February 19, 2021


Who are the SEO Experts and What Do They Do?

Explaining what an SEO specialist does for a living may be a challenge, but this is what we do here at Seolitte and we think we can shine some light on this subject.

We will tell you who we are, and why you need SEO services provided by trustworthy professionals.

First, what does SEO stand for and what does it do?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of getting as many quality visitors to your website as possible through organic search engine results.

High traffic and high conversion rates directly result from intentional and intensive SEO work done by an expert or an SEO agency.

Who are the SEO Experts?

Before you pick your professionals, make sure you know what to look for in an SEO consulting firm.

Your website may have spectacular features and sparkling design, but if you don’t get an interested crowd on your page, it’s all for nothing.

Your SEO expert, whether that is an individual or an SEO agency, will look at your site, ask you about your goals and your target audience, and will come up with solutions to improve your rankings and conversions.

What should you look for in an SEO Expert?

We will list a few things we think are essential for an SEO specialist to do, have, and understand. We want to make sure you hire a person who has the credentials and the knowledge necessary to solve your existing problems and help you grow.

Many people advertise affordable SEO services in the beginning and then end up overcharging you. We think this is unfair, therefore we want you to know what to look for when you buy professional SEO services.

  • Make sure your expert clearly understands all three types of SEO:
  1. Technical SEO refers to the structure of your website and how easy it is for a Search Engine crawler to navigate it. A good expert will take care of the UI/UX aspect of your website and make sure the website is easy to access, has a clean layout and there are no dead-ends or broken links.
  2. On-Page SEO includes keyword research, HTML tags, image optimization, writing relevant content, etc.
  3. Off-Page SEO such as link building, guest blogging, Social Media optimization, and so on.

They have to understand that SEO is not a one-sided science; It requires a holistic approach that takes time and continuous work.

  • Your SEO experts have to understand your goals and Company’s culture

SEO services usually include engaging in various areas of your company’s activity. They have to know your niche, speak the language of your customers, understand how your team works and interacts with each other, and so on.

Who are the SEO Experts: definition

  • Marketing and people skills are a must

Making a sale is an art. Your content has to be useful for your users and also has to make them want to buy what you offer. Make sure your specialist knows how to pull all the strings and has extensive knowledge about various marketing strategies and channels.

Knowing how people’s minds work is also a necessary skill for an SEO specialist. They have to have a deep understanding of Customer Psychology and the cultural particularities of your target audience to know how and where to market your services, products, or content.

  • Pick someone who will never stop learning

If you find someone who says they know everything about SEO, leave! SEO is constantly changing, and you need an expert who will understand that curiosity and continuous learning are key.

A good professional will follow influencers, trends, blogs, and attend conferences in his field. You can’t provide good SEO consulting without constantly staying in the loop and adapting to changes.

  • Assess their availability to work and respect deadlines

Your SEO services provider has to prove themselves reliable by respecting deadlines and delivering quality results. We’re not saying errors in estimating time don’t happen. We’re saying that constant errors can become a pattern and you should not ignore them.

  • Make sure they understand some notions of IT

HTML coding, content management system (CMS), design software—these are only some IT terms an SEO specialist has to deal with. A competent expert will have a good command of web analytics, web design, development, eCommerce, and various third-party SEO tools.

Who are the SEO specialists

In theory, these requirements may seem complicated, until you put them in practice. We’re confident you will make a great choice for the success of your website.

Ask us about how our experts can help your website! Let’s chat now!

What Are The Best Expert SEO Services a Company Can Offer?

To sum up…

The rules of online marketing are in continuous change. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to keep up with these changes when you own a project.

You may not always find time to plan, make adjustments, change, create strategies, optimize, etc. Let’s be realistic. That’s why you hire an SEO agency.

There are lots of SEO tools we have to deal with when we work on increasing your rankings. Learning how to use them, following the trends, and delivering great services was never a problem for us. Seolitte knows how to spot a true SEO enthusiast because that’s what we are.

So, what does an SEO expert do?

  1. They work on making your business known in the online environment.
  2. They make strategies for your business.
  3. They make plans to achieve results in the short term and long-term periods.
  4. They will find solutions for your online project when you can’t find them. And more than that, they create durable methods for keeping your business on the “floating line”.

SEO Experts: who are they?

The world nowadays is more online than offline. There is no chance we can survive without SEO optimization. There are also tasks you can deal with and tasks you can’t handle by yourself.

Find the right SEO experts to do their jobs, and you can focus on what you are great at.

Contact us and we will help you with your online project.

Do you want to see another view on the work of an SEO expert? Watch the video by Rand Fishkin about the daily tasks of a specialist in the field (one of the favorites that often motivates us):

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