The latest trends in the Digital Marketing tell us that SEO (also known as “Search Engine Optimization”) is one of the key factors for your website to rank good and have a high exposure to the visitors. Under the influence of these trends, nowadays you can see the freelance sites full of individuals specialized in SEO.

Tricky as that, only a few of the so-called SEO specialists are worth your money. Now the question is: how do you choose who’s going to take care of your website’s ranking?

Think carefully about this questions. Choosing an individual or a company specialized in SEO to take over the promotion and the adaptation of your site to the SEO standards is an imperative decision, almost the same as choosing a partner for the near future 🙂

First, you should think that choosing a company, you get higher chances for a professional attitude, feedback and high quality results.

Second, you should think about the portfolio of the specialist: the previous clients have their own word to say. So, make sure to read carefully the feedbacks left on the profile or website of the company.

Now that you know what the first two things to point your attention at are, meet Seolitte.

Seolitte is a digital marketing agency which deals with the promotion of the websites and businesses online.

As real professionals, they are always honest about the provided information. Numbers, conversions, facts, and ranking displayed in the Search Engines and Social Media before they start the work and after, will amaze you and boost your business growth.

Their main care towards the client is shown through the qualitative and in-time delivered services.

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According to your needs, they offer 4 type of packages for the given Digital Marketing Services:

  • “Mini” for such websites as blogs with small/medium competition online and with the size of 1 – 500 pages.
  • “Premium” for the online small/medium shops with a medium level of competition online and with 500 – 1000 pages.
  • “Professional” for the big online stores/websites within competitive fields and size of 1000 – 10000 pages.
  • “Ultimate” is the biggest package dedicated to the big websites in very competitive fields and with serious SEO problems.

Digital Marketing Services” is a general term which compiles multiple sub-services, each of which focuses on different aspects of the marketing online.

Seolitte brings solutions to the highest standards for the advertisement and promotion of your website through the following services: SEO Services, SEM Services, Analysis of the site, SMM on Facebook and Twitter, Exposure increase and Writing texts/advertorials.

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SEO Services

The SEO services Search Engines indexing, with the goal of ranking well for most of the keywords related to your business and getting higher exposure.

The full process includes both internal optimization and external optimization. You will be given as well useful information about the competition, your brand’s and directors’ fame.

While working with Seolitte, you will get a unique strategy as an optimization plan for your website (Phase 1). Within this scheme, the attack actions are to be listed as well as for the Internal optimization of the content (Phase 2), as for the External Optimization of the website (Phase 3). Overworking the content, optimizing the images and structure of the site, writing news, posting on social media, etc. – all this is going to be done by Seolitte.

By using the most qualified SEO tools, Seolitte will monitor your website' state and the rankings in Google.

All the work is done in comparison with the competition.

You could’ve asked yourself many times: “How comes my competition gets most of the traffic or why visitors prefer to buy the products from my competition's website when my products are much better?

Well, that’s because the behavior of the people buying online differs much from the people buying in the physical shops. Consider that online you don’t have a direct face-to-face approach with the customer. This forces you to overwork some other aspects, like the engagement of the visitor and usability of your website. These two things are decisive in making your visitor stay on the site and not just quit out of nowhere.

Seolitte helps you improve these via the technical/functional analysis of the website and content optimization. Seolitte makes the site more user-friendly through the small details, and one would not even pay attention to. But you know the saying "Details are everything!”

Now, Seolitte sees the big picture while analyzing and monitoring your rankings, competition, visitors' behavior, and content' state. While seeing the general picture of where your website stands the in the middle of the wild internet, everybody can point you at the big minus, defection or at which points you lose the customers. But only a few can bring you solutions and implement them, so long term the website "heals" itself and gets a higher and higher position in front of your competition and your visitors gradually.

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SEM - AdWords and Remarketing

It is possible you will want more than just the traditional SEO tactics to be applied on your website, and you will ask for more exposure and more aggressive form of advertisement. There is one: Pay Per Click. These are the services for promotion to enhance your visibility in Google, in which you are paying for every click you receive.

Pay per Click targets visitors exactly by the keywords hit in the Search Engines. This way you get direct exposure to those which are looking specifically for the keywords target in your AdWords campaign.

Sounds a bit complicated, isn’t it? Well, not for Seolitte, which has massive experience in the AdWords campaigns. Choosing to get the SEM services from Seolitte, you get the exposure and sales right from the first day, no waiting period needed.


SEO Analysis

Otherwise known as SEO Audit, this service is a full scan of your site with the scope of identifying the SEO errors, architecture errors, UI errors and other technical aspects.

You may think “So what? If the visitor came to my website for the product, he wouldn't care much about those small errors? Why do I need to have them identified at all?”.

That’s how you think when you are the owner of the business, as you know your website’s content in every little corner. But think from the point of a new incoming visitor, which has no clue which treasures are you hiding on your website. Yes, the situation looks a little bit different, isn't it?

Seolitte has the job to analyze the website from the visitor’s point and bring you the issues which only will help you boost the business, conversion and user experience – nothing more than this!

If you are not sure if you need all of these services or only one of them, then you should contact Seolitte. We will consult and advise what the best is for you, your website and business!

Description of Seolitte's SEO Services
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Description of Seolitte's SEO Services
We provide a wide range of Affordable SEO Services & SEM Services (Seach Engine Marketing and Account Management Services). Learn more about how we work!
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