
  • Community marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Email marketing advertising
  • Purchase ads directly from site owners
  • Growth hacking and free promotion methods.

Advantages of online advertising:

  • You reach a huge target audience - you can access any market on the planet
  • You can target only your public interest
  • Messages can be distributed in various multimedia formats
  • You can use a lot of promotion channels
  • You can unleash your unlimited creativity
  • You can raise awareness within reasonable budgets
  • The impact of the promotional activities carried out can be accurately measured. All invested budgets are monitored and the exact rate of return on investment is known
  • You can interact with the customer and get quick feedback (through questionnaires and/or comments)
  • You can find out exact data about the public that visited your site: interests, age, location, income level, occupation; as well as visitor behavior data: how much time they spent on your site and what content was of interest to this audience
  • Internet advertising can be easily changed or stopped, depending on how users respond. You can even test certain banners, campaigns, and advertisements
  • We can adapt to each audience depending on the specifics, requirements, and values
  • Visitors can interact with the product, test it (such as a free trial, or a free trial of various software products), and even buy it.

Given both the growing number of companies coming to the online system and the growing volume of e-commerce transactions, businesses need to promote and make their sites known to their competitors.

With its help, we can quickly spread information about offers, and discounts, improve recognition, and involve the public in the company's activity.

  • Email Marketing - One of the most popular Internet services is email. The newsletter is considered one of the cheapest means of online promotion, however, you must have the consent of the recipient in order not to be considered spam. Spam can severely damage your image, causing the user to stop visiting your site. Email marketing also helps to promote the content units created by your company: the latest news or articles that are considered very good. This channel is also used to announce news, offers, and promotions, as well as to offer vouchers to loyal customers.
  • Banners - This is considered the first method of online promotion. Animated banners are the ones that bring impact and results on sales. They move or rotate, attracting the attention of site visitors.
  • SEO - optimizing your site to appear in search engine rankings when various keywords (queries) relevant to your business are entered in the search engine box (such as Google). Globally, more than half of all website traffic is generated by search engines. To reach the top of Google search results, keywords must appear in meta tags: title, meta descriptions, and OG tags. The optimization process takes place in three stages: 1. Keyword analysis. 2. On-page analysis and optimization of the site. 3. Building backlinks.
  • Commercial News - Advertisements usually come with useful information and advice, so that they don't sound like advertising, because consumers don't like to be sold directly. In other words, an advertorial must provide a cool user experience.
  • A chatbot is a convenient, fast, and non-intrusive means of communication. Thus, a chatbot is a 1-to-1 method of communication, which helps you develop your marketing, and sales and offers various automation solutions on messaging channels.
  • Viral marketing - generating viral traffic by posting funny/interesting/shocking content, which tends to be passed on to acquaintances or friends. This type of promotion brings visibility to the brand, the challenge is to turn all these visits into paying customers.
  • Community marketing – promoting through specialized forums and groups, created around brands, the most popular marketing method of this type is related to Facebook groups built around a niche, an idea, or interests.
  • Referral and affiliate programs - you can pay a percentage of your profit to those who help you make a sale, practically different sites, blogs, or aggregators receive parts of the sales you make through the recommendation obtained from them.

Online marketing tips and solutions for 2023

What else do you need to attain success?

Use of cookies

Cookies are important for impactful online advertising. A cookie identifies a single device from the multitude of devices that can hold one
user, without identifying a single user behind them. Cookies collect data about users, their preferences, visit pages, and time spent on them. Based on cookies, you can then set ads that are appropriate for current and potential customers.

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