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We deliver SEO Services at the highest level of quality. Our team is very passionate about Digital Marketing and has vast knowledge about how it works. Correct Online Marketing will boost your rankings, visibility & sales.

Our work experience consists mainly of website optimization for Search Engines (in other words – SEO). We know that SEO can make wonders and help achieve better results by ranking high on Google searches as well as other search engines (where the potential buyers/readers are). Almost every site needs some degree of SEO and many need complete Online Marketing Services, since no matter how pretty a site is – there is no point if nobody knows about it. Good SEO services are affordable, provide a huge Return of Investment and Long-lasting results.

Given that delivering SEO services is a key area for us, we are always informed and follow the latest news. We keep learning about changes occurring daily in search engine algorithms.

We provide some of the most competitive and affordable SEO services, and we guarantee their quality with results. The price for our SEO services depends on the size of the promoted website, competition and the volume of services required for a full optimization.

What do SEO services consist of?

It is the process of optimizing websites for Google – you learn that optimization has to be done for users as well. This is why SEO evolves now as a part of Online Marketing and has a lot more to it:

  1. Marketing: SEO uses, first of all, Marketing strategies, which are based on a good knowledge of the business purposes of websites. Thus, within our SEO Agency we work to improve the popularity of your brand, to create you a well-known name online, to finalize the marketing message and to qualitatively package it – especially – that one of the tasks of optimization is to increase the number of sales online.
  2. UX/UI (improving the user experience): testing & performing experiments similar to the work of a scientist in order to achieve the best results. In addition, experience shows: what works for some, may not work for others. Adaptability is the key.
  3. On page works: tags, redirects, arranging content, code optimization, rewriting code when needed;
  4. Copywriting: taking care of your written content by correcting it contextually and grammatically, as well as follow the rules that SEO requires out of relevant content;
  5. Design: we give indications of arranging texts, images, color harmony and others.

What do SEO service from SEOLITTE include?

  • Internal Optimization (On-Page SEO) – here we do everything to ensure that the website itself is in excellent condition. We ensure that the website is friendly both to people and to search engines. Here we talk about Optimization of titles, descriptions, texts, images, URLs, internal links, etc. We help you optimize your website and create a user-friendly structure. We create your personal SEO strategy on a long-term and establish goals and objectives for online marketing.We help you by providing answers to questions; we are always there to solve any problem on SEO.
  • External Optimization (Off-Page SEO) – after the site looks good from all points of views, we ensure that the website is popular, reputable and important in its niche. We do that by publishing advertisements on news websites, we place banners and links on niche blogs and popular websites, etc. We pursue traditional marketing efforts to get visitors to your website. Our goal is to open as many sources of traffic as possible.
  • Information about the online reputation of your brand - Things that can’t be measured, aren’t worth of investments. This is why offering monthly reports is a very important part of our activity. We monitor your reputation on the internet by going in depth on the following subjects:
  1. Your Brand – any mention of your product is monitored and reported to us, and we stand up to the negative comments.
  2. The names of your directors – as public personalities, managers are exposed to online media. We report this public opinion to you on a constant notice.
  3. Monitor the competition – in the XXI century information is everything: possessing it gives you opportunities to act on it.

How do we deliver SEO services?

Our company respects several important rules: we always bring added value to the website in question, we always improve its content, user experience and overall position. We do all of these things to achieve the expected results; to get positive feedback and to fulfill many other goals which we attach to the projects on which we work.

You can see below a detailed description of the work process at SEOLITTE:

1. Website Quality Increasement:

  • Increasing user-friendliness.
  • Optimizing texts.
  • Optimizing images.
  • Improving website architecture.
  • Correction of code errors.
  • Discovering of new opportunities to promote the website.
  • Optimization of URLs.
  • Optimization of internal links.
  • Optimization of page load speed.
  • Compressing the code.
  • Correcting errors on the site (dead links and pictures).

2.The usage of SEO Tools:

Monitoring the degree of website “health”

We ensure that the website does not contain any errors: software, server… or even grammatical ones. We “scan” your entire website and tell you how “healthy” it is.

Monitoring Google Rankings

We monitor your website rankings in search engines and we compare it to your competitors. We establish groups of keywords and phrases which are important to you and we compare those to your competitors as well and then we proceed to the optimization process.

Technical and functional analysis of your website

Technical analysis includes on the one hand: site crawling to uncover the entire website and the problems it faces and on the other hand: development opportunities – increasing CTRs and increasing its sales.

We see how well your competitors are optimizing

We analyze how your competitors promote themselves in the search engines and what keywords they focus on. Then we prioritize optimization and promotion, knowing exactly how good your competition does.

Discover all the keywords for your business

It is the analysis of keywords that will bring you sales from search engines. We analyze the content of your site and the competitors content, we check search engine rankings to understand what keywords the focus on.

We think long-term, basing on your expectations

We build an overall promotional strategy, based on goals you want to achieve during the next period, and on a longer term. We then apply a strategy for maintaining the results.

Product promotion texts; advertorials; Online PR.

Google Ads Campaigns

Text campaigns; Display campaigns; Remarketing.

Social Media Marketing

Account management; Online reviews.

SEO Audit

SEO issues; site benefits; Site opportunities.

How do we deliver SEO services:

⇓STEP I (1 week – 1 month): We establish a single strategy (a plan to optimize the website on which will work), based on:

  • Keywords Analysis – Choose all keywords and key phrases – the most important ones to your business. We look for the words that ensure obtaining better rankings than your competition. We take care to carefully choose all keywords that sell in your niche.
  • SEO Audit – detailed analysis of all performance metrics and website metrics. We analyze the site to see how optimized it is and what its potential to appear in the TOP results of search engines is.

⇓ STEP II (month II – month III): The focus is on Optimizing internal content (on-page SEO):

  • Firstly we determine the outline and direction to be achieved in delivering our SEO services. Given this direction, we create a guideline containing advice on user-friendliness to optimize your website content. This guideline will be full of SEO tips regarding your website; then we work on optimizing texts, images, Headings (h1 – h6), descriptions, titles, etc.
  • At the same time, we keep working on website popularity (Off-Page SEO): we write news / create banners – we apply online marketing strategies, and we publish relevant information in social networks.

⇓ STEP III (month IV – month VI): We work predominantly on the external promotion:

  • We publish advertorials: banners / links / news advertising. We find new opportunities for link building for your website promotion. We come up with new ideas / solutions to optimize the website. We also work on achieving quality and relevant backlinks to your website content.
  • At the same time, we continue to improve your website and we add content to it. We analyze new opportunities for content promotion. At this point, we keep improving the quality of our new content and we maintain the quality of the existing one.
  • We measure success, performance and results. We report our data and observations constantly. Our reports provide detailed information about our services and how these SEO services were delivered. In particular, we focus on results with keywords that interest us.

The SEO protocol is customized every time:

How we provide our SEO services at SEOLITTE depends a lot on the size of your website. We do everything that bears results and we focus on achieving them in the shortest time possible.

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