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Short Definition: SEO in Romania is the optimization and promotion of sites for more search engine traffic. In general, SEO has 2 major parts: SEO On Page (on page) and SEO Off Page (off page).

  • On-Page SEO means we are working with your website and its content to improve it. We work with the SEO tags: title, meta description, alt, Headings etc., texts and images optimization, website architecture and pagespeed.

  • Off Page SEO refers to promoting and increasing the popularity of a particular website. In order to improve this popularity, marketing techniques are used. We publish advertorials, place web banners, gain relevant links for the yes website, etc. All this is done with the utmost care (according to a special, well thought out plan) and the quality of the links thus obtained is monitored. It is not enough to understand what SEO is, you need to know how to apply this knowledge effectively.

SEO is the mechanism by which Google advantageously places deserving sites in the Google Rankings, using its search algorithms.

SEO in Romania is certainly a very advantageous method of promotion, because 51% of all site traffic comes from the implications and results of SEO (ie organic searches), only 10% of paid searches, 5% of Social Media and 34% - from other sources. Competitive industries can profitably monetize site traffic. Of course, you can still buy advertising space, but if you're working on a tight budget, SEO is a great way to consistently get quality traffic to your business website.

So, in the competition for the leading place in search engines, you have to have allies to match, and the digital promotion company SEOLITTE is one of them. We are an SEO & Digital Marketing agency, with over five years of activity on the world market and over 400 satisfied customers, we create customized strategies for each client, based on their needs and goals and help to grow their business.


  • Google operates about 100 billion searches a month.
  • 61% of marketers say that SEO and organic presence in Google are their number one priority.
  • Organic traffic from SEO is 7 times worth more than that from Social Media and other promotion channels, with a conversion rate of 14.7%.
  • 93% of users start their search engine shopping experience.
  • Only 6% of users click on paid search results.


  • We are a digital marketing company that believes in the potential of each client.
  • We have over 5 years of experience in SEO Romania and digital marketing.
  • We come up with a creative approach to SEO services in Romania for small, medium and large businesses.
  • We use licensed and professional tools in site optimization.
  • We grow our customers' businesses exclusively through a well-chosen marketing mix, with combined efforts.


  1. Technical and functional SEO audit of the site and establishing the keywords relevant to the niche of the site's activity.
  2. Identifying the correct structure of the website (from SEO points of view and not only).
  3. On-Page SEO, including identifying new competitive keywords:
  4. Study the level of indexing to search engines. Detecting and resolving indexing issues.
  • Creating appropriate meta tags (title, meta descriptions) - unique and attractive.
  • Creating anchor texts and Headers (H1, H2, ...).
  • Optimize image size and add ALT descriptive text.
  • Improving the internal link architecture.
  • Optimize site load speed. Improving the operating speed of the entire website.


  • We quickly and irreversibly propel sites to the top rankinkgs in search engine results.
  • We are an SEO agency that offers solutions adapted to the needs of the business, which either want to reach or are already online.
  • With search engine optimization, we eliminate duplicate and invalid content from across the site, helping to create genuine and relevant content on every page of your site.
  • Thanks to professional SEO, we increase organic traffic to our clients' websites.
  • Conversion of about 14.7% and long-term results.
  • Google indexes all pages correctly.
  • Increasing revenues.

The results we bring you with effective SEO

  • Online visibility - SEOLITTE helps you keep your site in the top of search engines. Did you know that the top 10 Google search results get 99% of clicks? Be there and the traffic will flow to your site.
  • Branding - With the help of optimization efforts, we increase customer confidence in your brand, making it recognizable and popular.
  • Increased traffic - About 53% of all internet users end up visiting sites that appear in organic Google searches. Catch your visitors and attract them to your site with a professional SEO.
  • Sales. More traffic means more sales. We help you increase your revenue with a cost-effective SEO strategy.

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