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We provide site optimization services in Cluj, Romania

Definition: SEO is about optimizing and promoting sites for more search engine traffic. SEO has 2 main parts: SEO On Page (on page) and SEO Off Page (off page). In On-Page SEO we work with the pages of the website and their content in order to improve it. We work with special SEO tags: title, meta description, alt, Headings etc. We work with relevant keywords, with the images on the website, with its loading speed. On the other hand, we are working on the general optimization strategy, and even more so - on educating the owner. The aim is for the content that will be created in the future to meet high quality standards and to comply with SEO rules.

Off Page SEO refers to promoting and increasing the popularity of a particular website. In order to improve this popularity, marketing techniques are used: writing advertorials, publishing banners, geting relevant links for the yes website, etc.

The challenges of SEO optimization in Cluj are related to the fact that the whole region of Cluj has experienced a dizzying growth lately, especially when it comes to the IT&C, and the competition is getting fiercer every day. Regardless of your niche, you probably already have serious competition in the Cluj market and you need SEO optimization to quickly outperform competitors in search results (where potential customers are looking for your products and services). One of the most effective ways to grow your online business is to use site optimization services that will help you reach the top of your organic search results.

SEO services in Romania take on another dimension, when the analysis of a site is performed by specialists with years of experience (we have more than 6 years in the field). And based on a complex analysis, you can choose the direction of work that will bring observable results at a fast pace. Thus, the correct definition of search engine optimization goals and pathways, tailored to the requirements of our clients, brings them organic results in the shortest possible time (4-6 months).

The SEOLITTE team analyzes your competitors and creates an effective promotion plan, on all available channels and suitable for your niche, not only on the optimization side of the site. A proper website promotion strategy should be based on a list of tactics to increase your online visibility.


  • Preliminary analyzes performed on the structure of the site (the architecture of the entire site), UX / UI audit and analysis of SEO metrics.
  • Work on-page with meta tags / texts on the site and correction of indexing errors.
  • Work with relevant business / website phrases and keywords.
  • Work on the off-page SEO to increase the popularity of your site.
  • Reputation management in the online environment and its improvement.
  • (If necessary) Providing other online marketing services that improve your online presence.

The benefits of SEO optimization in Cluj

  • Improves the quality of your website and eliminates all technical errors (SEO, UI and UX errors, etc.) and functionality of your site.
  • It enhances the brand image in Google and builds the trust of potential customers.
  • Participates in the development of a personalized marketing strategy, adapted to the client's business.
  • Increases the volume of visitors to the website (organic traffic to the site) and increases the visibility of the site.
  • Helps gain positive indexing dynamics and accelerates Google's positive response to site changes.
  • Increase domain authority so that when new pages appear, you will automatically get top positions in search results.
  • Increase the number of potential customers (qualified leads) in the online environment.
  • It gives you the opportunity to expand into other markets, based on studies conducted by SEO experts from SEOLITTE. We suggest new product lines / new markets (where the competition is low-medium, and the demand for your products / services is high).

How much does SEO optimization cost in Cluj?

Minimum 200€
Minimum 300€
Minimum 400€
Minimum 500€

blogs, niche sites

small and medium online stores

online stores, big websites

online stores, big websites

1 - 500 pages

500 - 1000 pages

1000 - 10,000 pages

>10,000 pages

low competition

medium competition

competitive niches

very competitive niches

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SEO services Cluj
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