What is SEO and what's the SEO workflow?

Want to know what SEO is and how SEO works? This article will help you explain how things work in an SEO Agency office: the day-to-day work of a website optimization specialist.

By reading this article head on, you will find out:

1. What is SEO White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat? Types of SEO Optimization.

2. How does SEO (search engine optimization) work?

3. Consecutive SEO activities, based on the SEOLITTE protocol.

4. How SEO works to get the expected results.

Here's what a lucrative SEO protocol looks like:

Market Analysis & SEO Strategy Creation

Keyword Analysis

Competition Analysis

Market potential

Occupied Market Share

SEO Complex Audit

Site Architecture

Examining Brand Content

Detection of technical and functional problems of the site

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Meta Tags

Site Speed Optimization


Social signals



Organic Traffic Volume

Domain Authority

SERP positioning

Maintaining the obtained rankings

CTR improvement


Good Content Creation

Multiplication of Online Mentions

What is white hat SEO and what's the SEO workflow?

SEO experts guess parts of complicated search engine algorithms on a daily basis. They currently know over 200 factors that influence the positioning of sites in search results.

And when it comes to SEO optimization, we are talking about 2 different ways: SEO White Hat, Search Engine Optimization Black Hat - SEO promotion methods not approved by search engines, which sooner or later attract penalties ). And Gray Hat SEO is somewhere at the intersection of the two sets of tactics.

At SEOLITTE we chose to do white hat SEO, because only a type of promotion that requires real and sustained efforts ensures long-term growth. Only White Hat SEO leads to maintaining search engine rankings and helps build a sustainable online image. SEO White Hat brings value to the visitors of your site, because, playing by the rules of the search engine, you also offer quality to the users. This is how the best possible content is born: content that is accessible, well-structured and creates value for visitors.

At the other extreme is Black Hat SEO, which quickly results in Search Engines, but these are generally unsustainable, and the sites that use them are ultimately penalized by the Search Engine. Search.

So now that we've established what SEO is, let's see how it works.

Below you can find the work steps that an SEO expert goes through, plus the impact of each of his actions on the search engines' perception of your site.

1. Market analysis / data analysis and SEO strategy:

A series of researches are carried out to understand your whole business, the competitive niche and what is the need of the site on the online presence side. The basic keywords are studied at length and the list of keywords is compiled, following an analysis of the keywords. These are queries and key phrases that are very representative of your niche and those for which you are interested in having good positions in search engines. There is a study of your market positioning and the market share occupied by your business, as well as the analysis of the full potential of the given business. This is also where the analysis of the competition and the degree of optimization of your competitors' site are held. A detailed analysis of the competition is made to understand how they are promoted and what techniques they use.

SEO analysis is needed at this stage to build the further SEO strategy and to identify the most representative keywords for your niche.

2. Detailed examination of the entire site. On-Page SEO workflow.

We'll analyse the architecture and content of your website to detect its problems and its opportunities.

The various errors or limitations of the webiste will be identified both in terms of programming and structure. Here the work priorities are set as appropriate: optimizing the website code, creating meta tags, optimizing the architecture, and other optimizations designed to improve the perception of search engines.

The actual implementation of the SEO strategy. Off Page SEO workflow.

The problems / deficiencies of the website are solved. Rewriting, or even creating new website content, restructuring, adding and / or removing content, working with Google tools and paid SEO tools. It takes into account the search engine algorithms, but also the needs of the client. We are working with the site to make it look flawless in the search dead results. Add meta tags and other SEO-friendly items. Turns your website into a user-friendly one. We are also working to improve the user experience.

At the same time, the off-page SEO part is improving, which means increasing the popularity of the website: both the brand visibility and the authority of the website, by implementing different Link Building strategies.

Link building is about directing valuable and relevant backlinks to your site.

Monitoring and maintaining results, then setting new goals:

We aim to further grow your site, both in terms of traffic and in terms of relevant keyword positions. The results obtained are regularly reported. Performance is monitored. Constant improvements are being implemented. We work on new content, new approaches, we focus on new products, new markets, etc. New possibilities for expanding the business in the virtual environment are being discovered.




Strategy and Planning:

  • What should be done on On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO
  • Time and cost estimates


  • Choosing keywords
  • The competition's analysis
  • On-Page Analysis
  • Off-Page situation analysis


On-Page SEO:

  • Content optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Title optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Optimizing the structure of internal links
  • Optimize loading speed


Off-Page SEO:

  • Social networking presence
  • Blogs


Focus on medium-tail keywords according to changes in the Rank Brain algorithm

  • Choosing keywords
  • On-Page Analysis
  • The competition's analysis
  • Off-Page situation analysis


  • Working on brand visibility
  • Brand reputation improvement
  • Monitoring brand mention


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