Are you a progressive entrepreneur? In 2022 you need to automate your procedures and be fully present online

Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and enjoy increased revenue?

Automation is the solution for successful entrepreneurs, which you also need.

It’s time to forget about Excel and entering your customer data manually. In 2022 you will be able to increase at least 3 times the monthly sales that your company makes. How is that possible? Saving the time of your employees and giving them the chance to deal exclusively with sales. The 8 hours of work can be used more efficiently than you think, if you solve the problems related to time management and if you make order in the procedures that employees must follow, when communicating with customers.

When your customers’ requests have not been processed in a timely manner, they will certainly be addressed to your competitors, who have already automated their procedures and have a record response time. It’s time to take your business to another level of functionality!

Here’s why you need to move on to business automation:

increase performance in the sales and marketing team;

saving time for administrative tasks;

delivery of personalized messages to each client;

faster transaction completion;

building an efficient sales funnel;

minimal involvement of human resources.

Opt for digital promotion combined with proper automation

The rapid evolution of marketing brings with it a lot of challenges. Online marketing strategies, tailored to your site and implemented correctly, bring you better rankings than those of your competitors. All this combined, opens up a lot of opportunities that you can use for your business.

Here is the marketing formula that will bring you success.





They will all bring you LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

What is automated marketing?

In the digital age, classic marketing strategies and tactics no longer work effectively. Promoting quality online is the new approach to successful business. This solution brings considerable sales to businesses. Those who managed to adapt quickly to the new realities, began to build, with increase, a better visibility and, of course, to attract the target audience. So, digital marketing involves an advanced form of promotion that involves electronic devices and personalized interaction with the target audience. This type of marketing can be automated using artificial web intelligence.

What does automated marketing include?

If you want amazing results, then the automated marketing funnel is the solution you need. A good message, delivered efficiently and on time – all together build the path to success. Here are the categories of work that are included in marketing automation:

1: SEO – optimizing the site at the initial stage, to attract the target audience and to build a quality website and appreciated by the Google Search Engine:

Voice search optimization

Optimize internal links, images and textual content with keywords

Optimizing the structure of the site

Improved pagespeed

Offpage optimization (publishing advertising articles on relevant sites, getting strong links to the site, banners, etc.).

2: E-mail marketing

Sending targeted emails, product newsletters

Transactional emails, based on user behavior

Automated emails – with vouchers and discounts.

3: Web personalization

Geographic targeting

Analysis of the behavior of visitors to the site

Challenge the intention to leave the site (eg messages to persuade the visitor to stay on the page)

Up-sell and Cross-sell sales (accessories, complementary products and other products that suit the interests of users).

4: Introducing CRM into the company’s workflow

Systematization of communication with customers

Efficient collection of customer information

Automatic collection of customer requests in the software

Integration with IP telephony

Optimizing internal communication.

Now that you know that through automation and the help of agencies that provide advanced online marketing services, your business will grow and gain notoriety in the relevant segment – don’t waste time on thinking too much.

See here the VIDEO presentation made in collaboration with the SEOLITTE team about installing a CRM:

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