What is SEO and what are SEO Services?

We asked Wikipedia: What is SEO? SEO is optimizing sites for search engines. Thus saith Wikipedia Encyclopedia. This is very short definition of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It includes so few. This definition does not refer to huge work to be done to deliver the best SEO services. The best SEO services we consider paid services, which consist of SEO optimizing a website and make a greater rating for it in the "perception of search engines". SEO is an area much larger than that simple definition that is given by Wikipedia.

So, what is SEO?

SEO is a relatively new field (taking into account that the Internet is also new) and includes different other related areas such as marketing, content writing, techniques to attract new customers, etc. It is all about crafting the website content with the goal to attract users and to be easily found in search engines, like Google.

In this field, the primary focus is on good and sustainable ranking due to high-quality content as it has a broad impact on user experience. For instance, if a website is well-structured, but its speed performance is too slow, users will leave it before it even loads.

The same will occur when the site structure is not SEO-friendly, and it is too difficult to find information on its web pages. Let's say it is an online market where the products are classified in the subcategory of a subcategory and so on - so that they are not so easy to be found and it causes several navigation issues. The statistics show that almost all the time users will just give up.

Why do we need SEO services?

Now, that we know what SEO is, let's figure out why do we need SEO.
SEO services make possible the cooperation between sellers and customers in the online medium. Only a good website structure, a high load speed, and proper SEO tags will ensure the top positioning in Google search results, the place where people find solutions for their daily problems. Thus, SEO is a process of increasing visibility of a website on search results pages.
Another reason why an SEO specialist deserves a monument (why not? 🙂 ) is that he improves the quality of a site much more than it is ever expected to be. As competition drives progress, SEO drives companies’ websites to improve.
Because search engines require websites to follow certain rules, there are more and more content-rich websites that are at the same time informative, engaging and interactive. Therefore, nowadays SEO is the core for many internet sites. However, it doesn’t mean that all sites must be built in compliance with Google or other search engines' rigid standards. In 2017, it is paramount to care aboutuser experience and how comfortable are the users with a website.
Now when you know what is SEO and why do we need SEO services, the next question that arises in your mind now is: who needs SEO?

Why do websites need SEO?

Our point of view is that any site that wants more visitors or tends to be better for users needs SEO. Website Optimization is for everyone. SEO is good for online stores, presentation sites, personal blog, news portals, your company website, etc. Everybody who wants to make his website visible in search engines, in social networks and more visible on the Internet in general - needs SEO !

Of course, that the way you will do SEO Optimizing depends on the niche and site specifics given, especially when talking about SEO strategy and how to implement it.

SEO is divided into two chapters equally important: SEO on page and off page SEO. Each of these stages has its list of works to be done for the website to become more valuable.

What is SEO On Page and Off Page SEO?

When we speak of On Page Optimization (SEO On Page) , we consider the actual work on the website's pages. It is the work done to improve its content. SEO specialists work with different SEO tags: title, meta description, alt, etc. They also work with relevant keywords, with the images on the website, and with website's loading speed. On the other hand, they develop an overall strategy for optimization, and moreover, they tend to "educate" the website holder. As for us, we provide guidelines for the content and some high-quality standards to comply with the rigors of SEO.

Off Page SEO (SEO off page) refers to the promotion and raising awareness. To improve these SEO specialists resort to working marketing techniques. Namely writing texts and getting banners, relevant links to the website and building online partnerships, etc. All this is done with the utmost care (following a special plan, well thought out) and aims quality links to be obtained.

The operations to optimize a website. The harmony between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

So when a team of experts starts optimizing a website, they begin with SEO On Page and continue with SEP Off Page. Real specialists draw up a work plan that reunited the SEO goals with business goals. Furthermore, the website is analyzed to determine its current stage of optimization. This plan contains the strategy on a short and medium term. All plans are oriented thinking in the long run and aiming business owners goals.

How much should SEO services cost?

Perhaps the most difficult question White Hat SEO is about the budget to be invested in SEO. How much should cost SEO services to overcome competition? Of course, that depends on the competition. It also depends on the website, how optimized is it already and what should be done to optimize it. It depends on the level of competition in every niche. And of course, the amount of work that must be done. A good SEO expert invests in every project, and leave a part of his soul into every project they work. Moreover, he keeps caring for the fate of his projects. So when it comes to payment, we usually speak about a personalized budget that could work. It is like going to a doctor. A good doctor will know how to choose the right treatment quickly and will give you real help, but his consultation will always cost more than a beginner's consultation.

Who is an SEO specialist?

Besides improving the quality of website and its popularity, SEO also helps websites get a vision.
A real expert lives daily in the world of online business, seeks to measure, draw conclusions, make analysis - becoming better every day. Precisely such an SEO specialist becomes time and enviable business analyst. Especially it is valid if his background includes a good understanding of finances.

So a professional SEO expert optimizes not only for today but with tomorrow in mind, helping you choose your target audience and positioning yourself correctly in the market.

Since SEO is increasingly inter-connected social media signals,

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