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We SEO optimize your website according to SEO 2024.

Definition: SEO is about optimizing and promoting sites for more search engine traffic. SEO has 2 main parts: SEO On Page (on page) and SEO Off Page (off page). When we talk about on-page optimization (SEO On Page) we have in mind the actual thing on the pages of the website. We are working with its content to improve it. We work with special SEO tags: title, meta description, alt, Headings etc. We work with relevant keywords, with the images on the website, with its loading speed. On the other hand, we are working on the general optimization strategy, and even more so - on educating the owner. The aim is for the content that will be created in the future to meet high quality standards and to comply with SEO rigors.

Off Page SEO refers to promoting and increasing the popularity of a particular website. In order to improve this popularity, marketing techniques are used. Namely: when writing advertorials, when obtaining banners, relevant links for the yes website, partnerships, etc. All this is done with the utmost care (according to a special, well thought out plan) and the quality of the links thus obtained is monitored. It is not enough to understand what SEO is, you need to know how to apply this knowledge effectively.

We offer SEO services in Bucharest for websites of all sizes. The capital of Romania hosts a lot of stores, companies and individual enterprises that tend to gain increased online visibility and, of course, a large number of sales, and SEO optimization services in Romania are the best solution to achieve this goal. Improving your position on Google on the right keywords and, of course, increasing your site conversions is the core mission of SEO experts, and we, the digital marketing agency Seolitte, focus on long-term results and are here to bring you in. top Google searches.

What do the SEO services provided in Bucharest include?

The purpose for which we work every time: a well-structured, well-optimized website and obtaining positions in the top 3, top 5 or top 10 - on the most important niche keywords that interest you (also on the most competitive keywords, which They have a lot of search, so there's a huge potential to generate "on-the-go" customers for you. We work on both quality and quantity metrics for one purpose - to help you grow your business an alert pace.The working procedures are complex and well systematized in 3 basic steps.

So how do we achieve our goals?

We work on time-tested methods based on SEO best practices that work. We are also in step with all the trends in 2020 in digital marketing and we are constantly improving our work procedures:

Initial stage:

  • Primary site auditing and choosing key business keywords.
  • Crafting a proper architecture of the entire site, with an emphasis on marketing and SEO (without "mutilating" the design of the site, without negative impact on the content).

On-page optimization, including identifying new keywords:

  • Resolve site indexing issues (is your site indexed incorrectly? Too many pages indexed in Google, or maybe too few? We solve any indexing issue, no matter how complex it is).
  • Implement the appropriate meta tags (title, meta descriptions, etc. - all based on relevant keywords, the right size and huge SEO potential).
  • Anchor Text implementation according to the correct formula and Header Texts (H1, H2, ...).
  • Image optimization and adding ALT text to each image.
  • Optimizing the structure of internal links.
  • Optimize site speed.
  • Presentation of monthly activity reports.

Off-page SEO optimization:

  • Getting High Quality Backlinks
  • Building Online Partnerships
  • Qualitative and impactful articles published on news sites and niche sites.


  • Promote the website in a qualitative way, improve its content and increase the visibility of the website in the online environment.
  • Increase the credibility of your brand, because Google believes in you.
  • The site becomes user-friendly (easy to navigate / navigate).
  • Remove duplicate content.
  • SEO offers the possibility to expand in other markets, using only online resources and capitalizing on the visibility obtained in the virtual environment.
  • Increase the quality of organic traffic on your webpage.
  • In the long run, SEO optimization brings a return on investment (ROI). From experience, I also got an ROI of 20.
  • Increasing the number of customers coming from the online environment.

SEO results

Best search engine rankings

The top spot in Google is reached with the most efficient working methods and the most competitive keywords in a relatively short period of 2-6 months.

100% online visibility

The optimization techniques used bring the site to the forefront of search results, thus increasing its visibility and notoriety in the digital environment.

Organic traffic on the site

Organic Google searches greatly increase website traffic. Our goal is to reach the customer through the relevance of the content on the site and by creating trusting relationships with the users of the site.

Smaller bounce rate

The time spent on the site is very important for the quality of its traffic. By creating informative articles for users, we will significantly reduce the page drop r

How much does SEO optimization cost in Bucharest?

Minimum 200€
Minimum 300€
Minimum 400€
Minimum 500€

blogs, niche sites

magazine online mici şi medii

magazine online, website-uri mari

magazine online, website-uri mari

1 - 500 pages

500 - 1000 pages

1000 - 10,000 pages

>10,000 pages

low competition

medium competition

competitive niches

very competitive niches

Bringing your site to the top of the search and increasing organic traffic are real challenges for SEO specialists in Bucharest. We are ready to embark on this adventure with you and we offer you guarantees.

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