Why should Black Hat SEO scare you more than Bin Laden?

If you are fond of SEO, you certainly know what Black Hat SEO is and what potential risks it presents. SEO industry includes a wide range of methods and strategies used to improve website ranking, some of them more practical, others less. To describe them, SEO experts have two terms White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

white hat seo vs black hat seo

Even if you are not quite familiar with these terms, using color symbolism, you can easily deduce that ''Black'' is often associated with something negative, prohibited or hidden, while ''white'' with correctness and effectiveness.

It is evident that they are entirely different and offer different results, for instance, Black Hat SEO brings fast but short term results, whereas White Hat SEO is focused on efficient techniques that ensure long-lasting results!

People are attracted by immediate effect of Black Hat SEO, not taking into account the risks and practices that it follows.

Compared to White Hat SEO, it violates search engines rules that represent a threat to your site and put it in danger to be banned and penalized if detected.

Another reason why Black Hat SEO would be better to avoid is the use of low-quality methods that are detrimental to your website's ranking.

Among most commonly used methods can be distinguished:

  • invisible or hidden text/links - the text/links added on website's page that cannot be viewed by users, with the purpose to boost its ranking. Usually, webmasters include text on website's page that is of the same color as the page background, thus they manipulate search engine results. Nevertheless, this practice together with others is easily identified and punished. Another technique to hide text is to make its font very small.

  • irrelevant keywords- a lot of keywords that are not related to the content from the page used to increase significantly web site traffic.

  • page cloaking- a strategy that misleads search engines by showing one content in search engines results, but the page actually contains another content. Besides this, users are also deceived being taken to pages where the content is not that one they were searching for.

  • content automation- a technique that generates content automatically with the help of a tool and does not require webmaster's involvement. This content doesn't include SEO key components (heading, style, images etc.) and its quality is very poor, but a good SEO involves qualitative content, so you can draw conclusions for yourself whether to use Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO.

  • duplicate content- one of the worst method that refers to copying and duplicating content from another website. As a rule, search engines index content just once, and every time the same content reappears on another website, it is considered copied, that's why instead of using this method, it's better spending time on creating authentic content.

  • buying/selling links- a strategy to buy/sell links on spam websites which will redirect to your website. Due to this strategy, website's ranking can boost incredibly, but at the same time it is very risky, because as soon as search engines discover paid links on your website that redirect to other websites or viceversa, you will lose your ranking forever with no possibility to recover it, regardless of your future investments.

  • spam- posting or sending messages that will include the link to your website to different people on emails or social networks.
black hat seo

All of them work temporarily, as search engines are constantly improving and sooner or later can detect the tactics which are inconsistent with their guidelines.

Certainly, the majority of online business owners will look for methods that will help to grow their business quickly and will find tips on various websites and blogs, but all their efforts are in vain if they choose this path.

Business is like building a house, this means that you need professionals and professional ways to succeed, otherwise your house will be destroyed, the same happens to your business when your choice is in favor of Black Hat SEO.

Despite the fact that they cause significant damage, Black Hat SEO services are still provided by different companies, and those who apply for SEO don't even know that they put at risk their business.

To avoid confusion, the first step in choosing SEO services is to get informed about the methods used to increase website’s position in search engine results and to focus on companies that send statistics regularly regarding the evolution of your website’s traffic.

This will ensure that they are transparent and use efficient ways to achieve good results.

Only valuable content, well-organized website and effective keywords use will bring you great benefits, that’s why White Hat SEO is the right choice.

You'd better wear a white hat because White Hat SEO includes the best practices for your online business improvement.

If you want to know more about Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat, you'll have to watch this video:

Black Hat SEO tactics you should avoid
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Black Hat SEO tactics you should avoid
Black Hat SEO is a term used to describe a set of strategies used to improve a website's ranking on a short term. These strategies are usually prohibited by Google and won't work for a long-term strategy.
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