August 18, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

Meet the SEOLITTE team! SEO Agency’s specialists

We are the SEOLITTE team. We focus on online marketing and social media promotion services. Because we know how important social media promotion is, we make sure that our clients’ projects do not fall behind in this aspect either. So when we talk about SEO optimization, we’re also talking about social media marketing and management, the right approach which can radically change the direction of an online business. We know how to do this correctly and strategically, and the results we achieve with our clients prove it. Moreover, we also make sure that any of our clients have promotions at the highest level.

Our clients hold top positions in the Google search engine. This means that we make sure that the site optimization strategies we use deliver results and that these results last as long as possible. We are not interested in short-term results. We focus on results that, once maintained, last over time.

SEO Agency's specialists

We don’t hesitate to spot the online promotion errors that prevent the site of those who request us from growing, we do this by means of a detailed SEO Audit.

The SEO audit for the websites we work with helps us detect their online promotion errors from the very beginning of a collaboration. This means that we step right into any project entrusted to us. We then follow the natural steps of an organized and well-established plan, together with the client, to reach the heights of online success.

We create the most effective Google Ads campaigns and increase our clients’ online visibility through Pay-per-click.

The online advertising we do is by no means in the “intrusive and repulsive” category. What do we mean when we say this? To the fact that we approach the creation of an advertising campaign in a realistic way, which, at the same time, brings results in a timely manner. In addition, we talk with the client from the beginning about the budget he can afford for the investment, analyzing the possibilities together, and even after the first steps we take, we report in detail any result we achieve.

We also offer bundled Digital Marketing services, an extremely important thing today, in a complex world, to have a successful website.

The first organic result that appears on Google when you are looking for an SEO agency in Moldova is How did this agency get to the top spot in Google and what do they recommend to be the top-rated SEO agency in the country?

I asked these questions to Alina Hasnaș – the founder of the Seolitte agency.

Look what I found out from her.

– Dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and involvement – are just some of the qualities that deserve to be at the top of a list when we talk about achieving success. These are the qualities that we, the SEOLITTE team, focus on – Alina begins her story, with enthusiasm in her voice.

What do you think are your strengths, and what makes people choose you?

– The collaboration with our clients, the patience we have to explain to them things related to our activity.

Over time, SEOLITTE has worked side by side with clients to help them rank better in search engines, and not only that – it has listened to the client, their needs, and wants for their business.

Today our efforts are rewarded not only for the hard work that we have all put in, the members of this team, but, first of all, thanks to our customers, who believed in us, respectively – they allowed us to achieve the performance, beside them.

Then, through SEO articles and copywriting services that reach the highest standards.

The copywriting services we provide to our clients not only bring results in record time but also make their website pages friendly and attractive to visitors, thereby bringing them more users and converting mere visitors into faithful customers.

SEO & Digital marketing - Agency's specialists

The fact that we rely on client-community interaction makes the sites of those who request our services “human optimized”. People need to express themselves, to be given a chance to be involved, to ask questions, and be given answers. This is the principle that brings results to us and brings results to our clients.

SEO optimization services based on effective strategies – are another strong point that we consider to have.

We focus our efforts on results and have in our portfolio more than 350 companies that have trusted us. Contact us at +373 69 809 235 to request a quote or email me at info{@} We will answer you with the greatest love!

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