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Reputation management is what differentiates your company’s identity and protects its online reputation. In other words, when a user will search for the brand name in a search engine, it is essential that he finds only good results. Moreover, it is good that on the first page of searches only results that are under the control of the company (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts) are found.

When we say: cleaning Google results, we are talking about damage limitation, because in this way negative reviews (real or fake, left by competitors, angry ex-employees, ex-partners, or other ill-wishers) can be managed much better. We must be aware that there are many people who can periodically make attacks on bona fide businesses.

Remove bad Google Search Results

However, there is always the threat of being caught off guard by false information being spread about you, or having a particular remark/campaign/message/reaction misrepresented and the impact artificially inflated online. And we already know how quickly a sensational message, no matter how false, can spread online.

The big problem with not having a hand-built online reputation is that when other people post something negative about your company, that information quickly moves up the search engine page rankings. This means that when anyone searches for your company, the first thing they will see is something negative. And most online reviews persist for years. In short, if you don’t build your your own online reputation, someone else will do it for you.

Did you know that 88% of internet users trust reviews they read online as much as advice they get from friends? P2P review sites and platforms such as GMB, Yelp, TripAdvisor are more important than ever to consumers when choosing products and services. This is especially true for local businesses. For example, a difference of only half a star in a restaurant’s rating can greatly affect bookings and incoming calls.

Unfortunately, today’s Internet users place increasing importance on quickly accessible information about brands and make decisions based on it (regardless of whether it is correct or not). Thus, if you do not limit their spread, they could do irreparable harm to the business, driving away potential customers and seriously impacting the profitability of the business.

So there are a few ways we ensure you have a flawless reputation in organic search results like Google:

  1. We negotiate with Google to clean up results and delete harmful information;
  2. We preempt bad results so that articles created and published by us appear in the charts;
  3. We compile correctly and SEO optimized all your online profiles so that they appear first in the search results.

Why is it necessary to periodically clean Google results?

cleaning Google results 2023

44% of online shoppers start by using a search engine, and 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 organic search results. However, Google displays content about brands, people and events often without filters or content checks, as fact checking is expensive and bulky. So the information could be inaccurate and could hurt your reputation. Choose to always keep your finger on the pulse by building your own reputation in the search results.

It is also very important to know that positive reviews can help your business rank higher on SEO.

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