February 10, 2021


What is SEO?

What is SEO: by reading this article, you will learn:

  • What is SEO / what does SEO services mean?
  • Who needs SEO services?
  • SEO On Page and SEO Off Page
  • How does SEO promotion take place?
  • What is the price for SEO services?
  • How to get to the top of Google?

What is SEO? Definition of SEO

We asked Wikipedia: What is SEO? SEO is the optimization of websites for Search Engines. So says the Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

And by good SEO Services, we mean paid services, which consist of optimizing a website's SEO and increasing its ranking in Google search results.

So, what kind of science is SEO?

SEO is a relatively new science (if we consider that the Internet is also quite new) and represents a combination of different older fields (marketing, copywriting, different techniques of attracting customers, etc.).

SEO deals with the content of a website and how it is perceived by both users and search engines such as Google.

And many - many times it goes much further than improving search engine perception. We work on value and above all - added value for users and their experience.

For example, no matter how cool a website is, if it loads in... 10 seconds - no one will have the patience to wait for it!

Or if the website is unintuitively structured and it is very complicated to find the information you need on its pages. Let's say it's SEO for an online store where valuable products are hidden somewhere in sub-sub-sub categories that no one has easy access to. If it's hard to navigate, the user gives up. The numbers prove it.

What is the usefulness of SEO services and what methods of SEO optimization are there?

what is seo

Now that we have established what SEO is, let's see why we need SEO. Namely, SEO services are what make the meeting between buyer and seller possible in the online environment. Or, a well-structured site, with good loading speed, which has the right tags - is the one that has priority in the Google search charts.

Namely in the Google results, where each of us searches daily to find solutions to his problems. So, SEO increases a website's visibility in search results and makes a website better. As competition is an engine for evolution, so is SEO: it moves the online world. Due to the rigors imposed by search engines, more and more well-written, more informed, more well-arranged, more interactive, and interesting content appears.

So, SEO is a must-have for today's websites. It's not worth going to the extreme where you just build sites that Google or other search engines like, and that's it.

In 2023 the user experience and how comfortable they feel when browsing your site is very important.

Knowing what SEO is and the usefulness of SEO services, you are probably wondering: but who needs SEO?

Which websites need SEO Optimization methods?

what is search engine optimization

Our opinion is that SEO is needed by any site that wants more visitors or that tends to become better for its users. So, SEO is good for online stores, showcase websites, personal blogs, news portals, your company website, etc. Everyone who wants a visible website in search engines, on social networks such as Facebook, and a more visible website in general on the Internet - needs SEO Optimization!

Of course, how these SEO services will be delivered (SEO strategy and how to implement it) depends on the niche and specifics of the given site.

Especially since SEO is divided into 2 big, equally important chapters: SEO on-page and SEO off-page. For more details on what is done at each stage of SEO optimization, read the article: How does SEO work?

Each of these stages has its specifics and the list of works that must be performed so that the website becomes more valuable.

What is On Page SEO and what is Off Page SEO?

When we talk about on-page optimization (SEO On Page) we mean actual work on the website pages. Its content is being worked on to improve it. We work with special SEO tags: title, meta description, Alt tag, Headings, etc. It operates with various relevant keywords, with the images on the website, and with its loading speed. Then it is ensured that the content that will be created in the future corresponds to high quality standards and complies with the rigors of SEO.

Off Page SEO refers to promoting and increasing the popularity of a particular website. To improve this popularity, marketing techniques are used. Namely: writing advertorials, obtaining banners, relevant links for the given website, partnerships, etc. All this is done with utmost care (following a special, well-thought-out plan) and the quality of the backlinks thus obtained is monitored. It is not enough to understand what SEO is, you need to know how to effectively apply this knowledge.

How to optimize a website. Harmony between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

So, when a team of SEO experts sets out to optimize a website, they start with On-Page SEO and continue with Off-Page SEO. Good specialists draw up a work plan through which they manage to unite the goals proposed on SEO with the business goals of the different departments of your company. In this work plan, analyses are made to establish the current degree of optimization of the given website, as well as the subsequent actions established, plus those responsible for them.

How much should SEO services cost?

ce este SEO 2023

Probably the most complicated question in White Hat SEO concerns the budget to invest in SEO. How much should services cost to outperform the competition? Of course, it all depends on the kind of competition we are talking about. Also, the current state of the website matters, how optimized and optimizable it is. It also depends on the level of competition in the given niche. And, of course, the amount of work that needs to be done. A good SEO expert invests a lot of knowledge in every project. It's like going to the doctor if you will. A good doctor will know how to choose the right treatment to help you faster, but his consultation will always cost more than that of a beginner.

Who is an SEO Specialist?

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In addition to improving a website's quality, popularity metrics, loading mode, and website architecture, SEO also helps the website establish a vision and a direction to aim for.

A good expert is daily in the world of online business, watching, measuring, drawing conclusions, and doing analysis - getting better every day. Namely, such an SEO specialist, over time, also becomes an enviable business analyst.

So, a good expert optimizes not only for today but also for tomorrow, helping you choose the right target audience and niche. A good SEO expert is a good consultant for the digital marketing sphere.

Given the fact that SEO is increasingly interconnected with social media signals, with Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, the connection between online marketing and SEO is becoming more visible and necessary.

How to get to the Top of Google Results?

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So, in 2024, to reach TOP Google results, a website must be optimized (in other words, you must have a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website):

  • Have lots of online mentions and great content.
  • Have lots of social cues.
  • To be reliable, to be able to solve the problem of the one who landed from the Google search results on a random page of this website in a timely and good manner.
  • Make it interesting and enjoyable for visitors. This means that the website must have a good design, suitable architecture, well-chosen colors, images, and interactive content.
  • Recently, video content and even interactive videos have gained momentum: when the user can influence by answering questions about how the video they are watching will evolve.
  • Another good type of content these days is infographics, which come with lots of interesting data.
  • An increasingly important aspect is that the website looks great on mobile devices as well.

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