February 13, 2021


Webinar – online marketing tool

Today we have various marketing tools at our disposal. Some are intended to attract customers, others - to keep them, some - to increase sales and others - to study the target audience.

Webinars as an integrated part of your marketing strategy can give you considerable advantages. With the help of free webinars, you can draw attention to yourself, the experience you have, the company you run, and even - accumulate a large number of clients. Thanks to interactive webinars, potential customers can get useful information from you or from the speakers you invite. The webinar is also useful because once you register, you will be working on a tool, which in turn will later work for you and "collect" clients.

We'll go over a few types of webinars that you can use to develop your online marketing strategy below.

Webinar - online marketing tool
  • Webinar-lesson

Share with your audience the experience of solving a problem they encounter often. The more practical actions you give the audience - the more satisfied your listeners will be. And don't be afraid to tell all the secrets! Practice shows that your experience will still be unique, but no one doubts your skills!

Webinar and online marketing

  • Interview-Webinar

If you're just starting and haven't yet managed to establish yourself as an expert in your field, invite a well-known speaker to the webinar. Prepare the interview plan, find interesting information about the speaker, and select interesting questions for your guest, coming from the audience. Such webinars will seem more dynamic if they have 2 speakers, you and the invited expert. Moreover, it is a unique chance to demonstrate your level of professionalism alongside experts in the field.

Webinars & Online Marketing

  • Roundtable-webinar

Another interpretation of the Webinar-lesson, only in this case, it is about several speakers. A topic is discussed and personal experiences are shared.

Webinar - a tool that helps you cope with marketing tasks:

  • Webinar success is measurable. You can measure metrics at each stage of the funnel: webinar registrants -> attendees -> leads -> customers. You can monitor these indicators using the Google Analytics funnel itself.

Webinars and Online Marketing 2023

  • Organizing webinars is a way to diversify the content. You can use the recordings even after the show is over by posting the video on YouTube and the presentation on SlideShare. That way, you'll still have a stream of traffic.
  • Webinars are less effective than in-person meetings, but also less expensive. More than that, it resembles a form of direct communication. When potential customers know you, it's easier for them to decide to make a purchase.
  • 80% of companies present online use the blog as a marketing tool, and only 5% opt for webinars. Regularly hosting webinars will allow you to stand out from your competitors.
  • A webinar with useful, high-quality content helps build a reputation as an expert who can be contacted for help. Through webinars, the public gets to know the company and its employees. Ultimately, the company benefits from more trust from potential customers.
  • Webinars allow you to thoroughly study your target audience. During the interaction, you can understand the problems and needs of the participants. Therefore, you will provide even more useful information.
  • Webinar participants leave their email at the time of registration. They are concerned with the topic being discussed. If the user does not visit this webinar, the contact information will remain with you. This data can even be used for email marketing, especially as it is permission marketing.

Conquer a new audience through webinars!

Even if you specialize in the field, you can get unexpected results. This is where your possibilities to widen your target audience can increase with minimal effort. Promoting your webinar on social media is a great way to find and reach a new audience. New audiences often end up being the most responsive because you give them a lot of quality information from the first interaction and even new insights to help them understand your business and marketing.

Use the Webinar to tell your story!

A sixty or ninety-minute webinar can get pretty boring if all you talk about is your product and your offerings. Your audience will get restless and probably feel like you're just trying to make money off of them. However, take this opportunity to talk about your business:

  • When did you start the business?
  • Why did you decide to start your own business?
  • Details of progress to date (revenue, sales, profitability, number of employees, etc.).

The ideal time to talk about your business is at the beginning of the presentation (to introduce you to those who are seeing you for the first time) and only very briefly during the webinar. Recounting the problems you encountered when setting up your own business always lends credibility to an audience who are likely in a similar position to you and can relate to various life challenges. In this way, you have a real chance to win the sympathy of your audience.

online marketing - promotion through Webinars

Become an industry decision-maker

You promote yourself discreetly, accumulating the experience of organizing webinars and, at the same time, contributing to increasing the conversion rate. You have to be in the sights of even the strongest competitors, for a possible collaboration. Why not? Open-minded people have the most to gain!

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