SEO, Copywriting, Google Analytics course

SEO, Copywriting, Google Analytics course: find out the secrets of a successful online business, intelligently using digital promotion

Online visibility is currently the key that can open the door to online sales, readers for your blog or information site, or simply quality traffic to your website. In 2023, if you don't make yourself known online (by using quality online promotion services, or by participating in digital marketing courses and learning how to promote yourself on the Internet correctly), you can say that you practically don't exist. And out of all the digital promotion, Google has asserted and consolidated its position as the main player, given the fact that this search engine is used by 95.45% of those looking for something in the Moldovan virtual environment. That's why the digital SEO and promotion course comes with the best solution for you and your online business.


How can you achieve online success in 2023?

Nowadays appearing on the first page in Google is a huge advantage for small, medium, or even large businesses, and it becomes possible if you know the secrets of effective promotion in Google and the skillful handling of even the free tools that are available to you. provided by him. The Internet gives us all the tools we need for effective promotion. Correct use of the tools from Google Ads (such as KeyWord Planner), SEO (Page Speed Inshigts, Mobile Friendly Tester), Google Analytics (various reports on website visitors), and Google Search Console greatly enhances the effectiveness of your promotion in the virtual environment.

Now you have the unique chance to learn, on your own, to create your own online promotion strategy. The Online Marketing course proposes you to become a specialist in this field in just 8 weeks, after an intensive learning program.

The structure of the SEO and Digital Promotion course:

I. Introductory module:

1.The essence of SEO and how optimization works

2. SEO's place in digital marketing strategy + General questions about SEO

II. On-Page SEO and Keywords:

3. On-Page SEO Elements

4.Keyword analysis

5. SEO Copywriting + working with the SEO copywriter

6.On-page optimization: templates and automation + On-Page questions

III. WordPress SEO:

7. WP SEO: differences and characteristics

8.Optimizing a WordPress article

9. Useful WP SEO modules

10.Questions about SEO + working with WP modules

IV. Off-Page SEO:

11.Offpage SEO elements


13.Collaborations and alternative methods of obtaining links

14. Practical lesson in finding publication sources + questions about Off-Page SEO

V.How do you measure SEO results?

15. Google Analytics

16. Search Console

17. Advanced technical SEO

18.Algorithm changes

19. Voice & Local SEO


VI. Practical mode:

21. Creating the SEO strategy

22. SEO Audit

23.Improving SEO campaigns

24. SEO in 2023.

Frequency: 3 times a week.

Session duration: one hour.

Is the digital promotion course useful only for entrepreneurs?

The digital world has expanded significantly in the 21st century, which is why the promotion in this space is addressed to all those who want to get more online.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a digital marketing specialist on your team, you would definitely want to know the details of his work, both for monitoring and security.

If you are a marketing specialist, without a doubt, you would like to know the latest trends in the field and to improve every day.

Are you a blogger trying to create interesting and popular content? It is not enough to provide qualitative information and emotion, you have to find the way to your audience. If you want to have more than just an online personal diary that only you and your friends can read, you need tools to promote your blog.

If you are a student or freelancer, the Digital Promotion course offers you wide employment opportunities. An asset that cannot be ignored is that the given field is so flexible that it allows you to work from home, part-time, and well paid.

Why attend Google Promotion courses?

All the knowledge accumulated during 8 weeks will be applied on real cases. And as practice beats theory, you will be intrigued to create your own action plan and a well-defined digital promotion strategy, tailored to the individual requirements of your business.

The trainers in the course are experts in digital marketing, with over 6 years of experience in the field and who have faced the challenges and rapid changes in the digital world.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to win top positions in search engines! Learn now and start to make yourself known on the national and international market. Find out what are the practical tools for promotion in Google, how the Google algorithm works, what are the most effective promotion channels and much more!

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