April 8, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Strategies for promoting hotels and accommodation services

If you have been in the hotel business for some time, you already know how important the visibility of your business is, so that you can ensure a continuous flow of guests. Promotion in the hotel industry currently means a continuous and creative activity, because the world of the hotel industry is in a perpetual change. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic period, when the behavior of tourists changed by 180 degrees.

Top hotel promotion strategies

Storytelling and video marketing

Differentiate yourself through a beautiful story. Before launching promotional campaigns, answer yourself: what can you bring new, unique, or different? What values make you always develop the business you work in every day? What is the unique vision of your hotel? Or maybe you have a great team? Bring out the best in your business and people will be attracted to you.

Strategies for promoting hotels 2023

Equally relevant is the storytelling in your video format, the presentation of the building, the rooms, and the facilities, as well as the elements that differentiate your offer from the rest of the market. Video presentations from hosted events and holiday parties can be promoted on video content sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Personal website and discounts for direct bookings - top hotel promotion techniques

A strong visual identity will help you promote quality. Or, you are in a field that requires professional presentation, with maximum accuracy and attention to detail. An airy design of the site, a correct branding package, and the correct function of the forms and buttons on the site will bring the potential customer closer to what you have to offer.

The information presented on the site should be detailed but not extensive, especially when it comes to textual content. The text should be concise and professionally written, and the most appropriate would be to use copywriting services from specialists who deal with the creation of sales texts daily.

What should a hotel website contain? The section about - an overview, history, features, positioning, location; room offer: pictures and rates; services and prices for services; about special offers - description and preferential prices; necessarily contact information. It is also a good idea to incorporate a virtual tour: this is what the rooms, lobbies, restaurants, and bars look like - every place in your hotel that you are proud of.

It is also a must to translate the site into at least English if you want to attract customers from other countries.

best Strategies for promoting hotels and accommodation services

Make mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships

Both travel agencies, tour operators, but also hotels from around the world improve each other's offers, offering customers exclusive benefits, which have only to gain, through good prices and a high level of services.

Here's how to boost resales:

  • Granting discounts on group travel in case of increased sales;
  • Providing special discounts for new services;
  • Bonus points for stays;
  • Discount at the hotel restaurant or bar.

Promotion using specialized sites

There are never too many hotel partnerships. Collaborate with well-known agencies and sign up for the most popular booking sites. Here is a short list of suggestions for directories to use:

  • infotravelromania.ro/cazare.php
  • Hotelscombined.com
  • Hotels.com
  • Trivago.ro
  • agoda.com
  • kayak.com
  • ebooking.com
  • HotelGuru.ro.

In addition to the obvious benefits, these sites help you grow your SEO side. Globally, these partnerships account for about 50% of all advertising in the hotel industry.

SEO and Google Ads

SEO helps you first and foremost to secure a place at the top of search engine results. Why is it important? Imagine being able to reach the top of the most coveted keywords in the hotel industry. Your business will be worth a lot with this ranking because you will be among the oldest and most well-positioned brands in the world.


It has certainly happened to you that an online advertisement for a site that you have recently visited appears during your internet browsing. This is how remarketing works. This is considered to be a very effective way to promote websites through Google and social media (Google and Facebook Ads), due to their low cost and increased effectiveness. Using this promotion technique, you are addressing people who have visited your site before, so they have shown a real interest in your hotel.

Email marketing

Newsletters allow for good customization, if your company offers more services or products, you can create separate email campaigns for potential customers interested in each product or service. Likewise, the use of newsletters is a good tool for announcing special events, the CSR you practice, the regular discounts, and the changes you make periodically.

In general, email marketing helps you stay in touch with your customers. You can request reviews by email and offer coupons in return. Also, by giving them direct access to you, they can report any dissatisfaction to you in private.

ideas for promoting hotels and accommodation services 2023

Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

The hotel industry is the industry of beauty, elegance, and impeccable cleanliness. Post high-quality photos on Pinterest and you'll attract the admiration of potential customers who want to take on the status that your visual identity exudes.

Select only the best photos online, because people choose homes on the Internet with their eyes. Moreover, the main function of the photo shoot is to restore the mood of the hotel.

Also, social media is good for the development of interesting contests, which aim to increase awareness.

Offline promotion

You can also attract attention through standard promotional methods, such as street banners, video advertising screens, and building advertising.

Also, be active with roll-ups, and video presentations at events where your target audience is present.

It also targets tourists: utilizing transport that makes the transfer to the airport, airlines, but also directly to the airport. Also, take advantage of national holidays and events to get direct bookings.

PR and print media

It would be wise to delegate a person in charge of communication with the press, who will regularly organize conferences and provide information to the media. Also, to make informative trips for journalists, and to seek to offer frequent interviews.

Strategies for promoting hotels in 2023

We hope you enjoyed these methods of promoting a hotel. Certainly, developing a reputable brand will help you create an impressive list of loyal customers who will return to your hotel, but will also constantly recommend you. Also, don't forget to constantly develop and renew the hotel's offer, to keep up with the times. But if you do not have enough time to promote your business in the niche of hotel or accommodation, we are here for you. We have more than 7 years of experience in hotel marketing!

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