February 25, 2021


Car dealer SEO service

Your nr. 1 ally to build your car-selling online marketing strategy at efficient costs!

The backbone of any SEO for auto dealers or spare parts business is the exposure and accessibility of your products. The search is, however, done very often online. Products and catalogs are first found through a simple search via Google or other relevant search engines.

Car Dealer SEO Service 2023

SEO for auto-dealer business means optimizing your online store so that you appear at the top of relevant organic searches of potential customers. When looking for car brands of interest, or of a specific category, you will be the first one customers will notice and this will inspire quality and credibility! Eventually, all SEO efforts lead to a few specific objectives – converting visitors to actual customers and effectively selling the information you wish to promote.

How does the entire SEO workflow happen & how do we deliver SEO services for auto dealers?

Your keywords affect nearly every piece of your digital marketing strategy. The selection of keywords based on the search queries of car shoppers is paramount in positioning your services at the top. In such a way, we analyze the network of dealerships to determine the best and most efficient methods to create more traffic and leads to your website. A sample of the network’s search console date is utilized to study organic searches.

Car Dealership SEO Service

How do car shoppers search for cars?
From experience and available studies, search query samples yield two major categories of results:

  • Customers look for dealerships with the geographical name of the city they are placed in
  • Customers look for dealerships without the geographical name of the city

Furthermore, short-tail (of a few words) searches preponderantly dominate the search queries. Even more interesting, most of the short-tail queries are typically dominated by words of intent, such as: for sale, near me, “current year”. In other words, most often customers using short structured queries know what they are looking for and are looking for the best offer.

Once you have adjusted your digital marketing strategy to capture the short-tail query enthusiasts, you can start working on customers with a more complex search intention. All in all, the most important lesson is to know the volume of keywords customers employ in the search queries pertinent to the local market.

What includes SEO for car dealerships?

  • Website Speed Optimization
    If the pages on your site take more than 4 seconds to load, you are at risk of losing around 79% of visitors.
  • SEO Friendly URLs

The URL structure should be easy to read and give the user an instant understanding of what and how to navigate the page visited. URLs should be as short as possible and keyword-focused

  • Intern links

To be indexed by Search Engines' crawlers so they can identify the car dealership theme of your content, the entire internal link structure must be easy and convenient for visitors browsing

  • Website architecture

Website structure. Your entire website must be very intuitive so that it is extremely easy to access cars by categories or by other search criteria. Keep important pages no more than three clicks away from the homepage

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is not an option; it is a prerequisite and is the foundation upon which any successful strategy is built. However, where and how you apply the technical knowledge is key to success. Technical optimization nowadays is much more than just „housekeeping" and should be focused on mobile devices, voice search, VR (virtual reality), vertical search engines, and so on.

Car Dealers SEO Service

What do you get by hiring us?

Our success is your success! You will become a noteworthy online player, and you will experience an increase in leads and traffic, sell like a God, and increase the level of trust in your product or service - every day.


  • We are an SEO agency with over four years of digital experience both in the national and international markets
  • We know the utmost about online advertising and digital marketing strategies. And yes, as an SEO company, we are ready to share this information and know-how with you to make your brand stronger and increase your sales
  • We have been involved in more than 100 creative projects from different niches, so the challenge is our second name
  • We understand the importance of a well-developed marketing strategy for our clients. That is why we offer you complete solutions designed from A to Z.

What do we do to achieve your success?

  • Initial SEO audit of the entire website
  • On-page optimization, including best SEO keywords
  • SEO tags optimization
  • Implementation of the appropriate meta-tags
  • Implementation of Anchor and Header Texts
  • Image optimization and ALT text creation
  • Creating optimized and quality content on every page of the site
  • Internal links optimization
  • Website speed optimization
  • Set up the Sitemap.xml
    Robots.txt & Htaccess files
  • Solving other issues identified in the SEO audit
  • Off-page SEO optimization
  • Building high-quality backlinks
  • Building Online Partnerships
  • Link building through Content Marketing
  • Usage of relevant and targeted Directories.

Car Dealers SEO Service for 2023

What are the benefits of SEO for Car Dealers in 2024?

  • It increases the website's number of visitors (website organic traffic) and visibility
  • It improves the quality of the webpage eliminates all technical errors (SEO technicalities, UI and UX issues, etc.), and improves the functionality of your site.
  • It enhances your entire brand image and strengthens the credibility
  • It increases the website's domain authority
  • It helps to achieve a positive indexing dynamic and accelerates Google's positive response to changes on the site
  • It participates in the development of your unique marketing strategy, adapted to the client's needs
  • It even gives you the possibility to expand into other market segments, based on the studies performed by the best SEO experts from SEOLITTE.
  • It increases the number of potential customers (qualified leads) in the online environment.

Car Dealership SEO Services 2023

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