November 3, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

SEO Copywriting: Types of content on the website and its optimization

Various types of content have their place on a website, however, it is worth mentioning here that for quality SEO, let's not forget that search engines attract the most attention to the written text.

SEO Copywriting: Types of content on the website

What is the connection between SEO and content?

Without textual content, there is practically no SEO. Or, SEO is a branch of online marketing that aims to improve the visibility of a site in unpaid search engine results, also called organic results. SEO is focused on increasing visibility in search results. This branch of marketing includes both the technical and creative elements needed to improve your search engine rankings, as well as increasing Google's understanding of your site. However, the most important aspect of SEO is related to the keywords, because they are the queries that the person enters in the search box.

Yes, images are also optimized (technically; by weight in kb; to fit organically on the site; to have keywords in the name; to contain ALT text) to appear in image search results but also to contribute to the overall SEO score of the site.

The videos are optimized: they are saved in the optimal format, and they also pay attention to how much they influence the loading speed of the site.

Therefore, the content on the site can be:

  • informative: blog articles
  • a content what it sells: concrete data about products, services
  • funny content: jokes
  • captivating: product reviews
  • reputable: participation in events, press appearances, and press comments.

Content formats and SEO copywriting tips to keep in mind when creating textual content

SEO Copywriting - Types of website content

A special section of the site that can contribute immensely to the SEO part is the blog texts. Blogging tips:

  • your content must be informative, the public is already interested in the topic of the site, and possibly knowledgeable in the field
  • special attention should be paid to the keywords, as they make the page rank in Google
  • you need to place more links to different pages of the site. These links are placed on keywords that are representative of the pages you are linking to (internal links are suggestions for search engines about page relationships)
  • you don't have to repeat the same link multiple times on one page
  • you shouldn't put different links on the same keywords.

Product descriptions:

  • they must be as unique as possible (not to coincide with what other sites have written.) Likewise, within our site, we do not repeat the same texts on different pages. They must present comprehensive information, presented as a benefit to the visitor and not as a compliment
  • Overloading with keywords should be avoided.

Suggested tools for verifying the uniqueness of content:

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