Online Store Promotion Services

Online store promotion. Optimize your business and be closer to your target audience!

Increase your profit with integrated digital promotion and SEO services specialized in your niche!

Promoting an online store involves a correct marketing mix, calibrated to your activity, but above all it refers to the channels on which your target audience is.

Marketing methods and channels used in online store promotion:

  • SEO Services - it helps your online store appear first in the Google results list when a search is made using queries related to your domain. Did you know that 93% of online experiences start here, and conversion from SEO is 7x higher than emails or cold calls?
  • Video promotion - creating informative videos for your target audience helps you in your market positioning: it increases your scale, increases your income and expands your sphere of influence. 90% of users say that video helps them make a purchase decision, and people spend 88% more time on pages that also contain video. It's a huge trend that can make the difference between buying a product or not. Video product presentations and/or reviews are compelling and loved by the audience.
  • Paid advertising - Google Ads - every day, the Google engine operates about 5 billion searches, the answer to one of the searches, may even be your business. Banners are important to him, which can promote a special campaign or simply increase brand recognition (it all depends on your goals).
  • Promotion through Newsletters - you can stay in the minds of potential customers and provide beneficial information to current customers, such as relevant industry content, coupons, loyalty discounts. This type of promotion has a return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 invested.
  • Social Media Advertising - Effective SMM for online stores means working on increasing online visibility, maintaining a good relationship with customers and getting visitors to take action. Did you know that 63.6% of all internet users have a Facebook profile?
  • Quality copywriting - use good texts with the right information load and the right tone adapted to your target audience. Content marketing generates 54% more leads than simple marketing.

SEO services for online store promotion

We will take care of optimizing your online store to appear at the top of Google search results for relevant organic searches. The better the product pages on your site, the better your SEO rankings will be. If your E-commerce represents a trusted brand in a specific and well-defined niche, you have more chances to be found at the top of the search results and get more potential customers.

How does the entire SEO workflow take place and how do we provide SEO services for online stores?

First, we should study how users interact with search engines to find the products or services they need in your niche. While eCommerce SEO might seem like an easy goal to achieve, taking care of your users is an activity that will cost you a lot of energy. Both for the internal optimization of the site and its correct structuring (SEO On Page for the E-commerce site), as well as for increasing the level of popularity (SEO Off Page for the E-commerce site), there are procedures that require time and effort.

What does eCommerce SEO include?

Technical SEO - Technical SEO for small businesses is not just an option; it is a must and is the foundation upon which any successful strategy is built. Basic technical optimization these days is much more than simple website maintenance and should focus on mobile optimization, voice search, VR (virtual reality), vertical search and so on.

E-commerce Keyword Optimization - We will do a complex keyword analysis for your e-commerce site and a detailed SEO analysis of the queries used by your competitors. The best keywords for your e-commerce website will be chosen to optimize at least 100 products and pages of your online store.

SEO Friendly URLs - The structure of the URL should be easy to read and give the user a clear idea about the content of the page. URLs should be as short as possible and keyword focused. Also, the correct use of the hierarchy between categories and subcategories, as well as hyphens to separate words, is advisable.

Internal Links - In order to be indexed by search engines, the entire internal link structure must be convenient for visitor navigation and the information must be interconnected. As an affordable SEO company, we will do our best to provide your website visitors with easy navigation and engaging content.

Website structure - The entire e-shop must be built very intuitively and make the content easily accessible to visitors. We will keep site pages no more than three clicks away from the home page to achieve the best search engine rankings.

What do you get if you cooperate with us?

You will become a well-known online brand and get a lot of leads and traffic (at least +65%), sell on conveyor belt (at least 40% more than you do now) and increase the level of trust in your product or service, every day.



We are an SEO agency with over 7 years of digital experience in both national and international markets.

We've been involved in more than 400 integrated promotion projects across various niches, so challenge is our middle name.

We understand the importance of a well-developed marketing strategy for our clients who need affordable SEO packages. That's why we offer you complete solutions designed from A to Z.

What are we doing to achieve your success?

Initial SEO audit of the entire site and identification of problems that require immediate solutions;

Choosing the most relevant keywords through extensive search volume analyses;

On-page optimization including:

Implementing the right meta tags (titles and descriptions focused on keywords);

Implementation of Anchor texts and Headings (H1, H2, ...);

Optimizing images and creating ALT texts;

Optimization of internal links;

URL optimization;

Site speed optimization;

Configuring Sitemap.xml / Robots.txt / .htaccess files;

Implementation of Featured Snippets from SERPs;

Creating optimized and quality content on every page of the site;

Technical SEO + solving other problems identified in the SEO audit.

Off page SEO optimization:

Creating high quality backlinks;

Building online partnerships;

Creating links through Content Marketing;

Using relevant and targeted directories;

Online Mentions.


The benefits of online promotion from SEOLITTE for the E-commerce niche:


More sales, at least +40%.


A steady increase in ranking on keywords important to the business.


At least + 65% organic traffic (from SEO), at least + 50% unique visitors


High-quality, valuable content created for your brand.


Our working procedures are set out in the contract.


We improve page quality and remove all technical errors and improve the functionality of your site.


We improve the whole image of the brand and increase trust towards the brand.


We participate in the development of your unique marketing strategy, adapted to the needs of the client.


We help achieve positive indexing dynamics and accelerate Google's positive response to site changes.


We increase website domain authority and SEO performance metrics.

Online store promotion services
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Online store promotion services
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