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If you are from Timișoara, we know that you like to have everything tidy and put on the shelves. It's the same with SEO. The SEO optimization in Timișoara proposed by us will be like a "general cleaning" for your website, so that it has a good structure, to be indexed excellently by the search engines, to look professional and to be very well understood by Google (what are your services / products and how do you differentiate yourself from competitors, or - in other words - why do you deserve 1st place in search results).

In Romania, in general, SEO goes hand in hand with the promotion of online sites locally, but we often have requests at the national level, businesses tending to rank on keywords that contain phrases -key and the word "Romania". Also, from a logistical point of view, it is quite easy to operate in the whole country.

In the last 3 years there has been an increase in SEO, businesses in Timisoara increasingly tend to optimize their sites for search engines, to increase their visibility and to promote their brand in the digital world. That is why the SEO optimization services provided by us have become more and more popular among small and large business owners, who want to become organically visible in search engines and get as close as possible to their customers.

We, the team behind the digital marketing agency SEOLITTE, come up with a new approach to SEO optimization in Timisoara, offering support and maintenance for your business website.

Attracting your audience is our goal set to increase your site's visibility in the online environment.

We achieve this goal by bringing qualified organic traffic and well-developed content marketing strategies.

Get ahead of your competitors with quality content and organic rankings in the Google charts!

SEO optimization Timisoara: how does the work at SEOLITTE take place and after what procedure do we go?

The initial phase

  • Analyzing the customer's business (understanding its differentiating points, understanding the niche and the market) and creating a personalized online promotion strategy.
  • Identify the dominant keywords in your business niche.
  • Checking the "health of the site" status: the presence of duplicate content and possible penalties from Google.

On-Page SEO Optimization Timisoara

  • Content and website structure optimizations
  • Working with sitemaps and robots.txt files (for not only quantitative but also qualitative indexing by search engines)
  • Manually crafted meta tags (titles, descriptions, keywords)
  • Implementation and optimization of Heading texts (H1, H2, ... H6) and anchor texts
  • Resize and rename website images and add ALT attributes
  • Work to improve page load speed
  • Enter keywords in key places on the website.

Off Page SEO Promotion (off page) for Website Optimization Timisoara

  • Quality and relevant link-building
  • Writing business-related press releases and articles on news sites
  • Qualitative Social Media Marketing
  • Publishing articles on social networks
  • Monthly activity reports.

What are the benefits of SEO optimization on your site and business?

  • Increase your organic traffic and your conversions. Yes, you will have more customers.
  • Duplicate content and technical errors on the site are removed. We make general order in all the content of your website and improve its entire content.
  • We ensure long-term visibility and notoriety both in your market, but if you are interested in other markets.
  • It will increase the trust of potential and current customers in the brand, because if you have TOP positions in the search engine, it means that Google (a strong brand) believes in you.
  • It will increase the popularity of your business in search engine results.
  • You will have a business present 24/7 in the online environment.
  • The results are long-term.
  • Good return on your investment in digital promotion. On average, our customers have an ROI of 20.

Why choose to work with SEOLITTE?

Because we believe in new beginnings and creativity. We care about the quality of the services provided by our team and the success of our clients, and the results achieved by them speak for themselves.

Top rankings in search engines' search results

  • The optimizations implemented on the site bring it a leading position on Google in a relatively short period of time (2-6 months), depending on the current state of your site and the degree of competition in the niche.

Brand authority in Google

  • Creating a strong online image and increasing the number of online mentions to your site increase the reputation of your business to Google.

User-friendly site

  • SEO optimization techniques improve your site and make it easy for the simple user. The good loading speed and the well-developed architecture of the site attract the users and make them return to the page.

Quality traffic on the website

  • No investment in paid advertising, an effective long-term SEO strategy, will bring you organic visitors to your site, with the help of keywords specific to your niche.

Increasing the number of customers

  • Search engine promotion with quality links to your business and relevant content will get your site ranked in the top organic searches and increase your sales.

How much does site optimization cost in Timisoara?

Minimum 200€
Minimum 300€
Minimum 400€
Minimum 500€

blogs, niche sites

small and medium online stores

online stores, big websites

online stores, big websites

1 - 500 pages

500 - 1000 pages

1000 - 10,000 pages

>10,000 pages

low competition

medium competition

competitive niche

very competitive niches

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