March 24, 2022

Alina Hasnaș

Marketing and promotion ideas for tourism business

If you own a business in the field of tourism, be it a travel agency, a hotel an agro-tourism boarding house, or a winery, you have certainly had a lot to think about how to make an effective and lasting promotion strategy.

Successful tourism promotion techniques

The tourism business is quite specific when it comes to promotion. Thus, unlike the standard target audience, constituted for most businesses by potential beneficiaries of the company's services, in tourism, there is a lot of emphasis on people or institutions that can influence their demand and purchasing decisions. Another important aspect to consider is the possibility of adapting the clientele to the proposed tourist products and packages. In the context of the above, tourism promotion must be done in such a way as to inspire and gain the public's trust.

At the same time, the arguments necessary to convince the families of tourists will have to be as relevant and personalized as possible for the different user segments.
  1. Maximum exposure to fairs and exhibitions, as well as attendance at special events - the more often you talk about yourself, the more you will create a name on the market, or, sales are made by the active and involved, ready to come forward and openly present its strengths.
  2. Organizing documentary visits for media and opinion makers from abroad and special events - designed to test the tourist products offered for sale. A good idea in this regard is to collaborate with travel bloggers, who can bring a lot of visibility to your tourist offer.
3. Charitable activities, sponsorships, publications - getting involved in local communities and supporting the cultural or business environment, will stand out. Through PR activities and sales promotion, tourism promotion takes an active role, intervening in the process of creating the proposed tourism package and setting the price.
Marketing Ideas for Tourism Business
Steps to create your marketing strategy:
  1. Define the marketing message and its audience: what is to be announced and to which customer profile will it be addressed? How do inform the consumer about the tourist product and develop a positive attitude towards the offer? Here it is very important to adapt the message on 3 levels: cognitive level (by presenting useful and interesting information), affective level (the audience should arouse desire), or behavioral level (to determine action from the target client).
  2. Choose the time or period of the campaign and the location (location, area, or country).
  3. Select the channels through which information about campaigns and promotions will be transmitted.
  4. Decide the budgets dedicated to each communication channel: online (SEO, Google Ads, Google Display), or offline (TV, Billboard, Flyers). Budgeting is based on 4 key elements: turnover (usually 10% of revenue is dedicated to marketing), available resources and liquidity that can be invested; the objectives that are pursued, and the marketing efforts of the competitors.

Forms of promotion in tourism: offline vs. online

Innovative tourism promotion policy mainly includes online promotion for tourism businesses. However, the number of people who use the Internet for hours every day is constantly increasing. It is for this reason that each business unit needs to have its presentation site in which to provide the tourist with all the necessary information.

Promotion Ideas for Tourism Business
Therefore, it is essential to be present on the aggregators of tourist offers such as,, or which concludes contracts directly with the accommodation units, but also with the travel agencies. These sites offer the opportunity to promote your business, by presenting your offer as follows: accommodation services offered, up to 20 photos, map of the area where the business is located. It is worth mentioning here that the tourism business promotion sites do not have enough space for an exhaustive presentation of the accommodation units or the offers coming from the travel agencies.

Online promotion ideas

  • Use video tours and photo sets, as well as detailed texts to convince. The tourism product cannot be tested in advance, so the tourism promotion activity must include a lot of description, some creative writing to compose compelling and engaging texts, as well as accuracy in the presentation of the product offered.
  • Using distinct formats to promote the advertising message - podcasts, blogs, and social media are media that allows complete freedom and creativity in expression. with the interviewing of the staff of the travel company, when the clientele is subtly provided with all the information that should thus be the subject of the actual advertising messages; by writing and publishing articles or reports by media reporters; on the occasion of talk shows made by radio or television stations on tourism topics; on the occasion of awarding prizes or distinctions to tourism companies for the quality of the services they offer.
  • SEO and Google Ads - the presence of your tourist offer in the search engine results when a query is written that refers to the tourist product has multiple advantages of visibility and lead generation interested in travel.
  • Partnerships with tourism providers - always collaborations, both online (banners or logo presence at partner organizations) and offline (such as attendance at roll-up events, and flagships) are a good idea to increase the visibility of your tourist product.

Promotion Ideas for Tourism Businesses in 2023

Conclusion on Tourism Promotion

Let's not forget that tourism has several functions to fulfill in the lives of people involved in various visits, such as cultural, educational, and aesthetic. Therefore, tourism promotion, being directly involved in the good and efficient organization of people's free time, contributes to a better recovery for and rest of the people, but also to the culture of the masses, which makes tourism promotion both an interesting and challenging task. for the most experienced marketer.

In tourism, the quality of the service always comes with a boomerang effect, precisely, for this reason, the provision of high-quality assistance during the consumption of the product will serve as another promotion channel through online and offline recommendations and reviews.

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