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An SEO Audit represents a complete scan of your entire website in order to track all its SEO errors as well as user-friendliness, which is often a very important factor as well. The SEO Audit by Seolitte offers an extensive and detailed analysis of each page or template page of the website that you own.

We analyze your site to track its main errors, but also its biggest opportunities of online advertising.

The payment for SEO analysis is determined by the size and the history of your website. An SEO audit is delivered within a few days, up to weeks, so that our SEO experts can analyze every important detail.

On this page, you can read more about how we provide SEO services.

What is an SEO Audit Report?

This is a complete SEO analysis regarding the positioning in search engines (rankings).

The SEO Audit is the most comprehensive analysis of a site regarding lots of technical and functional matters.

It helps uncover the factors affecting your site's positioning in search engines, on your most relevant keywords.

The SEO audit report highlights the key opportunities for optimization and promotion of your site.

It is a very detailed analysis of your site, a good SEO audit measures hundreds of metrics, which are some important factors of positioning in search engines' results.

So that, receiving a good SEO Audit from Seolitte, you will get some valuable information about the level of SEO optimization of your site, namely: On Page Optimization, Off Page optimization, social media presence and performance, lots of purely technical details, such as speed of loading, Website's Authority and so on.

Also, this analysis we will include a detailed analysis of all SEO tags and some exact instructions regarding their implementation. We'll outline the main mistakes of your site in the "optimization field" and give you advice on how to improve the overall "health" of your website and how to avoid committing errors in the future.

You will receive a list of suggested changes, that will overall improve your site and make it meet the quality standards set by the search engines.

seo audit de la seolitte, analize detaliate
seo audit al siteului

What is the aim of an SEO Audit?

The purpose of the SEO Audit is to firstly identify the global problems of the site, i.e., those that represent an obstacle for a page of your website to position higher in search engines results.

Aiming to help you improve your online presence, we present the list of identified problems and at least one solution based on the best practices for each of them.

The main focus in this regard is to carefully inspect:

  • Website's Template - its architecture;
  • Pages Hierarchy - the hierarchy of menus, submenus, etc.;
  • URL structure - URL Addresses, their lengh, form;
  • Internal link structure - its logic and its SEO impact;

After that, we use a number of tools and most importantly - our knowledge of SEO in order to better understand the situation. The information is gathered with the help of the following resources:

  • SEO Tools, which show the site's performance in search engines (compared to competitors using a sample of relevant search phrases); the overall health of the pages - their degree of optimization and user-friendliness.
  • Historical Data plus constant Monitoring - we use the use history of the Site Analytics, Web Master Tools and other SEO instruments, studying the dynamic evolution of the site to understand your business better;
  • Previous SEO Analysis reports.

So, the SEO Audit Report contains advices meant to improve user-friendliness, site optimization, fix all the existing errors and rank higher in search engines. It shows general information about your competitors and possibly, the opportunities that you miss.

We also provide specific guidelines on how to improve your website so that it becomes generally better, provides good services and as a result - create a leader in its niche.

analiza seo si audit
audit seo al websiteului, optimizare si analiza

What includes the SEO Audit of Your Website?

1. Keyword Analysis

It's a detailed analysis of all the keywords related to your business/blog, which will determine the potential of the Organic Traffic and set your visibility results and objectives. Here, we analyze the market trends - our SEO tools collect data about the best and the most popular keywords (what ones that can easily bring sales to you). Moreover, we discover new opportunities to attract more traffic on the keywords which are still unexplored.

2. Competition Analysis

In this analysis we make a Comparative Study. We compare several SEO criteria and user-friendliness Metrics for your Website and for your competitors. Basically - we analyze each site (separated: yours and the websites of your competitors) and compile a detailed report that shows the level of optimization and promotion of each of its competitors and solutions to overcome their successes in Google.

3. Analysis of the internal structure of the site and content harmonization

We check the correctness of the texts and make sure that the layout of the page is optimal. We also review the importance that is given to the keywords inside the texts, the names of the categories and the accuracy of their choice. We offer suggestions for URL optimizations, meta titles and descriptions, text, images, headings, etc. We also provide relevant examples to facilitate your understanding.

4. Source Code Analysis

Although an SEO expert is not a programmer, he knows what the structure of a page should be like to meet search engine standards, to be easily indexable and optimized. We scan the entire site, detect all the errors and report them!

5. Optimize website content

In addition to technical analysis, we offer a wide number of suggestions & User-friendliness tips. We answer two essential questions:
a. How do you get to the heart and mind of the potential customer/reader?
b. And as a result, how to offer them the experience they need?

6. Measure speed & Reveal performance metrics

Because the speed of the site is imperative, we offer solutions in order to increase it, as well as measure and compare your website's speed with that of competitors.
Every important metric is analyzed and we provide solutions on how to improve them.

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