December 20, 2021

Alina Hasnaș

Technical, Advanced SEO: How to Make Impact Settings

In the following, we will illustrate some advanced SEO settings: elements related to the technical side of SEO. The examples in this article are for WordPress implementations.

Yoast SEO is the plugin used, which we recommend for easier handling of these settings in WordPress, without having to write lines of code:

  1. Use the .htaccess tool to fight duplicate links:

Technical, Advanced SEO Settings

Technical, Advanced Yoast SEO Settings

2. Optimize site loading speed:

  • choose a suitable hosting, from the country of origin (preferably VPS)
  • implementing a good cache and optimization plugin (WP Optimize, Autoptimize, WP Super Cache): image resizing, code minification
  • Use CDN (
  • gzip compression – You can achieve this by inserting specific codes for compressing resources in your .htaccess file or in Nginx
  • Enable keep-alive – you will allow your visitors’ browsers to establish a connection only once instead of multiple times when they request files from your website by inserting specific code in your .htaccess file.

3. h1 headings: only one per page

Technical, Advanced SEO Settings 2023 Technical, Advanced SEO Settings for 2023

4. Compatible fonts and sufficient text size, keeping margins on the site:

 Advanced Technical, SEO Settings

5. The robots.txt file: what don’t we index?

  • Thank you page
  • Admin page
  • Internal site search page
  • Pages with no valuable content.

 Advanced Seo 2023 Advanced technical seo for 2023

6. Use sitemap.xml to tell the search engine what pages your site has:

7. Place unique meta tags on each page of your site:

8. Put the ALT tag on images:

9. Use structured data on every page of your site:

10. Optimize URLs:

  • URLs should be consistent: if the first page redirects from to, the page already does not do this redirect
  • Avoid capital letters
  • Use high-potential keywords
  • Replace underscore characters “_” with the hyphen “-“.
  • Do not use the same word more than once in a URL
  • Never use special characters in links (%#&^$) or stop words, eg: and, on
  • Addresses in Romanian should only contain words in Romanian.
  • Remove the digits.

11. Use Breadcrumps:

12. Be careful with product filters:

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