You must have noticed that after a certain period of activity in your field, the business becomes unprofitable if it is not promoted efficiently. If the business is internet-based only, for example in the case of an online shop, then website promotion plays a vital role in developing and maintaining the site.

Here at SEOLITTE we believe in functional websites that were created with a specific purpose that they have to fulfil unfailingly and in due time. We also believe that you can’t do online marketing in Chișinău or București without owning a lucrative website and without implementing resultative online promotion campaigns. For this purpose, we have created special packages for website owners that chose to entrust us with online promotion so that they can keep doing what they are best at.

Below, we will tell you how the promotion of a site works, what online business promotion strategies exist and also give you some useful pieces of advice regarding website promotion.

What are website promotion services and what does the online promotion specialist do?

The promotion of a website on Google means digital marketing services that have the purpose of making the website known to the public through online platforms and with the help of techniques that increase visibility in the virtual environment. Properly used instruments, a mix of well-chosen marketing campaigns and the creativity of marketers contribute to creating a high-quality digital promotion campaign.

What do website promotion services include and what types of ads do we use?

Due to the fact that online marketing has the science of marketing at its core, the law of having at least 2 promotion channels doesn’t disappear anywhere. If you want to build a correct strategy that will lead to the desired results - don’t believe the companies that come up with a single promotion strategy! Don’t believe the companies that are trying to spoil promotion and that haven’t read a single book about strategies of promotion for products or services.

Only adventurers try everything and keep failing: setting up only Google Ads campaigns or trying to have a “nefarious” presence in Social Media without building a correct digital promotion strategy and without paying attention to the small details of the online marketing activity, which are very important. This short-lived experience results in failure for the business and for the maintenance of the site in general.

If everything above describes your situation, stay with us. The solution is in the following lines! And because you are ambitious and strive for a long term result, you already know that you need time and information in order to feel the effect of promoting the site online and in the online environment and in search engines.

How can you promote your business efficiently and obtain maximal visibility with our help?

The promotion of a site on the Internet (we’re especially focused on Google promotion) is done in a few stages, each requiring the use of certain Digital Marketing and SEO tools that we purchase monthly here at SEOLITTE. We know and we use all the methods and instruments that showed good results - for bringing your site at the top of your game.

What services are included in our website promotion services?

SEO Audit

In order to start the promotion, we need to know what condition your site is in: what problems, advantages and opportunities it has. We analyze minutely and professionally the metrics and the figures so that we can come up with a broad, functional and well thought out strategy. Once the strategy is elaborated, we start working on the optimization of the site. 

Google Ads Campaigns

after you have solved the major problems with the optimisation of the site, it’s time to start an Google Ads campaign, which will bring you guaranteed traffic if it’s set up correctly. This is an ideal solution for search engine promotion because your advertisement is viewed by a large number of users and you pay only for the viewers, namely those who click on your ad. You can start on a small budget (we call it the test budget) if you’re not sure of the site’s attractiveness. After you have found out the preferences of your audience, you can start investing more capital in Google Ads campaigns.

SEO Copywriting

We have introduced copywriting services (promotional texts for your products/services) as a core element in the promotion of a website because they are as important as the technical details. These services secure the harmonious relationship between the client’s expectations, the search engine and your expectations as the business owner. The content of your site has to attract attention: to be interesting, informative and to contain keywords at the same time. Apart from the content on the site, copywriting services help you build the business public image. (Off page SEO and PR services) through articles posted in well-known sources that are cited by Internet users. We don’t forget about internal and external links, which are very important!

Social Media Marketing

We live in an age when ignoring and avoiding social media is risky. We take on the responsibility to manage social media accounts and take care of the viewers’ opinions regarding your business. We create interesting content that will never fail because we are constantly tracking trends and changes in the virtual environment.

Copywriting Services

Promotional messages; advertorials; Online PR activities

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Search; Remarketing & Google Display Ads

Social Media Marketing

Account administration; Online reviews

SEO Audit

SEO Problems; Benefits; The SEO opportunities of the site

In delivering digital services, we adopt individual approaches and give proper attention to each client. The necessities of each client become our priority. We offer you digital promotion services of the highest quality at accessible prices and adapted to the local market. We have optimal, tested and efficient solutions!

Since our major goal is to help you increase online visibility, we’re putting effort into making every client happy and known by Google and clients.

If you’re curious to find out more about marketing services, about the promotion and optimization process or if you have any questions, please contact us.

And because you’re ambitious and want long-term results - you know that you need time and information in order to feel the effects of promotion in search engines. Prepare yourself for a fascinating trip to the Top 5 Google results. Buy a winning ticket by associating yourself with SEOLITTE today!

Could you receive free website promotion services?

Everyone loves free stuff and that is why we build strategies and analyze websites for free. Why build an online promotion strategy for free? Because we are sure of the quality of our product. We know that a free SEO Audit report is well converted if it’s done properly, we also have SEO optimisation results that speak for themselves and the client’s reviews are basically the icing on the cake.

Bonus! We’re giving you a list of website promotion strategies that were implemented and tested by us. Analyse them minutely and you’ll surely find the solution that can be applied to your business even today. You’ll be very pleased with the results in a very short time.

Website promotion services strategy no. 1: Google Ads + SEO

Stage one: create an excellent site

Stage two: go in parallel with SEO Optimization and Google Ads. After you’ve thoroughly optimized the content of the website, you can be sure of obtaining a high Quality Score for Google Ads, therefore minimizing the cost per click.

How to optimize ads for an efficient Google Ads promotion?

You increase the relevance of the keywords on the page (place them in the text, titles, headings, meta tags), work on the speed performance of the site and make sure that the site is 100% mobile-friendly. You also have to make sure that the user lands on a page that is relevant to the text of your ad. Also, a higher CTR helps you save more money.

Website promotion services strategy no. 2: Combine online and off-line efforts

What do you have to do?

Choose 2 elements from the marketing mix that complete each other. If your client is between 24 and 30, listens to KissFM and gets 80 % of the information from Google, the combination of SEO and a short radio commercial will yield the desired result.

When is this strategy not applicable?

Only if you have a bad product or if you haven’t found your target audience and don’t know where to find it. Don’t forget that our economy is constantly growing.

How long it takes for this strategy to bring results?

The results may not appear instantly, but you will see if the brand attracted more interested people, that the traffic flow is increasing. If, however, the traffic doesn’t increase, don’t be afraid to use Google Ads Remarketing. It is pretty cheap here and brings an extraordinary conversion if you know how to attract attention through sales, limited offers and special promotions!

Website promotion services strategy no. 3: Combine Social Media with Content Marketing and with SEO (especially since Content Marketing is part of SEO)

Stage 1: Create original content in your field or in adjacent ones. Add it on the blog.

Stage 2: Create teasers and paid advertising on Social Media that redirect to the blog. Here the promise that you make ( X methods to exclude compulsive eating habits from your life; 5 free materials for correctly combining makeup with your hairstyle and so on) and the quality of the visuals matter. You cannot fail at these 2.

Stage 3: Always optimize blog content. You will have an impressive traffic flow if you have good content and more entries from Social Media. The blog users’ engagement signals will bring better positions in Google search engines.


We hope that these promotion strategies will help you improve your traffic flow and better understand the virtual environment. If you don’t manage to carry out with the promotion process by yourself, talk to SEOLITTE for help with online promotion or for online digital marketing courses.

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